RNS , Q2 alluvial revenue 305 ounces attributable to Explorator , with 533 ounces sold attributable to Explorator



Considering all the upheaval Mozambique experienced with the cyclones , floods Q1 2019 these figures are quite impressive .

Colin Bird, Executive Chairman said: "The financial performance numbers show improvements on previous quarters reflecting the strong gold price, cost cutting measures and reduced land compensation costs.

The hard rock contractors are progressing satisfactorily with site visitations from geotechnical engineers and process engineers in order to finalise design parameters. Our partner has assigned permanent staff to the project and we are pleased with the progress both technically and administratively."

In fact I’m well pleased with the RNS , Sino 2 alluvial revenue stream , hard rock progress just cautious about these placement shares . Whether there in the system yet or not is anyone’s guess .


There seems to be a lot happening in Zambia today around the Kalengwa Mine Licence. See article here: about Mr Bird and the Kalengwa licence. It is reported locally that thugs attacked the mine last night. The Patriotic Front is supporting Moxico to get their licence back: after Alan Davies the CEO of Moxico was interviewed on Zambian TV: The President is in the district today. I suspect there is bad news for Colin Bird and his gangster partners Shawi Fawaz coming today.



It reads like a BuriedTreasure fantasy story which if your a regular follower of Xtract resources you would already know . Hence as President Trunk would say " fake news " or I would say " Spam " .