Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



Right on!! So here we have a case where everybody is ‘right’ including the Market (& Floss - I understand your difficulty in convincing Mrs Floss of your self-proclaimed infallibility); but things apparently still are going ‘wrong’ for the average L/T Investor. Hopefully that will change in the not too distant future. Keeping the Faith. Kr,A. - LLV


She did not take the normal course direct to the anchorage when leaving Aberdeen and headed out to sea turning back after a couple of hours and has had a sail around in the early hours today.


This SP drop is getting a bit overdone. Now slightly underwater, much like the buoy. I assume that they are not trying for the imminent weather window which suggests the rope probably hasn’t arrived yet. Going to be some rebound when the AM sets off again. Think I have enough tied up here but tempted to have a wee top up.


`She’ is apparently Grampian Sovereign which is listed as:

Name: Grampian Sovereign
MMSI: 235097474 [UK]
IMO: 9653484
Callsign: 2GHR4
Speed/Dir: 0.1 kts / 170° S
Status: Underway
Dest: Aberdeen
ETA: Feb25 01:00
Type: Other Haz D (94)
Details: Fishing Ship
Size: 83m x 18m x 4.5m
Built: 1980
Received: 15:59:32 27 Feb 19 GMT

For a `Fishing ship’, her course is perfectly



Hello Floss,

I’ve been out most of the day and disappointed to see the share price fell today.

Another typical day on the AIM market during which 7.52m shares were traded, of which 3.90m were buys and 3.09m were sells.

What happened to the balance is anyone’s guess.

The recent fall in the share price is clearly overdone.

Once the new rope arrives and the FSPO vessel sets sail for Lancaster I reckon the share price should bounce back. The 52 week high was 60.75 on the 2nd Oct 2018. Once the buoy is securely hooked up and first oil from Lancaster is being pumped into the storage tanks on the Aoka Mizu, I wonder how high the share price will climb?



If I had money to invest I wouldn’t do it until we heard about a successful hook-up and every weather window missed makes current investors nervous and lose confidence.


Hi Everyone,

Grampian Sovereign underway again. No idea where she is bound and after the recent disappointments here, refuse to get too excited. However, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we are about to see some action.

All the best.




Good Evening H t L,

Like yourself, I’ve been following the progress, or lack of it, of the Grampian Sovereign.

She’s currently on a north east heading of 41’ and travelling at 9.80 knots.

The Aoka Mizu and the Grampian Dynamic are still at anchor in the Cromarty Firth.

As you say and I agree, we shouldn’t get carried away in case it’s another false dawn.

However, sooner or later all three vessels will leave for Lancaster, the hook up will be successful and oil will flow . The only problem is the time frame of these significant and momentous events as Hurricane progresses into an oil producing company.

Best wishes from a sun baked Cumbria.



Hi carliol,

The only thing that gives me hope that this might be another hook-up attempt is, just prior to each earlier attempt, the sp has been pulled down prior to the AM heading for Lancaster. The cynical side of me says that is for the benefit of the city boys. It has happened over the past two days, even although selling has not been all that heavy, as you earlier pointed out. As we have had no news for a couple of weeks, the sp has held up pretty well until now. Looks a very similar pattern to me.

Anyway, time will tell.

All the best.



Hi H t L,

The Grampian Sovereign is now approx five miles east of Peterhead, She is on a 34’ heading and travelling at 10.80 knots. She still has a destination of Aberdeen on the Marine Traffic web site. Very strange.

Perhaps something will happen tomorrow.



Hi All,

It looks as if the Grampian Sovereign is heading west en route for the Cromarty Firth.

She is sailing at 11 30 knots on a course of 273’ and is currently approx six miles northeast of Fraserburgh.

I wonder where she’ll be in the morning?



I would say it’s probably good news that all three are heading towards each other again and there could possibly be a nice surprise in the morning, as the weather conditions are showing to be favourable in the afternoon but also all day Friday!

I think they could still make it to Lancaster but they would be cutting it quite fine I would say, which would be strange for hurricane,

Anyhow, all we can do is wait and see…



I don’t think there is any chance at all of making this window.
How many weeks to the next one?


So the Grampian Sovereign met the AM in the middle of the night it seems and has now moved away… not sure what it’s doing

But yeah with the weather window mainly tomorrow it doesn’t seem they will make it now



Hi Everyone,

Posted by “Eureka1963” on the LSE board. Many thanks to him/her.

All the best.


"Hurricane Communications:

The replacement rope’s arrival at the Aoka Mizu is imminent.

The [rope’s] specification is unchanged, though an additional protective sheave layer has been added to avoid potential exterior damage."


Hi HtL

Just to add to that, Eureka got that info directly from IR at Hurricane in response to an email. Others on LSE have had the same response. Have to say it’s nice to hear that reiterated but it is a reiteration of the last RNS on 4th February that they hope to have the replacement by the end of the month - i.e. today!

I see no change to the overall investment case and made another tiny top up this morning at 42.99! Just missed the lower figures. Optimistically that could go towards a new kitchen in a few years:}


Hi Albi1,

I hope you are well.

I see GS is scurrying back to Aberdeen, at what I believe is about top speed for her. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that she is going to pick up the rope and head for Lancaster? I suspect that if AM were to leave imminently, she might just about make this WW. Obviously living in hope here, but a bit disappointed this rope was not with them a couple of days ago.

No idea when the next appropriate WW is due, so it looks like another dollop of patience required.

All the best.



Hi HtL

Thanks, yes feeling more spring in my step. Managed to commute to London for a client yesterday, wiped by the time I got home but definitely recovering. However, my husband is currently next door as a I type inhaling copious amounts of Olbas Oil, so my turn to take care of him:}

It’s possible the rope may be on its way as we exchange messages. At least it will arrive at some point ‘soon’. Fingers crossed and GLA .

All the best



Good Morning Everyone,

The Grampian Sovereign is now en route for the Aoka Mizu. She is approx two miles north of Fraserburgh sailing at 11 knots on a heading of 278’

The ETA with the A M is 10.30am.

Perhaps the G S has the new rope on board and the flotilla will now sail for Lancaster.

Only time will tell but sooner or later the hook up will take place.

Let’s hope it’s third time lucky.



We’ve missed this weather window.