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Oil attack in Saudi
Stupid Iran spat again
Didnt want Volatility to rise but hey ho

See how far Oil moves


seems unlikley that oil prices will nudge higher given lower demand, brexit and existent glut

should oil price do go up, someone’s just made a very good comment of higher inflation, which of course means higher interest rates lol but that seems distant


There was a sharp spike in 3M LIBOR and Swap rates last week, after several months where it was falling and a rate decrease was looking more likely.


First Tesco, and now Sainsbury’s are looking to exit the mortgage market. From today’s Telegraph;

Sainsbury’s mortgage business could fetch £1.3bn if the grocer finds a buyer. The supermarket chain is in talks with advisers as it explores a sale of its mortgage book. A review of the company’s financial services arm was kick-started by Martin Scicluna after he joined as chairman last November. The Sunday Telegraph revealed last week that the supermarket chain was examining a major overhaul of the bank as it prepares to lay out a new strategy to City analysts and investors on Sept 25. Tesco bagged £3.8bn for its mortgage book from Lloyds earlier this month, just £100,000 more than its ­actual value. An industry source, however, said that Sainsbury’s could struggle to sell because its costs are too high, something the supermarket chain rejects.

I wonder if LLOY will be interested in this as well?


All the fuss and VIX under 15
You dont really need news, just look at VIX
if its so low then its all news hype


I could well be wrong but I say GDPEUR goes north from here.


I am taking a battering today, all bets going against me, council have issues with a rented property and its historic building regs and her indoors has an attitude. Things can only get better.

Good news is I am completing on my ex Lloyd’s bank purchase tomorrow.


Chin up swamp.

Things can only get better reminds me of a song that was adopted by Blair and the Labor party, Howard Jones tune.

Prefer this though

Struggling a bit with personal life, holding my own with trading,actually doing OK.

Putting a UK property on the market to sell, paperwork required these days seems incredible.

Take Care & All the Best



You are buying an old Lloyds branch?

There must be hundreds around on the market, and in good locations very often, if you like living in the city/on the high street.


Yes I am, it’s in a very good location, touristy place and a prime spot. It’s a small ish building but this trendy town has no vacant shops. In fact when buying a crepe, the chap commented “I’ve been waiting a long time for a stall at Sunday market, this place is busy even when it rains”.
I’ll get a flat above and a retail unit on ground floor. Already have an interested party in the retail unit too. Excited would be understanding it.


Good buy. Almost as good as those people who managed to pick up cheap railway stations in some fantastic locations across national parks etc.


I looked an old railway station, I’d love to live by that rattling train sound.
I now have my own vault, just no cash after the purchase.


Sorry soi, I never addressed your struggles your currently suffering. I do hope its nothing too serious and the problems are summountable. Money doesn’t come close when your feeling emotional.

As far as I see, you are very helpful and very successful. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the eyes of fate or our partners. Although both can be calculated to some degree, we sometimes take our eye off their ball.

I hope you overcome your problem whatever it is.


You too Soi

Personal life doesnt go up in a straight line either as I have often found to my cost but pretty certain you will be out of troubles soon. I think sometimes life consolidates after a big bull run… still pain ful but better be in pain than be a statue.

All the best


No, it is more of an ever accelerating downward spiral starting around the time you leave full time education and start work, with a steep rebound upwards when you retire.

Thank goodness I managed only 4 + 7 years (after a return to full time education) of full time working before retirement.

My first 4 years of work were so horrible that I plotted 5 years more education and a path to early retirement on the other side of it.

I would urge any youngsters reading this to do the same.


Quite right there Eadwig

Troubles are always there as a challenge and they come relatively to everyone, with money without money.

After all the beatings and pain, I conclude life is just a mental game, entire existence is nothing if its not in our mind.

Its not good its not bad, its what it is, sometimes good sometimes bad.

Plenty of good music to resonate to, this is one of many

Monty :snake:


I promised to stay away until well after Brexit at the earliest but this comment caught my attention. Who remembers Tom Lehrer (look him up) in one of his songs about one’s personal life he said:-

Life is like a sewer. you only get out of it what you put into it!

Unlikely to be offering any comments for some time yet. I don’t want to make enemies or to lose friends

Good weekend all

TJ (currently in France)



Good to see you back. Couple of posters were asking about you. I sent you a PM through another board but guess you do not get email notification of such.

Hope you are enjoying your time in France.

Enjoy your week end also.




Well indeed. I’m not sure anyone got my reference in the sentence …

For my money the best album to come out of the 90s. WARNING. Adult content.


If Junker means it and is not simply protecting the eu from looking like they are not negotiating, could the GBPEUR return to 117 as it did pre May’s deal vote I wonder.

EU’s Juncker: Welcomed PM Johnson’s determination to advance Brexit talks