RNS....placing @ 33p



On SP … site before 7am.


Consolidation . ( 5.2p to 6p ) showing increase of 1580 %


what is the equivalent of the 33p placing after the consolidation ?


Issue Price under the Fundraising of 5.61 pence per New Ordinary Share, being the equivalent of 0.33 pence per Existing Ordinary Share.


Thanks robjm .
Just topped @ 5.1p.
Three weeks today since placing.
Think the placing was done by Turner Pope. Any one any views on this new outfit, which appears to have been spun out from cornhill ?

#6 too new really to have any kind of track record to judge them on.


From advfn

keelhauled7 Mar '17 - 23:30 - 51083 of 51084 3 0

Step by Step: 1. Kefi Minerals PLC owns 100% of Kefi Minerals Ethiopia Ltd and 2.
KME Ltd currently holds 100% of the Tulu Kapi Project with the Ethiopian Government entitled to 5% free carried interest. 3. KME Ltd will own 100% of Tulu Kapi Gold Mines Limited and once formed the ownership of the Tulu Kapi Mine will be transferred to TKGM Ltd and held as its principal asset. Therefore, assuming TKGM Ltd is the vehicle to be principally financed, it would make sense for the Ethiopian Gov?t 20/30% share to be in TKGM Ltd and ring fenced. Then future projects/mines can be operated as separate units, held perhaps in separate companies with any Ethiopian Gov?t share being negotiated on a project by project basis. HARRY IS NO FOOL; the government?s 20/30% share will be ring fenced in TKGM Ltd and not part of the potentially much more profitable and overarching Kefi Minerals Ethiopia Ltd. K-Hauled


And again @ 4.825 p ( W ) live.
limit ( D ) was not going through last few hours or after when i cancelled .

  • that limit which wasn’t going through ( D ) was set @ 4.875 … 0.05 above live price !!






On winnifriths dragon den show … he reckons they have some.




Could pick them up for 4.1p yesterday .


Post share consolidation, but saying that the share price is a bit stuck in the summer doldrums with tiny sells pushing the price down and nothing really new coming out of the AGM (though personally i thought it would be too early for significant news anyway there).


And i should of done but was getting low on funds .
Would of been better then the clln gamble. lol


Back down to July level. 3.97p at one point today.


Not sure the market understands the latest developments let alone absorbed the implications yet Ripley. We have harry trying to explain how all the moving parts fit together but mentions at one point shareholders are ?confused? so going to be even harder for the wider market to know that progress is being made.

Progress is being made just have to deal with the remaining 20 mill dollars which will covered by getting a new partner in at project level.


“Back down to July level. 3.97p at one point today” - Ripley94 posted 9-10-17.

I took it as an opportunity to get in @ 4.05p - I hope I’m not wrong as personally I think this is one of the most exciting prospects around.
All the information is out there and certainly robjm66 keeps this board very well updated - I took the time to follow the links and listen to the interviews and picked up on all sorts of upbeat background information you would never get on a RNS. In his last ProactiveInvestors interview it was interesting to hear Harry Adams views on some of the Ethiopian governments project track records and he obviously has a respect for their achievements and of their enthusiasm for Tulu Kapi.
What I really liked though was that in every interview he expresses great confidence, not only in his team but in all parties involved and sees Tulu Kapi as a chance to make ‘history’! . . . well we shall see but as they’ve been tailoring the project to produce 115,000 ozs pa with an estimated 1 mil ozs ‘life of mine’ and haven’t yet drilled for what’s underground? ~ who knows, he might be right?
Anyway, thanks for the links - I thoroughly enjoyed the research and I think I am genuinely hooked

  • the next 2 - 3 months should be very interesting.


Promising that Kefi is planning exploration around and TK and using this to try to get a better deal along with digger deeper on the present site. Be easier for potential new investors to make a decision when the shape of a deal is clearer. slide 4.

Probably what could push the price in the short term is how much the potential partner looks like being an actual partner. Possible that Kefi can reduce it holding at TK project level to 55 percent and use the exploration targets as leverage as well to eliminate or drastically reduce any dilution at company level. At the same time Harry is not going to want to give too much away of TK and the surrounding area.

The share price could drift till the next bit of news on this as makes sense to fully explore the possibility of an ?intermediate deal? but that could mean a delay till into the new year disappointing those that could lose patience who wanted everything done and dusted this year.

Mind you the chance of using areas around TK is a vote of confidence as potential investors are already thinking that TK will get off the ground (or in the ground) and considering what Kefis next targets are going to be in the region.