Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



Not really in that if the bubble point is at 43k bpd for a single well, then they could produce at say 35k bpd still with a substantial margin below the bp and for two wells, that could be 70 bpd rather than the 20k bpd they are suggesting for the EPS i.e. the potential production is actually 350% more than suggested even using just the two current wells.

This is of course just the EPS and the early production may well average out at 20K bpd because they will be trying various things including shutting the well in for a period, pumping from each well whist measuring the pressure changes at the other etc etc.

I suspect that when the final production system is up and running, it will be producing at a far higher rate than 20kbpd. Of course, there may be other constraints e.g. what flow rate can the AM handle, but equally for a full production system with oil piped ashore, could the drill bores be increased in diameter/number etc?

Meantime the EPS will produce valuable oil but bear in mind that its prime purpose is to clarify the design parameters for the full production system, so the flow rate is likely to be far less than we will get once in full



The EPS is partly to enable the design of the full field development and one of the key parameters is just how much one well can produce. This has a major effect on the CAPEX of the full field development. 10k, 20k and 30k per day are considerable changes to the cost of the subsea development.

Look at BP’s Quad 204 with its 75 wells and 132K production per day, could Hurricane achieve this with 7 odd wells? If so what would the CAPEX cost saving be?


Well 35K x 7 = 245K bpd so in theory we could almost double the BP Quad 204 output.

But the output from each well could affect some or all of the other wells. One of the purposes of the EPS is to clarify where such constraints may lie and to provide the data needed to design and implement a production system which, despite such issues, maximises both the daily flow rate and the long term total oil



Should we BUY more HUR then? Just asking a rhetorical question! Because the more I read, the more I see a vast ‘over-discounting’ by the Market for the perceived risks. Roll on ‘eureka’!! Kr,A. - LLV


I would love to but my better half worries about the down side of any potential change, she does not even let us to get a modern TV because she knows how to work the complicated present set-up; so I will just have to stick with my present 2.707M shares which is most



I would suspect the completion used for a high flow rate well would be a little meatier than one for a low flow rate well. $$$$$$$


“…so I will just have to stick with my present 2.707M shares …”

WOW (and WOW, again!), Floss. Then I can comfortably ‘pile in’ some more HUR without significant challenge to your (and/or others?) position. My missus - who hasn’t got a clue! - says go for it and be sanguine of the consequence. But accept it with equanimity - whatever it may may turn out to be!!

Caveat for ALL who read: My opinion only. PDYOR. Kr,A. - LLV


Yes but weighed against the increased production rate, a relatively modest increase in the initial capital cost is likely to be easy to



Hi Everyone,

I was not aware that the hold-up at Lancaster was having an effect on the Warwick/Lincoln drills. Come on Bluewater, time to get a bit of a shift on.

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From the energy voice article:

“However, Spirit has confirmed this has now been pushed back to Q2 due to delays related to Hurricane’s Lancaster project.”

It would appear that both Energy Voice and Spirt Energy see “delays” at Lancaster despite the H1 2019 guidance guidance of Hurricane. One can not really argue with that view.

However, the more interesting question is: What is the link between Lancaster EPS and drilling of the GWA? What do Spirit Energy need to see from Lancaster, hook up, first oil, 1 months production, or something else?


And here I am sitting on only 5 thousand shares



Hi Ricfle,

Yes good point. I don’t remember seeing anything from either company, to the effect that Warwick/
Lincoln drills were in any way reliant on Lancaster progress. What else are we not being told?

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2.707M … That’s going to be a big celebration in a year or two!


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I had a CTR scan done last week after three bouts of treatment. I saw the consultant last night, and was told the cancer had shrunk by approximately about a third. Due to start fourth bout of treatment tomorrow, so hopefully things are reasonably positive.

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Hi, HTL…that’s fantastic news! Very well done you, a third shrinkage after only three chemos is very good going. I’m chuffed for you. The next three should hopefully spur you on with progress like that.

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Earlier a spokesman for Spirit Energy said the delay was due to issues relating the hook-up of floating production vessel for Hurricane’s Lancaster FPSO, with the GWA drilling.

However, Hurricane later clarified that the delay was due to delays in acquiring the rig and not related to the Lancaster project.

So one of them is lying. Whichever it is makes me feel very uncomfortable.
They both know the situation so it is not a breakdown in communication.