RNS … SP… still claiming they hear of placing @ 0.21 ?


Another slagging from SP … today.


Well, we know that. Where is this blog?


Tom winnifrith site.


Another placing this time 0.17p . share prophets do not like it .


Steve More on share prophets…" To many placings Avoid" .


RNS results today down 5%.


Growing a balance sheet normally sucks in cash.

Cyan is showing signs of some traction - speedy traction would be nice,



My buy @ 11.18am … limit ( W ) isa … set 0.16… lifted 0.159


lower since you can buy now 0.13 .
Beaufort marked down to hold today ( - 5.5% ) " which to normal people means sell " says Nigel Somervile on share prophets. Wondered if he is Nigel the snake on acta


Either way, looks like he’s right. Something is a foot, and it doesn’t feel nice at all.


RNS x2… 7am … Placing @ 15% discount… quite a good amount raised.
With consolidation notice.
7.11 am losses increase but larger contracts.
Can see early buy’s on trade history @ 0.13p for some, restricted again on ( D ) but price had picked up by 9am.


15/09/17 & 21/06 /17
Not sure what the equivalent of a buy @ 0.159 p on 5 June would be ? ( post consolidation )
From chart looks to be about 30.5p


Just got some more ( S ) ISA. @ 24.5p
That’s my fix for the day lol
Hope there’s not a placing coming this being AIM.


And some more limit 22p ( D )
lifted 21.5p must of fell quickly.


Steve More ( SP ) derampping again yesterday… Bargepole list.
Its up 14% today.
Can they be trusted ?


Steve More slagging again , sjt55 has covered his concerns below.
Hes repeating bargepole.


RNS… Down 17 % spread 14 %
sj has a brown avata January 4th comment.


RNS… Indian order top gainer up 54 % @ 10.40p
Chart shows just back to level 10 days ago before sharp fall.
Guess could of tried to be clever and sold into rise as shorts are closed .
It fell back a little by 10am


12.5p now its continued rising… Zac Mir on his blog calling it to reach 25p Friday 21st .