Rotterdam (Scheveningen!) to FOIL



“Updated abacus”

Take a look at the first link and after you are amazed look at the 2nd.

I can’t find the links to the Japanese people doing calculus, fractions etc. by virtual abacus.


Ash, I don’t see the logic in that. Surely the $10pb is only the value of the reserves, and the total cost to extract it would be $10 + $12?


My calculator is pretty old, so it may need its mathematical software updating as every time I divide 381 by 41, I get 9.29; so the bull-case NAV of 381p', should read9.3xhigher than current levels’. So much for



Hmmm. You may well be right.


Floss, without going into the mysteries of your quantum arithmetic, let me support your principle (but not necessarily the amount) that the MS valuation is understated.

On MS’ £3.81/share, HUR is valued at £7,465.8 million (say £7.47 billion). This would give a 2.6b TR valuation of £2.87/barrel (USD 3.73). Brennam’s (see Article uploaded by HTL on another HUR thread) un-risked NAV of £4.64 capitalises at £9.09 billion and at £3.5/barrel (USD 4.55).

Without predicting the outcome of the Faroe ‘unsolicited’ Bid - Faroe’s USD 12.01/9.50 & DNO’s 6.00/3.00 for P2 & C2 respectively - if one were to use Brennam’s unit of £3.5, then MS’ £3.81/bull SP will move to Brennam’s £4.64 (un-risked NAV) which would be more ‘thereabouts’, in my opinion.

Of course, the higher the value assigned over £3.50/barrel ($4.55) - I had used $5 to arrive at my speculative £5 SP - the greater will be the SP indicated above the £4.64. BTW, I fully agree with Albi that the ‘from $12 to $10’ refers to the costs of EXTRACTION and NOT the value placed on the Oil itself. But please, as usual, DYOR for everything.
Kind regards, ALL. - LLV


All - My apologies. Please read ‘Hannam’ for ‘Brennam’. But then you may have already corrected for this. Please also note the caveat that the Report is HUR commissioned. - KrA, - LLV


Info updated to show the AM is back at the anchorage so maybe that’s the official end of the sea trials and that part of the commissioning.


Well at least the wind is parallel to the coast, so if she drags her anchors, she can fire up the engines and putter off into the North Sea.

(It would mess up our plans if she ended up breaching a dyke and then having to remain stuck there to prevent catastrophic

Flooding; - (


Man, I love this HUR BB. If not the red Valentine Heart Icon.

Floss, may I suggest that in the unfortunate eventuality of the abovementioned catastrophe, we seek out the little Dutch boy to stick the proverbial finger up the damaged dyke so that the AM can be released to proceed to more pressing biz further North?. He has saved Holland in the past and can be depended upon to do so again! Kr,A. - LLV


It might have been better to use the preposition in' rather thanup’ to avoid any



Floss, my considered choice of preposition, but point well taken. We don’t want any constipation either!
Kr,A. - LLV
(P.S. One can always tell when HUR stock appears to be doing well. The banter becomes decidedly light-hearted. Or at least less DREARY!).


Hi All,

I see the AM is still at anchorage but in view of ETA at Rotterdam for 3pm she must be about to weigh anchor and set off… wasn’t yesterday’s sp rise great ? After topping up I’m hopeful of another rise when she heads up to Scottish waters. Christmas is coming…


Please do not rub it in on the price rise, Millais. I am kicking myself in the Southern Regions. After I saw the Chairman’s 375,000 purchase @40.6p; I put in to BUY a hefty chunk @41.099. My sad outcome is the reason for your glee. But I can do with some more sadness on the basis of HUR SP rises. My calculation of circa £5 (fully de-risked NAV) is not without merit - in my opinion, I hasten to add!

BTW, 2 pieces of info if not seen heretofore:
1. HUR: Tempus of ‘The Times’ rates as a HOLD
2. Faroe/DNO: Big Stakeholder in Faroe say DNO must increase its ‘cheeky’ Offer (Bloomberg side-
Kind regards, ALL. - LLV


I do sympathise but by the time the sp is over £1 (winging its way to £5 !) these days of watching each penny movement will be history :wink:


Hi all,

Many thanks to “Amaja” on the LSE BB for this AM update

Today 13:08Just spoke with the harbour authorities and they indicated that the AM will most probably sail into the harbour at Maasvlakte to-morrow around noon (Dutch time). The captain has indicated that he specifically wants to sail at daylight. Good for those of us who want to view the FPSO throught the available webcams.
I will try to view this monster at the pier in Maasvlakte while entering the harbour mouth.


Lawven 2, Also sympathise, personally I have assigned a certain percentage in my portfolio which I can tolerate, however if I had the funds available I would snap up at 45p now and certainly anything under 50p is still a bargain. Why? Because the market is just so volatile, yes long term institutional investors may still (I don’t know how) derisk with further shorting but equally - that window may be closing - it’s such an unknown that if I had money to spare I wouldn’t, personally, risk missing out at this juncture even if (somehow?) prices temporarily drop back again. But we all have to make peace with and honour our decision making process. As always DYOR.




Credits to Amnesic on LSE board

AM due at Lancaster on 21 December …


And another LSE credit to Totdy

“If you’ve not spotted it already, AM is to be seen off the Dutch coast at :-
Be quick, before it gets dark.”

I couldn’t see anything but in case someone here gets lucky!


Hi Albi1,

Well hopefully at least we will be at Lancaster before Christmas. I was holding onto the hope of a small chance that a gas flare might be spotted above the Aoka Mizu on Christmas Eve, however it looks like it is not to be. Anyway, we have come this far, and I completely trust Dr Trice to do the right things. In other words, I much prefer it done safely and well, rather than being rushed.

Let us just hope that the market see it the same way and we get just reward. The squirrels in the garden know Christmas is not far away and are starting to eye me nervously. So, is it turkey this year or squirrel.

:turkey: :chipmunk: (sorry this is their American cousin. Little blighters would not let me take a picture, as I said, getting very suspicious, lol).

All the best.