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Lawson 76,
Hi Carliol & friends,
I heartily agree with everything that has been posted re the SP, however on a day when BP and Shell`s SP have lost significantly, I think we should take a little comfort in the fact that Hurricane rose, fractionally, and yet another potentially big producer SDX stayed the same.


We just need someone to shoot Trump.


Unfortunately that would not affect the fact that currently the world can produce more oil than it uses and whilst Mr Trump says he wants lower prices (he is a politician remember), his sanctions on Iran are a major factor in the current PoO. So shooting him might simply illustrate the law of unintended



While I would also sleep more soundly if our friends across the Atlantic were under let’s say a different leadership style, I think that might be taking things a bit too far Ash. Even Trump doesn’t deserve that wished on him.


I don’t know how he hasn’t been impeached by now.


Yes, fully agree with you there Ash, quite remarkable. I don’t think I’ve witnessed such a shambolic period in global politics for quite some time and that’s saying something. Sadly it’s certainly not unique to America.


Looks like Crystal Amber have bought a few.


Just for a different perspective; I think President Trump is doing a great job, not only for the US but also the UK. Trump does not like high oil prices, I do not like high oil prices, nor does the consumer. So $60 oil is ok with me, its 50% higher than it was less than two years ago. $60 oil is also very profitable for HUR.
Trump is trying to resolve the Korean crisis, trying to get China to play by the rules which until now no other US President has dared to do, he has re negotiated trade deals that were bad for the US - NAFTA, EU and is now taking on China regarding various continuing breaches of international trading norms. I cannot see any grounds for impeachment, Trump had a good mid term election result, (the best for any President?) as expected he lost the House but unexpectedly the Democrats have gone very quiet on trying to impeach, I suspect that is because Trump has more on the Democrats than they have on him. President Trump very craftily kept his powder dry until he lost the House and was therefore in a slightly weaker political position, he fired his warning shot to the Democrats when he said at a press conference something like " two can play at that game, and I am better than them".
Where are you Donald? Stand up! Stand up! You are doing a great job.
Oh yes, and I wish the UK had President Trump doing our negotiations with the EU, he really must think that Theresa May is the pits
Just my opinion. Looking forward to first oil in January 2019, good luck all.


Bobsson, while I do confess to some ambivalence towards President Trump’s tenure thus far - he would score very high on achievement but low on TA - I am giving you a red-Valentine Tick - can’t give you two ticks as it might blow up the System like O2 has blown up - if for no other reason but your passionate, brave AND well-reasoned rebuttal. And that has not mentioned the alleged Great Conspiracy reportedly compromising UK’s & Australia’s SSs with that of the USA.

‘So shooting him might simply illustrate the law of unintended Flonsequences’.
Floss, having read ‘consequences’; here is my favourite word, just for that sentence: “Elegant”.
Kind regards, ALL - LLV


The SEC should be investigating his family and friends trading history over the last few months.


Your ability to see the best in others is admirable Bobson. I’m going to sidestep UK politics because it’s the season of goodwill to all (nearly). I will only say I do not envy May’s position, she at least is trying to hold everything together, despite certain MPs in almost every political party apparently doing their best to sink the country with the sheer weight of their own self importance.


Yes indeed, Ash; and, to me, that’s a good sign. I bemoaned the fact when they sold 20 million in the well >50p range. So now that they have bought back circa 5.1 million shares - their actual Holding calculates at 5.0138297%, but shown as 5.01% for approximation - although it is not the 20 million, I certainly am not complaining.

Their SELL in their foresight then, whatever they knew/know - but my hindsight - turned out to be an astute one. So I hope that now that they are now BUYING portends well for HUR’s SP in the weeks/months/years upcoming.
Kind regards, ALL. - LLV


Hi Everyone,

Brent up approximately 2.8% as I type. After hour trades totalling around 1.25m, showing as buys.
Hopefully we might see a rise tomorrow. We could certainly do with it.

All the best.

HTL :confounded:


Hi Everyone,

Nice to see us finish with a rise. The 0.44% was not exactly what I was hoping for, but seeing as Brent has taken yet another backward step, got to be happy with small mercies.

Have a great weekend.

All the best.



Agreed, HTL; but i still say HUR is ridiculously UNDERVALUED. Why? I know not!! Kr,ALL. - LLV


Hi Everyone,

Interesting article supplied by “missdosh” on the LSE board, many thanks to her. Shame that Dr Trice does not get a mention, however the main thrust is about HUR and FB.

All the best.




If his knowledge was gained when in the employ of the university and paid for by the NERC I hope he hasn’t set up his own private company from it.
That would be breaking all the intellectual property rules.


Hi Everyone,

What is going on with this sp? Has someone found out that Dr Trice has mistaken Marmite for oil, and we are sitting on 2.3b barrels of the stuff. You know what they say about Marmite, and the market obviously is not a fan.

More likely yank shorters responsible I suspect, as this seems to be happening every pm recently.

Lets hope it stops.

All the best.



My fault, bought some more on Friday wondering if that would be a precursor to a dip under 40p :rage:
With over a third of my portfolio in this it had better not be Marmite, it’s on the list of foods I’ve been told I can’t eat!


HTL, Bought a few more this afternoon at under 40p. I did not think I would be able to do that when the sp was around the 60p mark a few months back. Markets are fragile and it can be argued that even at 40p HUR is either fully or overvalued. I say that because whatever we think there are risks that Lancaster FB field will not perform as expected. Even though the two completed have produced on test at rate equivalent to around 20,000 bpd! They were producing at such a rate that the testing had to be curtailed because the rig simply could not handle the volume of oil produced. The success of these wells is sufficient for me to justify investing in HUR for big rewards in the next 12 to 18 months. But we should not expect fireworks for the first few months as production will have to increase gradually.