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As a very regular trader of LLOY I find it interesting and useful to watch the short term moves.
Yesterday the sp was showing some strength mid day ( upwards )
The day high was 58.72.
I had a feeling that 58 would not hold.
Close was 57.97.

Between 4.20 PM to 4.30 PM there was actually quite some sell off. A fairly large % move in just under 10 minutes.
Many of my trades are on "auto close " at a tight % profit.
I sometimes over ride those limits and close manually.
This especially so either in the first 30 minutes or last 30 minutes of the trading day.

On results/update days the overall intraday moves have recently been about double a normal non news day.

It currently seems as though the sp is struggling around the 58p level.
Could change by the end of the day.

For clarity I hold both long and short positions in LLOY.
No shares, just leveraged positions.
Not made a bean out of any of them yet today.




I like this new topic soi, yesterday I entered a hefty short at 58.50 looking for 57.5 as range seemed comfy between 57-59.5.

Closed half 57.93 btw.


GBPUSD seems to have changed direction, I see it has pushed through 12520 short term resistance. No positions held till I figure the new pattern but I predict more upward than downward. I will long if 12500 seen again, paid well so far.


31st a big day. H1 Lloyds results & fed rate decision.


Hi Soi,
Yes the sp seems quite strong around the 58p level ever since I went short about 10days ago. The steady but relentless slip sliding seems to have stopped and twice now the sp has finished unchanged from previous day, that hasn’t happened very often. Seems like the sp is being managed although that’s just supposition on my part. Hoping for a drop to get back in, hopefully at a profit…


Hi S_R

Thanks, probably only of interest to traders.

Agree with your trade and range thought.

A LLOY trader poster did actually offer the view that currently LLOY is a short at 58.50 and a long at 57.50 I think the same.

I have an auto open short order for today at 58.50.
Whether I get a fill or not is another matter.




Why do I get the sneaky feeling tsla is about to march on to 260+


TSLA doesn’t march anywhere, it zig zags wildly.
Much like the pen on a lie detector test attached to Boris Johnson.

It looks like a fair call - maybe @280+ if it beats earnings expectations on 24th ($ -0.52). If it misses it’ll be down towards the bottom of the chart again in quick time.


LLOY pa loosely followed Thursday, albeit with a lower high and lower low ( just ) That is negative.

It managed to get past 58, then got vertigo and dropped hard in to the close.
If that pattern continues, I guess it is worth shorting early/mid day then closing later at profit and perhaps going long in to the close if wanting to hold overnight.





Yesterday was different, weak early /mid day then recovered later.
4 trades in total on this yesterday.

Today it has started dismally, had a short closed at near 4 x limit order target.Nice result and very rare.

I have added longs, several.

Bit worrying that for now 57.5 has broken.
Even dipped below 57 briefly

Maybe same as yesterday and the old dog recovers later.




Soi, I’m considering a reasonably big one on Lloyd’s long 5650, what do you think?
Boris may provide 5550 short term dip with his rhetoric providing even lower over coming months.

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Hi S_R

I think 56.50 long would be good but only one thing, no support until 50 or so.
While it might seem unlikely now, who knows with UK politics etc?

If you have no problem with holding a leveraged position down to 50, no problem.
Doubt it would go much lower than that.

I would be fairly happy holding at 56 long.

Split the trade ?

A bit at 56.5 then allow for more at 51 or so.?

It might not go that low, impossible to say.

Financials/fundamentals/macro not good on this but it seems many have missed that.




Pretty much the prices I thought, there will definitely be a boris threat of wto and that has to shake things up. However I just have that feeling that this time, eu will remove backstop and parliament will accept with looming threat of hard boiled brexit.


GBPEUR, something I’d of shorted at 11160 until Boris. Obviously I’m not the only only that thinks he will change the pattern.
Right now we need clarity.


I don’t believe that the EU will sell Ireland down the river. Any deal is going to look remarkably like May’s deal with added spin. Best thing would be to put any deal to the people in Brexit Ref 2.




Wrong thread moderator.


Hardly. It was a reply to you saying

I just have that feeling that this time, eu will remove backstop

…so entirely on-topic!




Sorry frog, you are correct. I had not realised you were responding to the prior post of a few days ago.



A pattern emerging.
That one of lower lows and lower highs.

Previously 58.5/57.5 used to be resistance.

Now it seems to be 57.
Constantly fails at that level.




I see recent rises of last couple of days as a false dawn. GBPEUR attempted a rally which has stalled.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see sub 110 on € but I’m treading (there’s a missed pun opportunity there) carefully for now. I will not place large bets just now but will have petty cash on my whims.

Eventually I shall place a disgustingly large long when I see peak chaos and a light at the tunnel end.