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Hello H t L,

The next few sessions of the stock market are going to be interesting.

Today’s intra-day high of 49p was at 14.30 and then the share price performed as usual and gradually fell away to close at a bid - offer spread of 48.56 - 48.68. One of these days the closing price will be the intra-day high!

I’ll be surprised and disappointed if Friday’s close is less than 50p.

There are four factors in the immediate future that should have a positive effect on the share price:-

The arrival of the Aoka Mizu on Lancaster this evening should help the share price tomorrow.

Confirmation that the hook up to the A M has been successfully completed. I would expect an RNS on Monday or Tuesday to confirm this momentous event. I suppose satisfactory completion of the hook up depends on the weather W of S. I don’t think the A M would have sailed for Lancaster without the A M’s captain being confident of a hook up opportunity.

The expectation of first oil should also send the share price higher.

It’s going to be interesting to see what effect publicity about these events in the national press will have on the share price.

I hope you are starting to feel much better.



Hi carliol,

Good post.

I hope you are keeping warm up there. Yes, we have waited a long time for this. Let’s hope that this company’s achievement is recognised by the market for what it is, and true value is attributed.

I have noticed, particularly on the LSE board, that a fair amount of new names are appearing. They could of course be opportunist, short-term traders, however the law of averages must allow that some of them are investors. As you say, it will be interesting to see what effect the media will have. Beneficial, I hope.

Frankly, if this sp was just over 60p not that long ago with the situation as it was then, if there is any justice, hook-up, FOIL and the proving up of the well performance should at a minimum, double that amount. However, what is right, just and correct, seems to have bye-passed the AIM, so I will not hold my breath. Time will tell.

Anyway, feeling a bit better, but due to start third bout of treatment this Friday. So, I will see how it goes. Thank you for asking.

Take care.

All the best.



Hi H t L,

It’s forecast to be the coldest night of the year. I spare a thought for the crew of the Aoka Mizu and the Hurricane people on board as they start to try to hook up probably tomorrow.
I hope they have their thermals on.
Best of luck on Friday. I hope all goes well for you.



I don’t think the news that AM is at Lancaster will raise the price given the previous attempts, but an RNS to confirm hookup would be momentous, and I think from that point we could see a large continuous rise up until FOIL.

We will have to wait and see but hopefully hookup is successful this time! We have a prime opportunity in the morning last time I checked!



Yes it would seem that the AM skidded several times:

as she attempted to



Hi Floss,

Nice one.


All the best.



Oops, it would seem that the link does not work, so to see what I meant, you have to put the track on and zoom in (but I am not sure it is worth the



Just saw that a 500k sale at 49.44p went through at 17.05pm. Hopefully the punter will regret that on Monday!!


Hi All,
There was also a buy went through at 16.52.36 on LSE for a purchase of 1,750,000 shares at 49.82p for a consideration of £871,850.00.

Some one has confidence that the hook up over the weekend will be successful and that the EPS will also be successful.

Perhaps the purchaser is probably an institutional investor but on the other hand it could be a regular poster with deep pockets on this board. I only wish it was myself!



Hi carliol,

Brent taken a nice turn up this evening, plus 3.25% as I type. Very hopeful that hook-up will be completed this weekend, and FOIL can begin to be worked on too a successful conclusion.

In other words, all ducks lining up again. Let’s hope none of them get distracted this time.

Have a great weekend.

All the best.



Hello H t L,

Everything’s starting to come together. I think an RNS on Mon confirming the hook up could see a decent rise in the share price.

Hope all went well for you today.



Hi carliol,

Yes, resumed the treatment today. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this lot is a bit more kind hearted than the last lot, lol.

All the best.



Fingers crossed it turns out to be so, HTL.


Hi alabony,

Many thanks.

All the best.



Well done, HTL. That’s another one done and one less to be endured.
I hope this one goes more smoothly for you, and the Hurricane hookup happens to give you and everyone a tonic.

Take care, keep warm


Hi aquarian,

Thank you for that.

I hope everything is good with you.

Have a lovely weekend.

All the best.



Hi Everyone,

Forget about the oil price, it looks like the market is not going to allow us to close over 45p until there is a wake behind the AM, heading North. Becoming a bit paint & dry this at the moment. I will be needing a rope myself if this carries on much longer, lol.

All the best.

HTL :exploding_head:


Hi Everyone,

Oops, MMs must have been reading the board, just to spite me, they did what I said they wouldn’t.

Definitely going to try 100p tomorrow, lol. :grinning:

All the best.



Hi Everyone,

Last trade before close, 45.70p. Spread at close 45.64 - 48.88. Uncrossing trade 45.06.

Absolute disgrace this market, imo. I dare say the “boys” will be loading up. Plenty of opened brown envelopes on the city pub floors tonight!!!

Anyway, it is what is is, and frankly like everyone else I am sure, lovely to see a decent rise both on the day and the week. Let’s hope that the HUR sp is now finally on it’s way to great things. As they say, “one swallow does not make a summer”. Well it would appear there are a whole flock of them on the horizon. I am hoping for blistering heat, lol.

Have a great weekend.

All the best.



Here, here! (well maybe not blistering …) :smile: