Rising nicely - and tipped



Cantor Fitgerald’s analysts have identified their highest conviction stock ideas, one of which is OMI:


"Orosur Mining (OMI), digging for gold in Uruguay, Colombia and Chile, is metals and mining expert Asa Bridle’s top pick.

“With practically no debt, and production expected to be stable at the San Gregorio operations in Uruguay over the medium term, Orosur can use the future cash generated from its mines to fund both further production development in Uruguay and a significant exploration drilling programme on the exciting Anzá gold project in Colombia,” writes Bridle.

“Positive outcomes from either or both of these campaigns would represent notable, value driving, progress for the company as it looks to become a more significant gold producer based on multiple, long life, operations.”


Not exactly a neutral endorsement though, is it Gretel?

Cantor Fitzgerald Europe are OMI’s nomad and broker.