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Posted by “missdosh” on the LSE board earlier this morning. A big thank you to her.

I will keep an eye out for it, as no time has been given as far as I am aware.

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“Off to @CoreFinanceTV for another CEO interview my guest today is Dr Robert Trice of @hurricomms looking forward to chatting about Lancaster and the exciting programme upcoming in the Greater Warwick area.”


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New report from Edison.

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It looks like the market is preparing the ground for cheap shares for the “boys”, prior to significant news due any time(they will know well before we do). Same old pattern that has been going on with this share for at least the past year. I dare say it will be run-up over 50p again, sold into, and back between 43 and 45.

Absolute disgrace, does nobody take any responsibility for regulating this so called market?

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I totally agree, for the assets that hurricane have, and how close to FOIL we are, this share price is an absolute joke. I wonder when (if ever) we will see the share price increase to the number it should be at? And also, when are we going to the main market!!?? Can anyone remember what the share price was forecasted to be at FOIL? There was a target of 100p on Malcy’s blog, was there any forecasts given by anyone else at FOIL?



Thanks HtL. A pigging long read but worth it. It highlights the potential and the risks, but if the share price goes up to their value of 102p by the end of 2019 that will be a good end to the year. Us long term holders think it will be blue sky all the way from here.


I would add my thanks for the interesting article too HTL. Noted that Edison believe first oil will be at the tail end of H1 … in time for my Midsummer birthday?

I would not get over fixed on Analyst’s share price predictions (how often are they correct?). At around £1 billion market cap. I believe firstly that we are pretty well priced and that foil will not cause a great upside. And secondly, and on the otherhand, if we keep hitting oil on GWA, i can see the sp responding very well indeed.


Surprised to see the SP down at this level (I’m currently only up about 3% overall), but not too downhearted as it’s nearly time to fill next years’s ISA allowance - at these levels, the shares I transfer (Bed and ISA) will actually accrue a capital gains loss which is useful to me in connection with my SIPP and the transfer of my office property into it. Plus any SP increase after 6th April or so will be tax free profit.


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Dr Trice interview.

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Was it my imagination? I did not see particularly positive body language from Dr Trice towards Malcy, or an overly friendly visage. Maybe he just has too much on his mind.

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Yes I too noticed the uncomfortable sideways looks. Maybe DrT was just playing coy to stop Malcy leading him into saying too much. It will be interesting to see what happens with the SP tomorrow, after the good prospects discussed.


Both of them seemed a bit ill at ease.


Yes, journalists are always pushing to be the first to reveal a scoop but we know that Dr T prefers to under estimate and then beat the prediction rather than over-estimate and



Hello H t L,

I agree entirely with your sentiments regarding the share price. With the news flow that is pending our share price should be on the up. It simply doesn’t make sense for the share price to take the hammering it has over the last few days / weeks.

We are nearing first oil from Lancaster.

The price of oil is at the highest it has been this year.

We have a three well drilling programme ready to commence within the next week or so.

According to LSE there were 8.099 million shares traded today of which 2.931 million were sold and a MASSIVE 4.834 million shares were bought. Even if the balance of shares were all sells it still leaves a substantial difference between buys and sells. I’ve always been under the impression that if more shares in a company are bought than sold then the share price should go up. It’s totally illogical for Hurricane shares to go down with the current news pending on the near horizon.

Let’s hope for a sharp reversal of the current downward trend as we get nearer and nearer to first oil and as the three well campaign gets under way.

I hope you have recovered from the downturn you had following the recent treatment.

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I managed to arrange a bed and ISA this morning through my Charles Stanley account (dealing with their Edinburgh office, always a pleasure to deal with and highly recommended). I hadn’t realised that it could be done prior to the start of the new tax year and they just sit on the shares re-bought for the ISA until Monday. Potentially useful for CGT purposes to be able to do that. I was wondering if the current depressed SP could be anything to do with the year end as preumably there will be a lot of PIs wanting to do something similar, and possibly IIs are affected in some way too. Anyway, good to be able to get more shares transferred across and out of the CGT umbrella than would have been the case had the SP stayed above 50p.


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It looked pretty obvious throughout the day that the “spivs” were going to make sure we closed under 45p on the day.

Good week for Brent, with a good rise. Decent volume traded on HUR all week. HUR on the verge of producing FOIL, and we are tucked up yet again with a fairly substantial drop in sp. Plenty of brown envelopes in the city pubs tonight then.

Lets hope this is not going to continue after we start producing, or imo, it is time that Dr Trice spoke to the LSE about an investigation into how HUR shares are being traded.

Have a good weekend.

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Hello H t L,

Once again we see more shares bought that sold.

On the LSE site there were 981 trades totaling 6.647 million shares traded of which 3.385 million shares were buys and 2.755 million shares were sells.

This is the third day in a row when there have been more buys than sells but still the share price is down from it’s yearly high in Oct 2018 of 60.75.

The week end is going to be a welcome break from watching Hurricane’s share price falling and stagnating.

Let’s hope Monday brings about a revival in the share price.

Monday is the start of the next financial year. I wonder if new money from ISAs will give the share price a boost?



Sunday Times article today :

The arrival of Aoka Mizu in the choppy waters north of Scotland cheered investors in Hurricane Energy late last year. After a few false starts, the oil and gas processing and storage ship was hooked up to Hurricane’s Lancaster field in late March.

The AIM stock Hurricane is reaching the stage where it needs to prove itself. Will its maverick boss Robert Trice confound the doubters and strike big oil, boosting the flagging North Sea industry in the process? Or will he go the way of plenty of AIM dreamers before him and fizzle out?

There are plenty of reasons to be sceptical. Trice, an industry veteran with 30 years’ experience, founded Hurricane in his garden shed in 2005.

He is trying to do something that has not been done before in British waters: extract oil from the fractures in hard, brittle rock on the sea bed, known as basement reservoirs. The process is risky and difficult, although it is used on the Norwegian side of the North Sea, and in other parts of the world.

Hurricane has huge potential. It has built up licences covering a possible 2.3bn barrels of oil and gas — the largest undeveloped resource base in the UK. These are in Rona Ridge in the west of Shetland area, an increasingly competitive spot where majors such as Shell and BP are starting to cluster. Yet the question remains: how effectively can it get that oil out?

All eyes are on its Lancaster field, which is expected to begin producing within months. Trice is under pressure to prove his prediction that crude oil will be able to flow freely to the surface for sustained periods, despite the brittle rock. BP is said to be watching closely. Hurricane hopes to produce 10,000 barrels of oil a day from Lancaster, gradually ramping up to 20,000 a day.

Analysts at the stockbroker Cantor Fitzgerald believe the shares could soar this year. They have a target price of 96p, more than double its Friday closing price of 44.9p.

In a big boost last year, Hurricane struck a partnership with Centrica’s oil and gas business Spirit Energy, netting Hurricane $400m (£306m) in exchange for half its Lincoln and Warwick licences. Analysts believe the deal will help it speed up activity.

Its bosses are also positioning the company for a premium stock market listing. Trice, 58, who has reportedly compared himself to George Mitchell, the late billionaire father of the US shale drilling boom, is not one to be put off easily. Trice said of the naysayers late last year: “I’ve stopped arguing with them. They’ll see.”

Only a pessimist would bet against him. Buy.


Looking at the performance of some of the UK companies I recently held shares in and fortunately sold out of to invest in Hurricane, many are really struggling at the moment. Dividends have been slashed and share prices continue to drop, Saga as a case in point was one of my main dividend heroes.

I remain optimistic on Hurricane but have now revised my timelines and expectations, hoping to see circa 80p by December or sooner and by end of 2020 a significant rise to at least the £2 mark … bit pie in the sky as so many dependencies but that’s my revised outlook for what it’s worth at the moment.


Daft joke but made me smile, from Advfn:



Quite clearly stocks are held back by the current economic and political situation, in three weeks time its “sell in May come back on St Leger day”, the summer torpor will set in with no obvious reason for stocks to turn around. It is not unknown for August to be a good rally month for stocks, but we have to wait and see. It really does make you wonder what the establishment are up to. The UK economy remains robust, good growth, rising wages, all time (?) high employment, tax revenues good, deficit down, and yet the establishment want to ignore democracy and cling to the failing EU whose currency is soon to fail, it one size fits all monetary policy fails to fit all, and the EU heads for financial and political crisis, the UK needs to be out and on its own feet before the EU collapses. As HUR has stated Brexit has little or no impact on the company, if we were out of the EU, HUR would be one of the beacon companies for an independent UK. It just seems to me that HUR is just another victim of the disgraceful political impasse the UK Parliament has brought upon us. So the share price just treads water along with all the others stocks, I can see the share price around 50p on first oil, it will rise as HUR proves up the model, but it is going to be slow and infuriating.