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Hi swamp

GL with GBP/Euro. You do ok with it I have noticed.
macbonzo also good with FX. Where has he gone ?, always insightful and a superb trader.

Strange that I am OK with most trades : equities indices, some commodities but FX not for me.
Tried a few times, scraped out OK but for some reason do not have the right mind set for it.

Scares me.




Hi soi,

Yes I do ok with the forex on the whole, it’s been a top earner.
I think if my successes and failure trades were in a different order, that would have wiped me out in the early days. As it was I hit the ground running.

Brexit and politics has been great, takes serious hours research though. I don’t want it to end as I’m not confident in my commodities knowledge, nor the cause and effects.

Yes I hope MacB is ok, he is largely to thank for getting me into trading after suggesting some reading that re-trained my mindset.
Yourself and BA have also been very helpful with your regular snippets of advice too so I thank you all.


What happens if bank reporting under performs, fed lower interest rates.
GDPEUR could see 106?


Hi All,

I have gotten in to the habit on a Friday of raising my limits on the trading platform. It makes sense mathematically (I think).
Your regular limit you’d be content with is all well and good but on a weekend, the difference is that if good news breaks while the markets are closed, you cannot adjust the limit and you’ll be closed upon next opening period.

This is before you can adjust as you are unable to adjust whilst the market is closed.

Please let me know if this is flawed thinking?


Hi swamp

I understand your thinking but with IG you can in fact alter/change your limits whilst the market is closed over the w/e.
Although I generally prefer to relax and take it easy on a w/e I do look at my account and sometimes make adjustments.
Earlier today, removed a couple of LLOY auto limit close orders.

I do also usually glance on a Sunday evening, pre open and will make adjustments on any significant w/e news.
So whilst it is a good idea to do as you do on a Friday, you should still have opportunity to do so on A sat. or Sun. I have had one exception to that, where I was unable to adjust a limit.




If lloyds opens down again next week , I buying another grand or two, with ex dividend next week and don’t like lazy money sitting around happy to park it in lloyds until I need it


Defo a good entry price now regardless, max out those cards one last time and hit em where it hurts!


Well it appears you are right, I just tried. Funny that as I have definitely had the market closed message when trying previously.
Maybe it just happens at certain key times, I’m confused now.


Hi swamp

We are both right.

Now and again IG will have the market closed message , I do not understand the reason for that.
When it happens, try again in a few minutes and it works.

I sometimes think that the SB providers have more tricks up their sleeves than a conjuring magician.




Soi, I see silver topped out close to 60 again. Seems a regular lid atm.


I’ve noticed this past few weeks, that SWAP rates have fallen below 3M Libor, something I haven’t seen before (not in the last 10 years I’ve been following such rates).

This thread seemed as good as any to ask “anyone know why?”. 2yr, 3yr, 5yr and 10yr all lower than 3M Libor.

Thanks in advance


I know your in gold soi, I also know I cant teach you much but just in case it helps, USDCNH may be to blame for the rise, watch out for correlation.


Hi swamp

yes, somewhat stuck with that currently, proving a drag.
Did place 2 hedging longs, part closed one at profit but am sitting on a fair size loss on the shorts.
Me I am always willing to learn, must admit the large rise puzzled me,guess you have provided a possible answer.

Cheers & GL




Time flies, so an update on thoughts on markets including LLOY.
From opening this thread when the sp was around 57/58 it has certainly dropped.
The several posters who suggested 50 p as a possibility certainly proven right.

I was convinced of it as soon as I read the last results. Was shorting it heavily on the day.

Where to from now ? Tough call. It dropped to the 48s before a recovery. Slight sign of a support level being there maybe. Anyone any thoughts ?

I took the view a short while back that this would rise in to year end, and started ( very early ) a long side trade run quite agrressively . In 10 days the level has risen 600 + pts.

I also have some shorts in though. I have eased off with the trade run, reduced position sizes.
I still feel it will end the year on a rising note but we are a fair way off year end yet so playing with some caution.

FTSE 100

I really do not know, so hard to call and also need to watch the GBP/US$ rate closely.
I prefer to concentrate on the DOW.

As to individual equities, mostly trading BARC & LLOY and a handful of others off and on.

None of it is easy.
Some big unexpected political news or tension somewhere in the world could so easily throw predictions/thoughts and trades out.




Dont expect much juice but dont expect it to fall either. Think we are fine til Autumn whatever happens next who knows

All reports are contradictory.
US itself doing well so even if world falls apart, US should see money coming in.
A lot seems sentiment based.

Summer /Thin trading skews charts anyway.

5% here or there mimicing main markets.

Brexit date is an excellent time to make quick bob either direction. For practicality sake am out of UK Banks. Too much hassle.

LLOYDS is going to FLY

Hi Soi,

Indeed, some very tough calls for UKX in the current & foreseeable climate.

However, elsewhere, lots of financial chat about possible new stimulus due from China to counter falling growth levels & in the US, more rate cuts ahead as Trump has been demanding a while. That probably assuages & delays fears of a major global recession a while longer. In that event, what’s gone down in some major global indices most probably goes back up with same strong momentum.

How long it lasts for is anyone’s guess, but possibly until a short while after the next US Presidential elections are done, after which the sabre-rattling may recommence with new vigour?

UKX seems harder to call in the shorter-term as though we may see a lift from any massive rise in global markets, a weak £ may not be enough to ensure a huge rally due to the increasingly miscalculated approach to Brexit (ie. EU unlikely to budge or allow UK to cherry-pick deals for existential reasons alone) & we’ve growing speculation of another early GE.

As we know, markets hate too much uncertainty on a macro level. - Regards.



In the very recent past and currently, the sp action seems to suggest some support at just over 48 but then resistance at 50. Tight range but tradeable.

I still wonder where support might be if 48 fails. Maybe 46 maybe 45.




The LLOY sp failed at 50p yet again on Friday. Pattern of the week.

Interesting, started weak, rose to get above 50p before falling back down.
Handy for shorts entered @ 50 p +.

Not sure what will actually change that pattern in the short term and have a feeling it will struggle once again come market open tomorrow.




Started the week in positive fashion - currently up over 1% and outperforming UKX and its peers.

I’ll give it 'till 15:30 before it dips below 50p again!!!



Honest Mate, don’t take much notice of Soul Man

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