Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



A new chapter begins. As ‘PART I’ has got pretty long - time for ‘PART II’ now that Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder tell us the AM’s new route is Aberdeen eta 31/12/2018!

Wave Model - North Atlantic Sea Height (STORMSURF) - Super Long Range United Kingdom Weather Forecast for Shetland Isles fo…


3 days at the most!
BUT why Aberdeen???
Another unscheduled stop for an unknown amount of time?


Hi Ash, few thoughts there, maybe to allow for a small celebration near Hurricane’s new offices? Better weather conditions? - anyone on here or out there who knows?


She’s moving … :clinking_glasses:


The countdown has started.

THE AM IS ON THE MOVE :slight_smile:


You might see her on this one - look out for the moving Christmas tree!


She’s in sight on this one right now! She’s fabulous:}



Nicely done Ash


Should be appearing on this one in a few minutes

Fantastic, actually managed to see her pass twice! Onwards and upwards we go … nice way to end today!


8.2kn and almost in open sea.


Fantastic! HtL raising a pretend ‘martini’ to you :sunglasses:


Great pics all ! Bon voyage to Aberdeen :champagne:




I never thought an FPSO could look so magical and majestic! Lovely sight, so long awaited, and very exciting. Safe journey to all the crew.
aquarian :smile::clap:t2:


Rod Stewart - “Sailing” (Official Music



It was always Aberdeen, it’s where she’ll sit whilst waiting for a weather window.


Saving pennies on crewchange and technician visits. I thought sitting off Lerwick would have been the better option to be ready to take advantage of any short windows to connect. It’s not just weather but current and tidal streams west of Shetland that form part of the picture.


All I have read so far suggests that Lerwick would be the waiting around place.

Currently steaming along at nearly 10kn. I don’t know why they said 6 days to get to Lerwick a while ago.

Current estimate is 21:00 on the 30th.


Gale warning - issued: 03:44 on Sat 29 Dec 2018 UTC
Northwesterly severe gale force 9 expected soon

Southwest veering northwest 6 to gale 8, occasionally severe gale 9, backing west 4 or 5 later.
Sea state
Moderate or rough, becoming very rough for a time.
Rain at times.
Good, occasionally



The 6 days was long before the weather was known and probably assuming a good forecast.

Strange to set off now into a howling gale.
Looks like no hook-up opportunity until Wednesday.
Ferocious winds here today though the sea state is ok.