Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



I wold have thought that HUR would know what is going on with the FPSO better than Spirit Energy would. Why would a delay in hook up cause a delay to a more or less separate activity?


Maybe as I suggested before they need everything in place at Lancaster to take pressure readings when Warwick/Halifax (whichever they think is joined???) is drilled.


Hi aquarian,

Many thanks for your post.

I hope everything is going well with you.

Take care.



Hi Albi1,

You poor thing, so pleased you are better now, flu is grim. This sounds like a good excuse for comfort food to build you up, plus plenty of Vitamin C. All we need now is the adrenaline rush (once you are strong enough for it,) of a successful hook up with the AM and then the steady climb of the sp.

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Very good luck tomorrow with more tumour shrinkage. It’s great to have such good progress so far. I hope you get a chance to absorb some feel good sun rays this weekend to assist your recovery,

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Hi Millais,

Many thanks.

I could do with some good news here, I must admit.

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Hello H t L,

I’m back following a short break to find the share price languishing in the 44p - 46p range. It’s said that this is a good buying price but I would prefer to see the share price at record levels and the oil flowing.

I was pleased to hear that you are making good progress with your treatment and I wish you all the best when you have further treatment tomorrow.

While it’s disappointing to see the troubles Hurricane are having in hooking up the buoy to the Aoka Mizu I’m certain the difficulties currently being experienced will be rectified and the oil will flow. How long it will take is anyone’s guess but the oil ain’t going anywhere except being loaded onto the A M and then to market.

Best wishes to you and your family and good luck tomorrow.



Hi carliol,

Yes, I must admit it is a bit frustrating at the moment, particularly when our hopes are built up as each hook-up attempt is tried, and so far failed. However, as you say, we will get there. Sooner the better.

I hope you had a good break. I could certainly do with one myself, but with current problems, probably not the best idea.

Thank you for your good wishes. Hopefully things are going in a positive direction.

All the best.



HTL, I strongly associate with the expressions of Best Wishes sent your way from we ‘HUR Hopefuls’.
Be faithful to the regimen laid out for you by your Health Care Professionals. And continued good luck.

Welcome back, Albi. Kinda missed you. Take care not to relapse and be sure to have your flu jab next year, d.v. We do not miss ours. I think we had a ‘5 in 1’ this year? Some included afflictions that I am not sure what they are! Keep well.

"So one of them is lying. Whichever it is makes me feel very uncomfortable.
They both know the situation so it is not a breakdown in communication."

Agreed. Subject to a satisfactory reconciliation of the apparent conflict, I now feel less confident in the integrity of HUR’s statements. I do NOT have a position in Spirit Energy (Centrica), so their integrity (or lack thereof) would concern me only in so far as they are partnering with HUR (in the farm-in).
Kr,A. - LLV


It’s certainly a strange one. I don’t work in the industry but is a rig booking is something you can push back by a week/month without it costing you? We all knew ahead of this that it’s going to be late leaving it’s current project, I cannot see what Lancaster has to do with it. (but then again… who am I!)

Oh, with the the Spirit drill timescales that were published there was never a definite overlap with first oil from Lancaster. Bloody rope.


But soft, what light through yonder (weather) window breaks?

Maybe next mid-Monday to Thursday?


Hi Floss, I’ve just added “Biblical ‘anecdotal-ism’” to my list of your many skills!

For my part, I am not asking anyone to judge or be judged. Just want to be told the truth by everyone - is that asking too much? But when my interests are involved, I demand it. Biblical pronouncements or not.

I still hate the Icon, but have given you a red-heart Valentine ‘tick’ for making me (and others?) laugh!
Kr,A. - LLV


Well so long as they spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday getting to the bouy ready for action in the gentle weather on Thursday, that would seem a reasonable proposal.

or are we looking at different



I would set off on Monday


Hi Everyone,

AM underway. No destination as yet, but definitely looks like she is heading out North.

Have a great weekend.

All the best.




Hi Everyone,

Grampian Dynamic with her.

All the best.




Hi Everyone,

She has stopped. Not sure what she is doing, but at a guess as Grampian Sovereign is currently coming from the North to join her, could either be about to do some testing prior to heading for Lancaster, or taking on supplies off-shore, which I believe has custom & excise advantages. Or could be both , or neither, we hopefully will know soon.


Ash, “I would set off on Monday”

This may be a preamble to exactly what you said.

All the best.



Where is puffet on ADVFN when you need him?


Hi ash,

I note, along with the two Grampian vessels , which are now up close, that there is a cable protection vessel very near. Could be that the rope has arrived via Grampian Sovereign, and now about to be fitted and tested along with the winch over the weekend, prior too setting sail for Lancaster early next week.

Pure speculation on my part, but my logic tells me that I may not be too far from the truth.

All the best.



I believe puffet was shown to be a fraud when he gave completely wrong reasons for what happened one weekend. He made out that his “inside information” told him one thing but the subsequent news from the company told us that it had been a complete fabrication. We really don’t need his sort.