Good call from Zac up 23% today Monday ( next trading day ) to 16p before dropping back .


Zacs call not looking such a good call now proposed placing and OO @ 10p … so much for all this chart and technical stuff .
Maybe that’s useless on AIM ?
Someone suggested turning them upside down for a better idea… lol
Can not see any details yet , price dropped to 10.5 % … only 5 % in it.
Had one last week were they pull it and offered again at lower price ( MWG ) for OO after the investor paying the higher price.


Despite the big market falls mid October it has held slightly above the 10p… OO .
Not worth it in ( So )
Maybe elsewhere. ( that should be 10.5p above.) the difference is 5 %
Accepted in ( Wi ) only a small number it is 1 for 25, funds on Acc.
Been informed it may qualify for EiS tax reliefs income and capital gains.


Just got e-mail from ( D ) saying 1 for 1 @ 10.1 … by 31st October ???


This puppy just bit the dust today. Now trading below its most active price to volume transaction of the year @ 10.35

. 9.30 surely coming as the last test. There, decide…5p or 12p later.


so consider it, relativer to todays MK


Your a day trader Last-Call ?
Thanks for your comment i was going to think about adding if it went under 10p but now ill hold off … Maybe lol


Im not a day trader. But i do use that methodology to time into slightly longer holds or investments


Let most of OO pass … in hindsight mistake as it went to 12p ( 15 % ) 7th Dec before dropping back to 10.4p by today


With further hindsight not a mistake down a further 9% this morning @ 8.4p


Dropping of late rns today … L&G dump 1.6 m … now 6.3p


Topped up in ( wi ) spare cash live price paid 6.067 … ( Dropped target Friday to 5.8p did not lift ( D ) )
Big spread on this sells for 5.5p but not lifting 5.8 to buy on a limit .


Had top up alert @ 5p … got more @ 4.8 … showed buys at 4.5 strait after but showing up on this site .


Monday be interesting here. If there is a move, today was the day to buy. Maybe be too late Monday.


Hope your right had a stressful last couple of days ( not investing linked )
Could do with a lift :smile:


Take a walk through the local cemetery. Have a good look around. Stress soon leaves the system. The silence sets in and soon the mind registers, stress means little. A sort of a weird therapeutic suggestion but affective.


I swim lol.
But thanks for sugestion .


What did you see in the charts by the way to make you think my dart might of hit a good one this time?


Last hour of the day. Some fund stepped in. No idea who but somebody with bigger pockets than even a collective retail, shot into it. Sort of ties in with accumulation over the last two weeks from above 5p as well. The week opened perfectly (down), forcing holders to sell (for a buyer to grab) so all in all… a move imminent. Monday my suggestion but can never be sure of the day. Next week anyway.


Just when I was going to take a break ( advent and lent just flew by )
I’ll be in the grave yard before I get one lol.
Do you just see it in the volumes?
Let’s hope they take a likening to all my little losing picks before grim reaper comes for me :slight_smile: