Rotterdam (Scheveningen!) to FOIL



Being a naturally suspicious sort of chap, I wonder if there could be any hidden motive behind your `helpful advice’ Empty_Sporran?

Could it be that by making such dire predictions, you hope to persuade nervous types to sell before Christmas (they could do with the money) so that you can then pick up shares on the cheap so that you can make a quick killing when news of FOIL gives the SP a



We can follow the swell here and pray for dark blue colours when we are ready.


Not at all and, it is not in any shape or form advice, just my experience with this type ofshare in the past. Those that take action (make investment choices) on the basis of ramblings and self opinion of anonymous posters on a BB board maybe do not need to be investing. I myself am invested heavily in HUR and was hoping to make a life changing RoR on my investment. I in know way am attempting to frighten or unsettle current LT or any other type of share holders but just giving my opinion with past experience but, again in my opinion if the SP does hit the levels I mentioned above that these maybe good entry levels for new share holders or for existing share holders to top up as in my opinion this would be the verybottom. After reading recent articles (some on here) regarding the PoO my opinion has taken a 180 deg turn as to where the price of fledgling and established oil Co’s is going with the industry barely recovering from the most recent downturn I believe we maybe approaching another industry nae global recession soon.
I expect quite a bit of negative response on my comments but likesome on hear I do not care a hoot about little ticks up/down or little hearts for in most case state the obvious orrush to repeat info which posters and readers are I am sure more than capable of reading for themselves, it is rediculous and as for the knot x knot speed and direction of the AM’s journey from Dubai to Rotterdam well…
Frustration rant over and good luck to all serious share holdersinvestors in HUR and with the usual caveat that all above and afore is IMHO.


Empty-Sporran, you might find posts of more relevance to you on these threads, Share Price and Share Price first oil. This thread is specifically for those who enjoy shipwatching - not a criticism at all, and I’m sure most on here understand that you may well be correct in the very short term in your predictions as there is now potentially a very short window for Institutional Investors etc. to derisk, PoO etc, etc. But there are other threads to enjoy those discussions on.
FWIW - With my basic beginner’s understanding of candlesticks and doing my own research have to say think your read on the direction, well at least towards early 30s IMO, may be spot on but being rubbish at timing the market and an investor rather than a trader, I’m not going to chance it by selling now and buying back in lower (if that opportunity arises - as it is now getting close to call). Less stress and chance of losing money by being content and waiting it out - but appreciate others have different approaches - though, as you say, it could be a very good opportunity to top up and average down.


You are on the ball again, Albi. But I share Empty’s agony - though, being a ‘glass-half-full’ person, NOT his pessimism. On the other hand, as you say, he could be proven correct in his prediction of the SP’s fall. (He did indicate that this would be a good opportunity to get in and/or further top-up).

I have been looking at the ‘Short Interest Register’ and the consolation (if that’s the right word) for me is that HUR is by no means the worst off. Check Pets at Home, Kier, etc. Up in low double digits. In fact at <3%, HUR is in the league of Premier and Tullow. Can live with that for an Oil Company.

With a little timidity, I topped up recently at a marginal average-up. A previous post here on HUR indicated that the next support level will be 37.5p. Should it get there, my next top-up - which will then be a good averaging down - will be a lot bolder although no less risky! But then again, no pain (risk) no gain (reward). Or at least so say I; whistle past the cemetery - but with your eyes wide open!!.
Kind regards, All. - LLV


Now doing sea trials.


@Lawven2, totally agree there, market’s got a bear wobble on, so many factors; Brexit, shaky geopolitics, drop in oil foreshadowing recession, people are derisking in every sense and have been for the last year or two IMO. This too will pass and we’re still left with excellent fundamentals in place - so I may be missing something here, but however low the SP gets before FOIL - that’s actually good news for investors, because it’s going to rocket not too long after FOIL, just a matter of time. Actually should add the caveat - obviously just my opinion and DYOR!


Hi - first time I’ve posted here - just some observations.

It is extremely unlikely that we will see FOIL this side of 2019, most probably sometime Q1 2019. The AM hook-up to the buoy is only the start of the business end of the story. The risers and umbilicals will have to be connected to the topsides before any commencement of pre-commissioning and final commissioning activities, followed by clean-up of the wells before any fluids reach the topsides production facilities. This can take several months - not weeks - BW Catcher a good example, nearly 70 days from arrival in field to FOIL. AM will do well to beat or equal that.
There are lots of things that can delay FOIL between now and then so don’t pin your hopes on a very Happy Hogmanay/New Year.
I’m a LTH of Hurricane, equally eager to see a healthy return on my investment, so be patient and keep expectations realistic. Q1 2019 will do very nicely.



For that caveat of Reality, I welcome you with a “Hear, hear, hear”.

BTW, tried to get a sizeable batch today at circa 40p, but it did not ‘fly’!! Will re-assess tomorrow, d.v.


Hurrykane, needs to do a bit of reading before posting drivel. I suggest this years operational updates.

The risers are all connected to the buoy.


Hi riverside red,

And the wells have already been cleaned up as far as I know.

All the best.



Hello H t L,

I’m not really bothered if first oil is late this year or early next year. Just as long as the oil flows and the share price gets a must need boost. For us long term holders if Lancaster starts production in a few weeks or a few months it won’t make much difference to me.

It seems as if I’ve been invested in Hurricane since Adam was a lad. We’ve had a roller coaster of a ride. The poo oil has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous and so has the share price.

I’m looking forward to the Aoka Mizu leaving Rotterdam en route for Lancaster. That’s when most of the pieces of the Hurricane jigsaw will be in place with the final pieces being foil and then confirmation that there’s no significant drop in pressure - followed by a mega bid from BP?



I didn’t want to repeat everything that is already covered by Operational Updates. :slight_smile:

The rig did indeed clean up the wells in the summer.

My interpretation is that subject to any any onboard commissioning still to do and offshore offloading trials , first oil should happen pretty quickly . The whole point of the buoy is that it is proven plug and play technology.


Hi carliol,

I could have written your post myself(not quite as eloquently) word for word. I think you must have been reading my mind telepathically, lol. From memory, I was a callow, fresh faced youth when my initial investment went in here.

Anyway, as you say, yet again our sp has taken a considerable knock back. Let us hope that this is the last time it happens, and we finally get the reward that we are hoping for.

As regards BP, I hope you are correct. My own feeling has been for a considerable time that one of the National Chinese oil companies will rear it’s head, baring in mind who our largest shareholder is(with two directors on the HUR board), and where the majority of their investment money comes from. Anyway, time will tell.

Like yourself, I just want to see this put to bed. Not just for all of us shareholders, but also as an ultimate reward to Dr Trice and his hard working colleagues for their total commitment and belief in this project.

Take care.

All the best.



Have you seen that a Norwegian company have put in a hostile bid for Faroe Petroleum?
I think that if pressure is maintained on FOIL then there will be a few bidders for Hurricane, so we just have to wait and see.



Interesting bid for Faroe from DNO that’s come out of the blue. It’s unexpected and unwelcome.

The bid is at 152p. Share price closed at 158p. Up 26.87% on the day.

Bid turned down by Faroe BoD as being opportunistic and substantially undervalues the company.

This confirms that a bid could come in at any time for Hurricane but I would think a serious predator would wait until Lancaster is up and running and producing inline with forecasts with little or no depletion in pressure.

This bid also confirms that interest in the North Sea and on the UKCS continues to build.

I wonder if Ineos and Jim Ratcliffe might be having a close look at Hurricane?



I am not taking back my “Hear, hear. hear” since I believe that your caution - as speculative as is some of our optimism - at least should be accommodated in our data base of due diligence. It is certainly in mine, but I hope for the best outturn including FOIL in early 1Q2019.

Notwithstanding, it seems to me that yours has been sunk under the big waves in the UKCS? Of course, we are are all guessing - although some more informed than others. But what say you? And let’s keep it polite and free of acrimony/hyperbole. as it has been heretofore.
Kind regards, All. - LLV


Anyone who now talks about ‘work on the wells’ is not to be listened to as they so obviously have no idea of what has been done, or needs to be done, or what the topology of the SURF is… it’s physically not possible to “clean up the wells” from the FPSO.
Silly username Hurrykane, shame your research isn’t as good.


Wessexmario, I have no axe to grind for Hurrykane - he/she can no doubt defend his/her honour - but it is the extremes of response that cause me some discomfiture.

It is said that ‘…every criticism is an autobiography…’ (Oscar Wilde?) so that when we criticise, in appearance too gratuitously or malevolently, it tends to say more about the ‘criticiser’ than the ‘criticised’. But overruling all that, I respect ones right/ability to think and say that what I write is ‘drivel’ or that my user name is ‘silly’. But then again, I may think the same of that person. So I am really saying let’s all be honest but be temperate - as opposed to extreme - in our expression of view.
Kind regards, All. - LLV


I accept that we should criticise the idea, not the person. I do try to do that, it’s a fine line between the idea and the person who generates it. He obviously knows more than his non-existent posting history shows, but I do reserve the right to object when a new poster who claims he’s been invested for some time starts posting basic inaccuracies.