Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



I can’t help but thinking they should fill the ballast to the max when taking this on board. An extra 1m or 2 can’t help but take some strain of the damn rope. But that is just an image stuck in my mind and very likely completely irrelevant. Getting tired of waiting now…



Hi All,

The Grampian Sovereign is anchored approx 6km north of the entrance to Aberdeen harbour. Clearly she is avoiding harbour dues. But why is she waiting there.

Also no movement from A M .

Sooner or later something will happen. But when and I wonder where the new rope is?



That would seem to make sense. Basically get latched on at a lower level - not quite lowering the boat on to the floating buoy but heading in that direction. Every little helps…


I don’t know what is worse re. the current non-movement.
They either don’t have the rope yet, which would be pretty unbelievable in this day and age when it should be free next day delivery, collect at Argos, or they have the rope and aren’t moving suggesting a bigger problem.


Yes, we’re all fallible, particularly where the markets are concerned. Everything is subject to change:}


I hate to say it, but did I miss something, do we know they’ve got the replacement rope yet? I’d understood the last update said they hoped to have by end of this month … which means they probably will miss this weather window. Don’t shoot the messenger :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:


Sincerely hope they’re not going to Argos for some garden twine. Seems likely it’s being custom made for the job - but may be wrong.


I must be mad but have taken advantage of the recent dip today and made a modest top up. I guess that’s the best that can be said at the moment, if the SP dips any further then it’s an opportunity to turn 40p into £2 or more depending on how long you’re in for.


It makes you wonder where it does come from.


Wish we knew, was looking at the various contractors involved to see if I could find a lead but no joy yet. For my own sanity I’m going to forget I’m invested for a bit until we see the words - she’s hooked up! Which I’m confident will be in due course. I don’t think I can handle the stress of watching the operation this time, too much of a rollercoaster but look forward to reading the next instalment of Joe Soap’s ‘Twas the night before hook up …’ sometime in the not so distant future:}


And some are infallible while running others down, makes you wonder how they are so perfect.

As to the market, you need to think like it and not just state it is wrong. Understanding what will or will not move the market is very important, most just say AIM is a casino, as they do not put the effort in to understand it and when it does not comply with their expectations it is wrong.

The market is never wrong, some times behind or ahead but never wrong.


Can’t argue with that, as you may have gathered Socratic questioning is not my style though observation is. I’m intrigued, do you mind me asking what your professional background is? You sound like a seasoned investor - engineering or finance?


I see Bridon ropes has 2 places on the Tyne.
I will get my binoculars out…


The rope will be specially made for the application: long enough, but no longer than necessary to avoid overlapping on the winch barrel; with a suitable eye made to fit the bouy shackle; and, at tother end, a suitable means of attachment to the winch barrel. It also needs to be capable of sitting unused for years and yet still be capable of doing the job again.

Chain led to the anchor windlass could have been both cheaper (off the shelf or even off the AM) and better (it wont crush, it goes straight into the chain



“The market is never wrong, some times behind or ahead but never wrong.”

Ricfle, I agree only with explanation! In my opinion, it is more that when the Market is wrong, the holding Investors pay the price. And when the Investors are wrong, they (the Investors) pay the price.
In other words there is no cost to the ‘Market’ of being wrong, because it is not beholden/answerable to the Investors. But I see from where you are coming.

The same is true of “The customer is always right”. Of course the '‘customer’ is wrong, sometimes. It is just that when he/she is right, he/she gets the benefit. When he/she is wrong - and it does happen! - the other party may well decide that the ‘benefit’ (to him/her/it) of being right in this instance is LESS that the opportunity cost of enforcing that right. It is sometimes laughingly called ‘goodwill’.
Kr,A. - LLV


OOPS!. You know I meant ‘than’ and not ‘that’. Culpa. - LLV


Well that’s a relief because I too am never wrong; I may be sometimes behind or ahead but never actually wrong.

But unfortunately I have been having great difficulty getting my wife to understand this very simple



Hi Floss,

I learnt to accept with mine that I am always wrong, years ago. Much simpler, lol.

All the best.

HTL :persevere:



Unfortunately, nowadays every event is always somebody else’s fault, no-one takes

responsibility for their own actions any longer !


Try riding a mountain bike or sailing singlehanded. There are thousands of other examples from sport and work where it is quite clear that you are responsible for things (and not all such examples are negative, we can be proud of our achievements too)

But when things go wrong, there is very often nobody else there to blame and the dreadful truth cannot then be