Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



Good Morning Everyone,

I suppose it’s just a waiting game. Over the next few months there should be plenty of news to keep this board fully occupied.

It’s encouraging to see the price of Brent Crude rising. In Oct 2018 the Brent Crude nearly hit $90.00 a barrel. On 2nd October 2018 the year high share price of Hurricane was 60.75p.

I don’t think this is a coincidence.

The only other event in impact the share price was the sail away of the Aoka Mizu which happened around the same time as the high of $60.75.

It makes me wonder what the share price will be when first oil from Lancaster is achieved.



I have mentioned this before, but note that the price of oil is in dollars but the SP is in pounds, so if the pound falls on Brexit, the SP should rise by an equivalent amount (and vice versa of



HUR up 5% today.
Something we don’t know?


Probably what we do know. Weather looking better from end of this week into the next two weeks. The rig should be moving on site within the next 10 days. Edison report pointing out that GWA licence could prove to be a massive field after the three well campaign ends. Share price entry at around 43p to 47p should prove to be good value. Should be an exciting April for HUR and its share price.


`I am now of the opinion that 2018 will be the peak in crude oil production, not 2019 as I earlier predicted. Russia is slowing down and may have peaked. Canada is slowing down and Brazil is slowing down. OPEC likely peaked in 2016. It is all up to the USA.

Can shale oil save us from peak



“…Schieldrop said that the looming prospect of NOPEC legislation in the U.S. Congress, which targets OPEC, is a downside risk to oil.”

Thanks for sharing this, Ash. HTL remarked (on another HUR Thread) that Mr (Nick) Cunningham (NC) knows his onions. I agree. I have been following the side-lines on Bloomberg that the US Shale Producers are coming under some production (price/profit) pressures. Tripled with the Venezuelan chaos and depleting inventories, I think hat the movement risk is more ‘upside’ rather than ‘downside’ .
But then, that may be because I am more cynical than NC. US President Trump wants LOWER Oil prices; but Congress is so Hell-bent on NOT giving him any semblance of success, that they may deal with the NOPEC legislation as would change the risk to UPSIDE. My slightly cynical and very personal opinion which benefits HUR’s. PDYOR. Kr,A. - LLV


Thanks, but I don’t remember it being me who shared that.


Quite right, Ash; it was Floss. But he is much too generous to allege plagiarism . Mea culpa, & apology, Floss, because I missed your malapropism 'Floil" at the end. I did express the wish/need for acuity of vision in my old age. So there’s my plea! - Kr,A. - LLV


I assume that letter from my solicitor never arrived. :grinning:


Hi Everyone,

Helicopter booked by Hurricane, 09.30 Saturday.

Let’s hope they are going for it on Monday, and let’s really hope that it get’s done this time.

All the best.





Also, 10.30 Monday, 5xhour trip.



I would be very surprised but you never know.


Hi Everyone,

Whatever happens over the weekend, it has been a decent week with the sp holding up well.

Just to try and put a smile on your face, I read the following on the LSE board a few days ago. I am not sure who posted it, but a big thank you as it made me laugh.

A white horse walked into a bar. The barman said, “we have a whisky in here named after you.” The horse replied, "what, Trevor?!!!

Have a great weekend.

All the best.





Hi All,

Share price holding up well even though there’s been no news released.

Next week could be interesting withe a possible sailing of the Aoka Mizu. The weather West of Shetland looks a lot calmer that over the last week or two. There’s also some activity with Bristow Helicopters being chartered by Hurricane. Also there’s a flotilla of vessels in the Montrose Basin that could be heading for the GWA.

Sooner or later all the above events will take place. Although the weather W o S is unpredictable let’s hope the worst of the winter storms are behind us.

It’s interesting to note that there’s been some substantial buying this week. Perhaps there’s been some stake building in anticipation of a hostile bid. Maybe there’s been some serious buying in anticipation of a build up of news worthy events. Whatever the reasons for buying I’m sure we are going to have a good news flow soon which could easily send the share price into new highs.

Enjoy the weekend.



I would still bet my 5p that the AM will go nowhere until the end of next week at least.
I hope I’m wrong


Your hope has come true.
AM has lifted anchor and heading north at a rate of knots.


I’m amazed and don’t want to put a dampner on it but the window is incredibly tight and what happened to Dr T’s comment that they want a calm several days after hook-up?
I will be over-joyed to be proved wrong and a hook-up has been achieved this time next week.
I just hope that the new drills aren’t pushing them to try when there really isn’t the opportunity.


That was me :slight_smile: (it’s one of my perennials)
Glad to stick a smile on your face HTL.


Fingers crossed for a successful hookup.

I know when I’m waiting to cross the road as time increases the gap between cars look bigger. :neutral_face:

Two new ropes on board so at least the last issue shouldn’t arise again.