Rotterdam (Scheveningen!) to FOIL



From other bb, the AM is set to leave Rotterdam on Saturday 15th December for a six day journey to Lerwick. So it will be dependent on the weather off the Shetlands around the 21st December. If calm conditions I can`t see why the AM will not head straight to Lancaster and hook up to the buoy in an immediate operation. If weather poor AM will shelter at Lerwick and wait.
Time to check the long range forecast folks. Please feed back the results.
Just using a post from a previously reliable source, thanks Puffin.


AM seems to have disappeared from the list of present ships on the Port of Rotterdam site.


OOPS!! She hasn’t SUNK, has she, Ash? Hope not! We’d be sunk too for the short term!!
Kr,A. - LLV


Anyone got a wetsuit?


and I always thought Santa delivered by sleigh.

But as an aside Ash, I seem to remember that like me, you too are a Fife resident in which case I wondered if you would care to join me for the inaugural lunch of the Fife chapter of Hurricaners at a time and place to suits us both (we can welcome new members only after a rigorous vetting). I am based in Kinghorn and retired so over to you; any



Hi Flossy,

No, I’m not a Fife resident, I’m a North Tyneside resident, but I have friends who live in Fife.
I’m heading there for Xmas.

However, I like the sound of the inaugural lunch of the Fife chapter of Hurricaners. Maybe celebrating FOIL, though I am on my hols 14th Jan to 6th Feb.
I could have almost tied it into my Xmas trip but it turns out I have to give someone a lift who isn’t at all interested in that sort of thing.

I know it sounds a bit far off but the inaugural meeting to celebrate FOIL some time after Feb 6th sounds good.

Let me know when you have imported the email address and I’ll remove that bit.


Hello Floss / Ash,

As you are probably aware I live in Cumbria and could easily attend the inaugural lunch of the Fife Chapter of Hurricaners in Fife. The journey is no problem and we haven’t any hols arranged that would coincide with first oil from Lancaster.

It would be great to meet fellow posters on this board, some of which have been regular contributors since Hurricane was launched onto the AIM casino.

I’m sure there are other regular posters on this board who live within reasonable travelling distance of Fife. It would be interesting to hear from them.

All I need is a time and place and I’ll be there.



We could even meet in Edinburgh which might be an easy train journey.


Edinburgh is a skoosh for me. An hour on the train from Lockerbie, which is just a short drive from Dumfries. Or even a direct bus, which is free for Scottish residents over 60. Lots of decent restaurants within a short walk from Waverley Station.


You can perhaps select a good one nearer the time when we know whether we can afford a slap up meal or have to make do with sharing a bag of crisps at the



Hi Everyone,

Edinburgh is where I was born, and spent the first twenty years of my life. I would be very happy to meet, providing of course that I am able.

All the best.



@Flossoffa et al
"…(we can welcome new members only after a rigorous vetting).’

If it is permissible, I shall have to apply for Expatriate Membership (and in absentia). I (we) live down in South Lincolnshire. Go South to London regularly (just 55 minutes by express train) but have not travelled so far North since my Old Age! - KrA. - LLV


Do we have any HUR investors who are not collecting their old age



Hi Floss,

We were all mere youths when we invested here,(or at least it feels like it, lol).

All the best.



Hoping this investment will go a long way to funding a future pension, have possibly aged 10 years in this last year … does that count?


`have possibly aged 10 years in this last year ’

According to a study by Brigham Young University, regular exercise can help to slow the biological ageing process, making athletes’ bodies effectively up to nine years younger than those who are sedentary.

That still leaves you one year older; better give up sex



Retired but a few years off my state pension.


I’ll take nine, was a keen cyclist until a few years ago, the premature ageing I put down to finally forcing myself to focus on finances seriously and watching the market play out, plus hoping to join my husband who has just retired in some well earned R & R, Hurricane may help us do that …


That’s Ok, Albie. When you shall have got old enough; in addition to your good HUR provided Pension, you’ll have to take up weight-lifting which I hear is the new “in thing” for Old Agers!! - Kr,A. - LLV


Hmm, weightlifting could certainly be a welcome distraction from the SP’s confused sense of direction!