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Equity is the essence of shares of course but that refers to information issued by the company, hence the RNS system. However it could certainly be argued that the NOMAD has inside information which may not have been made available to the private investor and so Stifel and `institutional investors and private equity’ would be guilty of insider trading if they subsequently buy or sell HUR shares.

Certainly if Stifel sells information, it must clearly be more valuable than information already available to the public i.e. it has to be inside information. If `institutional investors and private equity’ want to avoid the risk of insider trading, they should simply buy an opinion from anyone but our



Thanks, Floss. I continue to hold my view, that if there were such a Report available, then HUR should advise of its availability, the protocol to secure it and its cost (if any). That would be both fair and equitable. Not to mention the ‘trust’ in HUR which this would engender. Just imagine the ‘bad-will’ if persons were - through ignorance of the content/existence of the report - to sell their shareholding at the present ‘depressed’ price only for it to reach the alleged unrisked 600p estimate in the not too distant future of the date of the Report. The Report, the Report. Release the Report!! Kr,A. -LLV


Looks as if flaring is happening now, therefore oil is going onto the FPSO.

RNS Monday perhaps. Hoping see a positive share price reaction next week.



Given CA have started to offload as they have every right to, the price of oil dropping a tad and the low performance across most indices bar Gold today, we did well!


As a generalisation, I tend to Agree, Albi. I off-loaded a few thousands (well) today at slightly over that indicated price. Was able to get them all back at an indicated 46.82p (before commission) so OK because I cut back from a 5p expected Ask increase, post flaring. Practising the Preach, so we’ll have to see how it goes henceforward. But what you say about CA, etc. gives much food for thought. Kr, A. - LLV


Hi Ecologist, I have first commercial oil projected for 29th / 30th May. We know that once 4 days oil is produced from both wells, then Dr T shakes hands with the Bluewater rep and says thank you very much. HUR then start to officially pay the royalty to Bluewater. I can`t see them turning the taps off they will just keep pumping after the 72 hours test.
The well being drilled is at Warwick and not Lincoln as originally planned, this is the deepest well and as such will take longer than the others. It may take up to 90 days, spud on 17th April so I expect to have the full result of the well in the first two weeks of July, just over 80 days from spud.
Just my thoughts.
Great to see share price over 50p today. Us LTHs should be seeing the share price in the 90s this year.


Lawven, yes a bit of a generalization. Congratulate you on your buy and sell prices though, neatly done. I don’t really have an issue with CA or Kerogen exercising their warrants and profiting from sales, would much rather they did that now so we can get some stability in the SP later.


I assume you are aware this guy is not a climate scientist !


Steve Goreham is executive director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a lobbying group presumably indirectly funded by a few of the people who profit from the energy released when carbon is burned to CO2. (You definitely know at least one of these heartless individuals).

Mr Goreham does not claim to be a climate scientist i.e. a specialist in one of the many branches of science involved in the study of global warming which range from palaeontology to astronomy via chemistry and meteorology; he is a `generalist’ i.e. someone who understands enough about this wide range of specialist subjects to be able to pull out the facts he needs to support his position. He is a very good speaker and presents a cogently argued case well worth watching.

I found it convincing and the fossil record certainly demonstrates that the solar radiation received on earth varies.

So our children and grandchildren might need a nice warm CO2 blanket in the near



“…A recurring solar event called a grand minimum could ‘cool’ the sun for about 50 years.”

Thanks for the post, Floss. I am no ‘climate scientist’ either - so some of it is way over my head and beyond my pay-grade, but I do take note - so it is fair to say that I’m enough of a "generalist’ to know when "facts’ are being oversold/overlooked to highlight one’s argument. For example, I am of the view that all this weeping, wailing and gnashing of dentures and false teeth over glacial melt resulting in rising ocean levels may largely be hyperbole and may be better networked into multiple de-salinisation Plants around all our coastlines of the World to convert that precious resource into useable water. Who knows, we may even be able to irrigate the Gobi and the Sahara to turn them into food baskets of the World. Oversimplification? Not really. We have to start thinking BIG and outside the closed box! History affords no comparisons and the Jury is still out on much of the climate change debate.
Kr, A. - LLV


I hear from some clued-up geologists that there is no doubt that global warming is happening, it’s just that human contribution is minimal.
I volcano going off produces more harmful emissions that all of human activity put together.


'..I hear from some clued-up geologists that there is no doubt that global warming is happening, it’s just that human contribution is minimal." Have you spoken with our Eco on this BB? (LLV)

Although I have not spoken with Ecologist, either; I do not have too much doubt about it’s happening, Ash. My beef is that we are re-acting to the wrong ‘trigger’. And therefore that reaction may be quite ineffective and a waste of resources and opportunities in terms of net payback. Kind regards, All. - LLV


That rang a bell with me. In the early 2000s I was involved in a proposal to use pyrolysis plants (basically a very clean high temperature combustion process) to dispose of domestic and other waste in the UAE, using the heat produced for electricity generation and the excess steam to desalinate seawater. Never actually got built but still a very feasible idea. I recall speaking at an environmental conference in 2002 - our presentation was the warm up for David Bellamy’s talk.


No, not spoken to Eco.


Now recently retired, i have spent my career working across Africa and SE Asia and have worked on both sides of the fence (donor and execution agencies). My take on climate change is, yes, it is happening but i cannot put my figure on exactly why (and quite honestly i do not think anyone can because it is not that simple).

For example, I was heavily involved in the 80s/90s drought crises across the Sahel. For me the main visible cause was human action related to destruction of forests and complete disruption of the water cycle. Equally i have been working until recently on climate resiliance, improved environmental management and economic uplift of the poorest.

And yes, i have seen the human impact … but not always in the headline manner that we see in the daily rags. For example, we often see heavy, disastrous, life threatening flooding in countries like Bangladesh and read how climate change is causing heavier rainfall, increasing sea level, Himalayan glacial melt, etc. But no one talks about the blocking of ancient drainage canals, the filling of water catchment lakes and the unregulated opening of upstream dams in India.

I do believe that climates change in a cyclical manner - history provides the proof - but also believe that our own actions are certainly exagerating the changes … but how much, i cannot say. I also believe that everyone can do their bit to reduce the impacts, every little counts.

What does worry me is the lack of global efforts to tackle the impacts. No good banning coal burning in UK when Ukraine is burning it; no plastic bags in France is a good move but negated by India churning them out; we can recycle in Europe but not much use when most of the packaging we stick in the bins goes into landfills as far away as Thailand. Who will lead a global drive? Not the UN, I believe, so who?

I really worry for the future of my children and their children.


Just Greenland ice lose would add over 7m to global sea level, check out where many of the planets 7.7billion (and rising) live. Plus warming the sea increases its volume, due to thermal expansion which has a massive effect. Depends how much ice melts and how high temperatures rise. Climate change occurs for many many reasons, greenhouse gases is one.
I’m more of the view that energy security is the key benefits of a successful WoS hydrocarbon supplier. Certainly better than relying on Russia or Middle East resources.


Hi All,

Interesting discussions on Climate Change. I recently attended a series of lectures on Climate Change that was taken by an eminent academic.

His opening statement was " I’m not an expert on Climate Change but neither is anyone else. The reason being that it’s such a vast subject that no-one can have the mental capacity to absorb the knowledge contained in the following wide range of sciences."

Geomorphology. Oceanography. Limnology. Ecology. Hydrology. Geophysics. Edophology. Pedology. Climatology. Meteorology. Biogeography. Etc Etc.

The consensus of opinion of some academics is that the jury is still out and before C C is accepted as a known fact it will take hundreds of years to prove that the planets climate has actually changed.

There appears to be a school of thought that to be a C C denier is to have the same academic acumen as a member of The Flat Earth Society. It seems to be fashionable to be a C C believer, especially if you work as a journalist for the BBC.

There are too many people who have a vested interest in C C such as the discredited academics at Norwich Univeresity. Although this scandal was brought to light nine years ago, this is only a blink of an eyelid when it comes to the climate of our planet.

There’s also the Green Lobby. Swampies. Green Companies. Politicians who will agree with anything to get a vote. Etc etc.

In my opinion, it only shows the arrogance of the human race if it thinks it can control the climate of a planet. It could be that there are too many people living on our planet. Perhaps it would be wiser to hand out contraceptives than to hand out aid to many over populated countries.

To conclude, I agree with the academics mentioned previously. My opinion is that the jury is still out.



That’s the HUR BB, Folks! Elegance of language, biting humour and all delivered with a subtle sense of irreverence. For what more can one ask - except an infallible ability to pick winning Stocks. But that’s probably more difficult than mastering the innards of Climate Change. I told you it was beyond my Pay-grade! Never mind, All. We are doing OK on HUR - for now. At least no terrorist is dropping Drone-delivered explosives on our AM. Not yet, anyway. BTW, thank’s for that link, Carliol; I had missed that, herebefore. Kr,A. - LLV


cwmtawe, What Floss said. I will just leave it at that.


Carliol, Great post. Bottom line, Mankind cannot control the climate. Mankind can (and is) pollute the earth. The second one we can do something about, the first one we can`t.