Rotterdam to FOIL - PART II



If not, next Wednesday looks as though it might be a possibility.


A few queries from someone who knows little about pumping oil:

  1. How long approx. from hooking the buoy to oil being pumped, is it days or weeks?
  2. I understand that the oil will be pumped into the “mother ship” but what happens after that? How much oil can she store and If we do achieve 10-15k bpd, how long before the oil needs moving on?
  3. How will that happen?

I am sure for the knowledgeable on this board, these questions may seem naive but i would appreciate some …

inflo (could not resist that one)



`Storage capacity excl slops 604,478 bbls (96,112 m3) in 11 Cargo storage tanks (98%)’

Lots of other details on the above.

So at 15k bpd, it would seem that she can last for 40 days and forty nights before getting desperate for relief.

(Some nights, I wish I had that ability to hang



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Hi Ecologist,

No expert but here goes.

  1. Baring in mind that the AM has had a comprehensive refit, they will want to check make sure there are no leaks once the oil begins to come aboard. Approximate time I believe is approximately 3-4 weeks.

  2. Once she is ready to be unloaded, the oil will be transported to a waiting tanker which will transport it too shore/refinery. From memory, holds about 600,000 barrels.(Could be wrong). Should need emptying approximately every 15/20 days at that flow rate.

Hope this helps.

All the best.



Sorry, I did not read your post properly and based the requirement on their hoped for throughput of 30k- 40k per day. On the 10k-15k, "Floss is a lot closer than I am.

All the best.



petrofac to prelay Lincoln anchors approx 3/6th march
hurricane request 2 ahv


SP seems to have turned back up. Back in profit. This investing lark is money for old rope… :slight_smile:

Looks like we might be on for next week.


No obvious reason for such an intraday jump that I can see. Maybe it’s a bit of semi-speculation on the back of this article?:

It does sound like we can hopefully look forward to some really positive news next week though!


Thanks for keeping us updated (though suspect many of us read your posts with frequency on Advfn!) - all go this year, it’s going to get interesting and nice to see the SP rise again today.


I see we have a visitor, G.V Morning Dawn at Lancaster.


Hi ash,

Not sure what it is doing there, according to the link, it is a trawler. However, it does classify it as a dredger, so possibly could be retrieving attached buoy rope depending how deep the snapped end is down.

Only guessing as this is definitely not my field of expertise.

All the best.




G V = Guard Vessel. “…fishing vessels to act as Guard boats for the purpose of protecting any vulnerable sub-sea or surface installation including exposed cables and pipelines from the dangers arising from fishing activities or other marine traffic movements”


Good Morning Everyone,

The Grampian Sovereign is now sailing back to Aberdeen at 11.90 knots on a heading of 95’

The Aoka Mizu and the Grampian Dynamic continue to be stationary in the Cromarty Firth. Perhaps they are waiting for the weather to clear before heading to Lancaster.

I wonder if the G D delivered the new rope to the A M and the only thing preventing the A M sailing for Lancaster is the weather.

The sharp increase in the share price on Friday could have been in anticipation of the rope being delivered and the successful hook up of the buoy. At the current share price we must be the most under valued oil share on the AIM market.

At first sight all this waiting is becoming somewhat tedious. However, Dr Trice has stated the first oil from Lancaster is due in H1 2019. Assuming the hook up is successful next week and first oil takes place at the end of March or in early April, we are still within Dr Trice’s time frame.

I wonder how the share price will react to these momentous events as Hurricane progresses to be an embryonic oil producer?

I also wonder how BP will react?



Were new ropes fitted in Dubai?

The same people that did the power generators that had problems after a few days?


Hi ash,

I do wonder occasionally if we would not have been better served having the AM work done in one of the European shipyards. It may have been cheaper having it done in Dubai, however considering the time spent travelling, the supposed problems they seem to have had, with stopovers in Spain, longer stop in Rotterdam than expected, and the obvious hook-up problems. Although we are still in the timeframe of HI 19, although I think many, including Dr Trice expected us to be earlier, question is has this turned out to be a false economy?

Water under the bridge now, and full steam ahead, however knowing what he knows now, I wonder if Dr Trice has similar thoughts.

All the best.



But it may also have been a question of experience rather than cost that influenced the



We will never know if it could have been done better in Algeciras, Rotterdam or the UK.


Hi Everyone,

This oil market really is a minefield. It has always been assumed and lauded that our light sweet crude was the favoured product, and until now has justified a premium. Not so, all of a sudden says the
oil market.

I will let the following article explain. However, I am beginning to think that they make it up as they go along, to satisfy whoever’s demands are the loudest at any particular point in time.

All the best.




“At the current share price we must be the most under valued oil share on the AIM market.”

No counter-argument from me on this one, Carloil. And I’ll make a confession, but only if everyone promises NOT to laugh too much at my STOOPID expense.

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The one thing that this misadventure proves is that LLV’s reputation as the LSE’s Worst Day-Trader remains intact and unchallenged. No misconceptions about that, whatsoever. I promise not to, next time!! Cross the heart and hope to die!! Hey, you promised not to laugh too much. - Kr,A. - LLV