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Hello Floss,

I can see where you’re coming from but it’s loyal long term holders that are disappointed to see the share price dropping. However, the dealers etc see this as an opportunity to make some cash utilising any one or more of a wide variety financial instruments.

There will be some long term holders who have panicked and sold and could have lost money. Perhaps they should not have invested in a company such as Hurricane and should have kept their money under the mattress

As I see the current situation, in a few days or weeks we’ll be back where we started from. The Aoka Mizu will be back on Lancaster and this time a successful hook up will be made and the oil will start to flow. We’ve had lots of ups and downs over the last few years and given a few months hence , today’s RNS will be a thing of the past and forgotten about.

Those who panicked and sold today will regret their impetuosity. It’s the dealers that drive the price down at any opportunity. Perhaps the share will have more stability when we eventually leave the AIM market and get onto the main market.

To quote the famous last words " Tomorrow is another day."



Quite right too; they must be punished for their



Hi Floss,

“In the meantime, every SP dip is another opportunity to Flop up.”

Not everyone has the money to be able to top up, and some people require the money now, not after they are gone. So for those of us who are not in the fortunate position of others, when the sp constantly loses any gains it might have made, it is at the least, frustrating.

All the best.



Having started married life only able to afford to live in a hovel with just a coal fire, only one cold water tap, no bath (or bathroom), a bucket in an outhouse for a toilet (which had to be regularly emptied into holes I dug in the (small) back garden, I do understand what it is like to be struggling financially.

But back in those days, we did not invest in shares, we were saving for a deposit for a 20th century house, so I have limited sympathy for `those of us who are not in the fortunate position of



Hi HtL

Hopefully time is on your side here, and everyone else’s. FOIL not far away, volatility will hopefully start decreasing and SP rising shortly afterwards … who knows - this is a not an easy ride that’s for sure!


Hi Albi1,

I purchased this originally in April 2014 at 42.4p. Since that time I managed to top up when the sp went all the way down to 10p, and now have a 32p average.

Based on what I saw as the potential of the company, my plan was a five year investment, with a target price of 200p or close. Not I believe an unrealistic expectation, considering the IPO was 43p.

Considering where this excellent company was at that time, and the huge amount it has achieved since, I don’t see that a sp gain of approximately 10% currently, on the listing price as a fair and true reflection of the company’s value.

I am banking on FOIL, Lancaster wells performing as required and a move to the main market to push this up to a more realistic level.

Let’s hope that it does.

All the best.



HtL - yes, same here. I can’t see 2019 not delivering. I only heard about Hurricane at the end of 2017 and bought in January '18. Now averaging 45p with subsequent buys. Am hoping it will allow me to spend more time with my husband who retired this year and boost an early retirement plan!


Hi, HTL…I wholeheartedly agree with your feelings of frustration. I think the challenges we’re both facing this year brings a whole new level of pressure to see things come right. Suddenly, 2019 is the year of all years! The Hurricane scenario has become so much more vital to everything we have in our sights and have had planned for years. It’s like every hour brings a new intensity to wanting things to come right and to an inspiring conclusion. It’s now urgent!

You’re probably at a bit of a low ebb at the moment which doesn’t help, and you’re perhaps dreading chemo number three on Friday.

I’m still confident that as with your third chemo, the third AM hook up will go well. Third time lucky! The team has had two attempts and will have learnt a lot from those attempts.
Dr Trice will be really champing at the bit by now.

Chin up, HTL, keep smiling.


This is when the wheelers and dealers take the chance of making a few quid at the expense of long term holders.

True, Carloil; but as Albi1 has correctly said, that’s their ‘job’ so to do. However, they are ably aided and abetted by the Jobbers (distinguish from ‘Brokers’) who tend to over-react - and thus over-protect - UPWARDS or DOWNWARDS on good or bad news. And sometimes on no relevant news. They (the Jobbers) make their profits on the margins (arbitrage) which they themselves create/set. So more volatility, bigger profits!

My experience has shown that - as a generality - Markets (Stock Exchanges) without a Jobber protocol tend to be less volatile (narrower share price swings) than those with a Jobber system, where the Jobbers determine the share price - take it or leave it. But then one would need some sort of monopoly Central Securities Depository/Companies Registrars link of that Stock Exchange to replace the Jobbers who selectively deal in the Companies (Shares) of their choosing and (maybe) licence.
Kind regards, ALl. - LLV


Hi aquarian,

Lovely post, thank you very much.

You are absolutely correct. everyone’s view of things very much depends on their circumstances, which can change very quickly in life, along with their viewpoint.

It is just a shame that to date this has become very much a traders share, which has not at all helped the sp level. Hopefully this will change in the near future, and we will see this fly.

I hope everything is all right with you?

Take care.

All the best.


PS “Third time Lucky! The team has had two attempts and will have learnt a lot from those attempts.”

As I posted earlier on the LSE board, we could send the captain of the AO a email with a link to the excellent FPSO/hook-up video we have watched recently, lol.


A nice idea re the video, it was a good one. Even a non mechanic like me enjoyed it. Trouble is, you might get two fingers as a reply!

Things here are a bit grim, but I’m slowly adjusting and coping as best as I can. The trouble is, I’m such a determined lass to carry on regardless, it’s sometimes to my own detriment. The prognosis for my husband was for just a few weeks way back in the Autumn, but he’s hanging on with not much change really, it’s slow. A lot of the nurse duties have been handed over to me, which suits me. Gives me something useful to do. Hey Ho, we need something to cheer us up HTL…….so, let’s be having you, AM!

Take care


Hi aquarian,

Your determination to carry on regardless sounds very similar to myself. I have always tried to do everything to the best of my abilities, and always at full speed ahead. Unfortunately, I am still trying to do the same with my current problems, and spend the majority of my time gasping for breath, lol.

All the best.



That is what all athletes do to stay at their peak performance. Obviously, as you get older or encounter health problems, that peak performance' gets far lower but despite that,pushing the limits’ ensures that those limits stay as high as possible.

That said, it is also necessary to ensure that you rest to recover after each effort, but the reward is a longer and fitter life than if you just give in to the inevitable.




Hi Floss,

Yes, I know you are an advocate of keeping active and fit. I have been working out since I was in my mid twenties, with a circuit of strength and suppleness exercise, including weights. I have never stopped this regime, can do the splits, walk on my hands and have maintained the same weight throughout my adult life(accepting recent weight loss due to treatment).

So, a lot to be said for it.

All the best.



HtL and Aquarian

To both of you in your respective circumstances, good wishes and may your patience (in every respect) be rewarded and if not may you have the humour and spaciousness to laugh in the face of adversity.

One thing that has kept coming to mind and forgive me if this is wholly inappropriate, HtL, it might be, but for peace of mind there may be a way of setting your affairs in order in such a way that whatever happens your investment can be protected for your loved ones. I don’t know about these things, but I wonder if it’s possible to entrust instructions to a broker to act for you if you are not able to for whatever reason. I don’t go into any detail here, I think you get the gist, but imagine you are feeling the pressure for valid reasons at the moment.

All the best, to both.


Wow, you are one in a



The way we have adopted is to make a will in which you nominate your executor(s) and instruct them to follow a separate latest `letter of wishes’ which you will deposit with your lawyer and/or executors. That latter can then be changed as required without the expense and bother of another trip to the lawyers.

As an aside, it is worth noting that in

Inheritance Tax rates
The standard Inheritance Tax rate is 40%. It’s only charged on the part of your estate that’s above the threshold.

Your estate is worth £500,000 and your tax-free threshold is £325,000. The Inheritance Tax charged will be 40% of £175,000 (£500,000 minus £325,000).

The estate can pay Inheritance Tax at a reduced rate of 36% on some assets if you leave 10% or more of the ‘net value’ to charity in your will.

That does mean that the rest of us will have to stump up more, but we don’t mind as in due course, we will all be using the same




Sounds good and actually what we’ve done too.

Worth taking financial/legal advise I’d say. I’ve got all my Hurricane investments tucked up between my ISA and SIPP. One thing to note about AIM though:

“Most shares on the Alternative Investment Market (Aim) are exempt from inheritance tax as long as they are held in the estate for two years at the time of death. … Shares in companies that are property businesses, or investment funds listed on Aim, however, are not eligible for the tax break.20 Sep 2018”


B****r, blistering barnacles …

Another “Great opportunity to buy”

Gnashing of teeth …



Because of (recent) more pressing - although not necessarily more rewarding - alternatives, I have not been spending as much time on this HUR Blog as perhaps I ought. However, I just wanted to throw in some strong support from cyber to you two, HTL & Aquarian. We’ve been through it. All on this HUR’s are strongly in your court in this regard.

@Albi1 - Introducing the topic of the necessity/desirability/precaution of making (pre)arrangements for the orderly management (whenever) of one’s affairs is by no means inappropriate. And you have done it with such delicately that I thank you for that sensibility. Those of us who would otherwise be in a state of intestacy in due course, should heed your very wise counsel - including taking the necessary legal guidance. Kr,A. - LLV