RNS out and it's a very unlucky situation



Iran of all places to have the contract and Trump has thrown a big spanner in works here… But the contract is not dead and has been put into freeze… and maybe a new deal gets signed in next 6 months or maybe WSG gets to go ahead with it anyway as it doesn’t come under actual sanctions enforced by US …or UK Co’s not part of sanctions… etc.

But even including the big fall at end of business today I fear for this s/p again tomorrow though…

Very tricky situation now and I feel sorry for all longs here including myself … fortunately I got bored waiting and cut my position in half thru 2018 so far… but obviously still a hit on what’s left… how low will it go from before it stabilises is the huge question… sit and wait and hope or sell out ?

Altogether this company feels somewhat jinxed.


Ha - Iran! Just our bl**dy luck. Ah well, there won’t be much point getting out tomorrow with my losses, so looks like I’m in for the long haul.


Do they have sanctions on their list of risks in the latest annual report?


…Meanwhile the management can get down to doing what they are good at raising cash from the foolish & gullible and spending it on themselves & other madcap schemes.
I thought it would be difficult to top the last “African Queen” ferry venture for absurd farce;but Sir Tony & his chums have excelled again!Brilliant.