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Good to know that there is at least one other investor out there, thanks for



Couldn’t answer was busy painting matchsticks!:wink:


"…Good to know that there is at least one other investor out there,

Albi1, thanks for that piece of optimism, blowing in the Gales of Gareth (?). Up that by 100% and make it at least 2 investors. Have been trying to Buy some more at not too far sub 43p; but I’m not very hopeful at the moment. But please don’t take this as a hint for any more bad news on hook-up. ! enjoyed your Post, as was!! Kr,A. - LLV


Presaging a



$1 to reach $70.




All extra profit and $70 must be a big landmark in oil’s recovery.


Good Evening All,

Just got back from a few days hols in Kent. I think it’s worth noting that the yearly high of Hurricane’s share price was 60.75p in Oct 2018. This coincided with the yearly high of Brent Crude at nearly $90.00 a barrel.

Some significant increases in Brent Crude to coincide with foil from Lancaster could give our share price a much needed boost.



Hi All,

Strange goings on today with the share price.

According to LSE today there were 642 trades. The total number of shares traded was 4.246 million, of which 1.311 million were sold and 2.533 million were bought.

What happened to the balance is anyone’s guess.

The quicker we get off the AIM market and onto the main London marker the better.



Could this be Crystal Amber and Kerogen converting some of their shares to cash? If so, they are being very responsible about it and making sure that the SP does not take a hit (which is in their own interests of course).

They still have lots more to slip into the market under the radar, but by drip feeding and utilising the coming blasts of good news, they could well get them all away at a very handsome



Hi All,

In the Final Results for year ending 31st Dec 2018 it stated that when Lancaster comes on stream if the poo is $60.00 a barrel it would generate an annual cash flow of $200 million.

However, the price of Brent Crude is now $69.48 a barrel, showing an increase on the day of 0.68%. This is the highest Brent Crude has been this year.

On Hurricane’s Q1 2019, page 12, Corporate Presentation it shows the annual cash flow for oil sold at $50.00, $60.00 and $70.00 a barrel. The cash generated at these prices is substantial. e g at $70.00 a barrel the cash flow to Hurricane is $272 million per annum. This means Hurricane will have the funds for further appraisal drilling on the GLA and Whirlwind which Hurricane continues to have a 100% interest in.



$70.3 now, hurrah :slight_smile:


@ash6666 … Not if you have to top up my 3,000 litres central heating fuel it isn’t :zipper_mouth_face:


Any idea when that will come to



Good Morning Floss,

I’ve been doing some research on the time it takes for first oil to be produced under the same circumstances as Lancaster and the FPSO vessel the Aoka Mizu.

Unfortunately I can find no definitive answer.

It could be today, next week or next month. However if Dr Trice says H1 2019 I’ll go along with his estimate.

I suppose we’ll just have to be patient.



Not a very good morning up here in Fife Carliol, you could just about make out our aircraft carrier making its way up to Rosyth but it was impossible to make out any aircraft aboard through the wind and sleety rain.

`19th March 2019. The Aoku Mizu FPSO is now on station and hooked up at Lancaster; we believe this keeps the EPS on schedule for first oil in H119. Hurricane will now focus on topside commissioning prior to start-up, which will be followed by a ramp-up period to a gross targeted plateau production rate of 20kbd (17kbod net of operating efficiency)’.

That probably makes no allowance for the sort of glitches that are likely to be found during commissioning and which are probably far better to fix before the oil starts flowing. Some of these may need new parts to be made and delivered (FPSO spares are unlikely to be available in your local hardware



Oops, I did not make myself clear; what I meant to say was that our expectations make no allowance for glitches. But Dr T is clearly making allowances `EPS on schedule for first oil in H119.’ i.e. another dozen weeks or so.

Looking for oil to flow after only three weeks is probably hopelessly



Hi Floss,

It’s been snowing here in Cumbria this morning.

Dr Trice has left his options open by keeping foil at H1 2019. I don’t blame him because there’s so much to check both on the A M and sub sea installations. At first sight the process of getting the wells to flow onto the A M looks straight forward but I’m no expert and I 'm sure every effort is being made to get foil asap.



How can it take 3 weeks to turn on a tap or two, I just don’t get it! :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think they will turn the taps on, individually within four weeks, but it will be test oil. Looking like first “official” oil will be May, but be prepared, it could happen in April.