appears to have begun - new management; MoU with partner and I believe drilling under way


Nice to be on board here… a mate of mine likes this and so with little research I’ve put a small bet on here as a flyer…copper and gold interesting commodities for me at this time and this share seems very lowly priced currently, yet maybe/hopefully at last turning a significant corner now…I also have a soft spot for Georgia as Frontera Resources has been good to me, so far at least… good luck to all fellow holders here…


Interesting days trading today; predominantly sells but the price closed flat. It would appear that someone or persons are picking these up. We will hopefully have drilling results within the month. Also a good appointment last week who knows the territory and appears to know the JV partners.


With the market cap down to £1.9m, which must be less than the cost of a new listing, there doesn’t seem to be any value attributed to the resource in the price. Granted, it is in stasis at the moment but a number of options are still available including mothballing the JV until their partners sort themselves out or GEO is allowed to proceed. The management haven’t thrown in the towel by any means and having just raised some cash can keep plodding along. The partners might buy them out and effectively release the team to look at other projects in Georgia where their contacts and experience could add value. Looks like it is close to decision time, so these shares could be interesting by the autumn. If not, even the company shell has value. I am going to chip away at building a small position with a 12 month horizon.