4 more days left . You only need one glory morning. Just dont forget to bank it


Not a bad morning. But this isn’t the move.

However affirms the block buyers even if falls Back a bit. Much bigger to come some morning open


I got someone in the know to consider what you claim to have seen Friday.
There was nothing out of ordinary, it’s well bid but nothing to suggest a block buyer.
It is all very vague from you.
The slight rise on a big spread matches M M just wanting stock.


If somebody in the know was rattling on about MM’s , maybe mistaking fish markets for financial markets .

Yes all pretty vague. But as i say, what I see is from mind’s eye. I can’t help what others don’t see. lol


Maybe the person in the know will tell us next week’s price. Up or Down? Save me analysing anyway


More o them MMs again today




Well done for spotting something last -call ( i see angry bear is back :wink: )
I always intended slicing the last buy as i have to much in already.
Not sure if this 25% rise showing was what you were looking for.
My 6p limit lifted @ 6.4p after 5mins …Always a good sign its heading higher .
But in history a couple of hours later not that much better one sell @ 6.5 p big spread 9.23% buys @ 7.05 match that .


Not what im looking for. Its about up 40% gross last two days currently which is ok But, not the big spring wanted … Will decide later if it’s going to have to be enough. Or spring still there to be done. Will check around 4pm. Try decide then.

Still expecting a large breakout of the May 13 week. It’s still on currently. So will analyse any stall there in a bit


No harm derisking some there for sure. Always a good place to bank a bit


Just bought IMM. Note this is a medium term hold. As the build was such. But can’t see reason not to target 30p anyway.

Also note only £5G in here. Do or die punt. But looks good


Better for me if you put that post on IMM board.
no idea whats going on there today .
1G is a lot for to me lose completely .


Its never lost. It’s loaned (unwittingly) to the market. And repayment required with interest.


I was buying under 10 not so long ago … you know the share why not jump in when i did ?
You have missed 50%
You could of got a lot better then i managed .


I only saw it last week when you posted on it here


Well looked at it again


Not like me posting on wrong board ( confuses me alone others lol )
You were watching late last year .


Yes too slow. I’m trying to get those moves a week or a few prior so. When stays flat I just leave it. Come back another day and put cap into something else about to move


Not as easy here as ftse 350 and larger Aim.


Lets hope your magic brings a further 50% … what are you looking for ?
What felling did get this time ?


A breakout of May 13 will bring another 50% with great ease.

So draw a line at that price. That’s what will need looking at next