Completion of drilling .
12 Feb… RNS Spudded.
Reached 1700 m
Poor … Plugged.

EIS… On further issues.?


Big rise yesterday but all within the huge spread !


sliced @ 0.19 ( on limit .0188 )
Been rising last few days.


A placing @ 0.17 on 22nd September 2016.
just noticed ramp on share prophets .


Notice it was turner/pope…
cornhill offshoot.


Back to placing price .


Another placing this time @ 0.135p
only 5 months since last one 0.17 p
Share prophets stated previously plenty of cash , so much for there knowledge.
Looks like turner/pope once more anyone get a phone call ?


They have enough cash for current plays.

The placing monies are to fund more acquisitions.

Looking at L2 today the response has been very positive and some very large buys at full ask. Could well finish blue currently over 200m traded


Saw Brummel in video TW show.
He and David Lenigis were referring to Wytch farm, Dorset … largest onshore oil field in western Europe .
Operated by Perenco independent Anglo french group.
’ So called fracking’ … Not sure how it differs ?


Sorry name is Bramhill.


Being ramped again on share Prophets ( hot stocks rocket ) i thought they were ramping SLE yesterday , think i read that somewhere ??


Not sure what the oh dear meant one4all ?

No mention of 25% fall yesterday on share prophets blog one day on ?
They did have Egdons appeal rejection in the news section.
Consistently enough also have the news on SLE but again no comments .


Happy to just see this was one of the many that lifted Tuesday 13th ( lucky for sum )
Top up.
@ 0.095 reduced from 0.096p
Noticed the big rise yesterday and was thinking id been to mean again lol


Good right up SP after RNS .
But appears to be falling.


SP … no comment after RNS 7am… Fundraising placing SP Angel @ 0.085p
Directors also bought for same price but no open offer for holders to buy at that price .
share price almost fell down to the placing price - 15%.
They are buying a percentage of something from EDR


Falling back towards the 5th march placing price.
RNS today 18 July 18, giving share options to the bosses sending price down further .


19 % Down today yesterday RNS Wressle planing refused again .
( D ) would only let me buy 1/4 of what i wanted to buy ill have to monitor as maybe there system thinks to risky .
Small top up @ 0.083p


Heading back down to to last month level ( D ) unable to add with them.
0.092p live ( S )


RNS … This morning placing @ 0.085 … price held up…+ 11 % but spread is 30%


Thought of topping on seeing Egdon news this week . ( LC … No )
Price did not move .