Any idea why this one swings about all over the place?


No. It seemed to be recovering nicely up to yesterday; and of course no news relating to it yesterday - unless there is some fear that Trump is going to stop the US Government buying anything from outside the US or some such stupid idea.

We have had a couple of big fall backs during the recovery before, so hopefully it is just another one of those.


I managed to buy in just before last year’s hiatus.
Thought Trump would loose off the purse strings to the military. Ouch!
Still hopeful for the longer term.


I reckon we’re being messed about by shorters. They’re letting the price rise then selling to buy back lower.
Shorters now have 7%.

Fundamentals are OK. imho.

Yours Feeling Quite Annoyed Being Tall


“Yours Feeling Quite Annoyed Being Tall”

Me Too -

Queue Randy -


Thank you, Hardboy, for that clip.
It gave me a smile on this rather grim day for ULEs share price.
Surely it’s onwards and upwards now that thst bit of news is out of the way.

Yours With My Long Legs Tightly Crossed