Rotterdam (Scheveningen!) to FOIL



Run squirrel run …

HTL - completely agree, so much accomplished and so much to look foward to and at least this way fingers crossed we get smooth seas (which they certainly aren’t at the moment). Here’s a pic just posted on the LSE board by SXX Pound Party, taken today!

Screenshot of AM uploaded to onedrive:!AmJEUIKM6ZjZ6RkSdhC3qx_6hLoe


6 days? That is only an average speed of 4.2kn.


Ash; heavy marine traffic en route to the Buoy? Hopefully the Norwegian Navy should be nowhere in sight, but we don’t want another ‘boating incident’, do we? HTL’s squirrels will get even more nervous!!
Kr,A. - LLV


In all fairness to the Norwegian Navy I believe one of our American friends was driving …


I hadn’t heard that but it doesn’t surprise me.


I recalled reading it was a training exercise at the time with American crew on board but now I can’t find any articles to back that up, in any case just incredibly fortunate so few got hurt, quite shocking incident I’m sure for all concerned.


AM now heading into port.


Webcams at the ready…


Hi Everyone,

Here she comes.

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Here’s she is on camera !


Open the link that I posted. She is now moving pretty quick and is almost alongside the camera.

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Now gone past. Hopefully we will see her docked

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Isn’t she fabulous ? Riding high in water as oil tanks (currently !) empty … looks like they did a good job on her in Dubai


Number of viewers went from 18 to 60 in a couple of minutes.


For those that missed it

Aoka Mizu passes Hoek van Holland 30/11/18 with tugs Rotterdam and SD Rebel.


Aoka Mizu passing Maassluis with tugs Rotterdam and SD Rebel 30/11/18


Thankyou lameduck for uploading its appreciated cheers laser


Hi Everyone,

Nice little mention from “Energy Voice” as always. Many thanks to “missdosh” on the LSE board for the link.

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Lameduck, To set the scene with the song “My ship is coming in” is brilliant. The words say it all.
…this time next year Rodney!


Hello H t L,

Thanks for the link to Energy Voice. The news item on the arrival of the Aoka Mizu at Rotterdam makes interesting reading.

Also a good read in E V was a further news item on B P’s intention to make a further development of the giant Clare Oil Field, with the Clare South Oil Field. The news item gives an outline for the time frame before first oil in c 2025 and the enormous cost of bringing Clare South into production.

With Lancaster maybe coming on stream later this year or more probably in early 2019 and with production in line with predictions and little or no drop in pressure, I reckon it would be good business sense for B P to make a bid for Hurricane.

B P are committed to W of S and the acquisition of Hurricane would be a perfect fit to their operations. How much B P are prepared to pay for Hurricane but I would hazard a guess that it would be significantly less that the cost of bringing Clair South into production.

I reckon the next few weeks and months are going to be extremely interesting and hopefully very profitable.

Best wishes to you and your family from a very wet and windy Cumbria.