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Thanks Carliol

Freezing (for once) in the South too, may get a little puff of snow tonight!


Just felt I should add a note of caution to any new investors as reading posts back yesterday realised some folk might get excited and jump in without doing their own research / due diligence.

The SP forecast I have posted (including 1 July) is purely my own opinion based on my own research, which many on this board concur with since many of us have read the same information and done the same calculations.

Golden rules to follow (even if I haven’t in this case) - diversify your portfolio, spread your risk, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

There, felt I had to say that as the SP seems to be flying up this morning in spite of traders.


If you are looking for a valuation you could try this link and read Dspp’s post:


You forgot the main one:

Do not take “golden rules” from random strangers on an internet bulletin board as gospel.


Ricfle: well said!


Dspp’s post: #166573 - September 15th, 2018, 4:09 pm

Very useful and detailed analysis albeit not factoring in drops/rises in PoO - bottom line - potentially £2 by end of this year/next and £4.30 odd by end of 2021.


My main worry is that we get Faroed in some way - a takeover at a ludicrously low price. Mind you I think unlike Faroe, we would have more than one interested party bidding. I don’t know how a company wards off a hostile takeover but frankly I was disappointed with Faroe despite the 50%+ profit. I would like to see something approaching fair value from HUR - at which point I could finally retire if I wanted.



You and every other shareholder! Or should I say private investor more specifically!


We have been through this before. An offer for Hurricane on the same low ball terms as Faroe would equate to a share price of approx’ 250p over five times the current share price.

I certainly would not be crying as I took my wheelbarrow full of cash to the bank.


I’m more worried about those who would accept say 75p the way that IIs fell over themselves to accept 160p for Faroe. Maybe not directly comparable and yes, I want at least £2.50, but several times I have made a profit that was far smaller than I had hoped for. Emerald Energy and Faroes being 2 prime examples. If the II holders want to think short term, they sell without compunction.


Kerogen have just under 22% of Hurricanes shares. The BoD have about 3%. To vote through a take over it need 75% of the shares to approve it.

I can see no take over without the BoD and Kerogen’s approval and certainly they will not be forced into accepting a lowball offer.


Thanks Ricfle, that’s reassuring.


Well my 0.00000000000000001% is firmly behind the board. (I’m sure that’ll reassure them) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@millais et al
My question is - assuming FOIL, no delays in derisking and further well drills going according to Dr T’s timetable, any idea on when the sp will first hit the magic £1 per share ? My brother and I are both invested and I am keen to throw a family £1 party ! All opinions gratefully received !

With Millais’ ‘given’ above, I was about to throw caution to the wind and add my less than pennyworth.
But I have been so entertained by the alacrity of response from my colleague Bloggers that I went back for another read (and laugh). And read Carloil’s again.

i shall therefore be advised by his caution and await the performance (or not!) of the EPS. I promise that I shall come back with my thoughts - probably worth less than a penny, then- on the £1 glass ceiling as soon as I have assessed that (EPS’) performance and hopefully, then and thereby, make a prediction. Meantime, I assure HTL (hi, there!) that he will be able to afford to throw a £2 Party when (not if!) the HUR share price gets there; so he should make sure that he is here for it.

But on a serious note now, please take all those notes of caution from Bloggers here, included in their excitement and the jocularity above, very seriously indeed. Things can go very wrong, without warning! Kr,A. - -LLV


Hi All,

Lots of posts today on the possibility of a low ball take over bid.

I don’t think we have anything to fear from such a bid.

I recall Kerogen bought into Hurricane at a premium during the dark days when the price of oil was at rock bottom and Hurricane’s share price was in a similar situation. The money raised from Kerogen came at a time when things were looking bleak for Hurricane. However, the cash was put to good use and was used to fund a successful drilling campaign.

Kerogen have about 22% of the shares in Hurricane and I can’t see them backing a low ball bid.

The link below is a list of Institutional Investors in Hurricane. It’s a wide ranging list and accounts for 27.78% of shares held by these ii.

In addition to the above there are the 3% of shares held by Dr Trice and also those held by his colleagues.

Given the above info, I think it would be extremely difficult for a low ball bid to succeed.

For a realistic bid to succeed I wonder what part the O & G authority would take?Hurricane’s assets W of S are clearly enormous and must surely be of national importance. It must be in the UK’s interests to keep control of such an asset, particularly when some of the oil producing regions on planet Earth are in the most hostile and dangerous areas imaginable.

I’m sure the O & G Auth would look favourably on a bid from BP and/or Shell but a bid for a foreign oil company couldn’t be ruled out. The last thing I want is a Chinese takeaway!

I can see nothing wrong with shareholders being enthusiastic and bullish about their investment in Hurricane. There is no one more so than myself because the potential of Hurricane as an investment is enormous. But please read on-----

To keep all this talk of take overs at mega bucks and multi bagger share prices in perspective. Hurricane is still a high risk investment and only those who can afford to lose their cash should invest in Hurricane. It is definitely not for widows and orphans and those of a nervous disposition.



Also of interest in your link @carliol was that the FT have rounded the number of employees in the “Peer Analysis” section to 2 decimal places!


I think Crystal Amber may have around an 8% interest in HUR when their options are counted. I doubt they will sell out cheaply, and they have in the past put a value of £2 on HUR shares. I am sure they will want to see a good return.


As are Interested
But on a serious note now, please take all those notes of caution from Bloggers here, included in their excitement and the jocularity above, very seriously indeed. Things can go very wrong, without warning! Kr,A. - -LLV

I post this link for what it is worth, but without further comment. Kr,A. - LLV


Hi Everyone,

Would be nice to see this finish on a day high. I can’t remember the last time it happened. It would make a change from being pulled down in the last half hour, which has been the norm for some time.

Ever the optimist, lol.

All the best.



Hi Everyone,

Obviously too much to hope for, lol. Still, I am not going to sneeze at a 2.74% rise.

Lots to look forward too.

All the best.