RNS polo



I have held GCM for 9 years , back then they were deemed to be worth £40 a share , they might still be for all I know , haven’t been following . I need £1.70 to BE.


HI nest_of_rampers.
Been a bit lonely on this forum last few months 9 years i’m not the only nutter who believes in patience then . ( trouble is only got so many 9 s )
I hope you get your investment back and more .:sweat_smile:


Looks like Thursday was the new bottom a top gainer again today but spread nearly as big as rise early doors , spread reduced by 10am ( some in ( X ) i discovered .
Interesting post buy pappiklon Thursday after close below .


Very volatile 17.50p was new low… climed to 24.25p on 4th Dec dropped back to 19.38p on 10th before today’s 16% rise to 22.8p


Very volatile could sell @ 27.75p today at around 2pm .


Someone is taking the Micky trading the R’s of this


Away and no internet for one day … popped into a library and saw big rise lol .
Set a trade limit sell for 35.50p which lifted but shows as a buy .
Looks like it went as high as 38 ? finishing 36.5p .
In hindsight going for extra end of November would of been marvellous but a big risk .


Took another slice as this gained another 12 % by 9.45 am set @ 40p lifted 41p
Its gambling this .


Wow… had a buy order in this morning ( T ) @ 33 what a fantastic buy that would of been.
Went up another 51% after 11.46 am RNS … Indicating news was not out there before hand .
Put a sale order in for 55p ( larger than recent deals lifted in mins @ 57p, 12.29pm :joy:
You just do not know maybe getting luckier with my gambling .
At 1pm it hit 68.86p looks like i sold to cheap best of luck to the buyer :wink:
Funny old day and i do not think you can get a spread bet on this so can not blame that ? Bought by Jan 14th slice back @ 39p @ 4.10pm


RNS 7am re-nomad ( confident ) price dropped.


I see error should read “my” not “by” in last paragraph ( added ) of Jan 17th message.

Messing about with order on ( T ) lost patience switched to ( D ) lifted @ 30.5p after hovering around 31p all morning .
Got them in ( T ) surprised to see 27p lifted and its actual marked as a buy in history.:grinning:
This was moving up and down by huge % next day starting lower gaining to 34p and closing level .