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Why not make life easier for everyone and use a different name to avoid



Good idea. From now on, I will self-ID as Flossaffa. :slight_smile:


It will be interesting to see if people can identify the



Sorry Floss, what do you mean? Frankly to toss with Ricfle’s idle speculation. Let CMD in March prove him and others of his ilk wrong. Signing off for now. To all good and kind folk on this BB a Merry Christmas, to those with dark and mean hearts, may your hearts be flooded with light and be healed.


F.A.O: Alibi1: Re your query, I suggested that Alibi_8 choose a moniker which is not so similar to yours but as you can see from the above, despite it being the season of goodwill to all men, he/she has apparently decided to continue with the confusing policy but now with a different



Yes lets all listen to your “idle speculation”, it must be more informed despite the fact you seem to know nothing about this company.

The CMD on the 25 March 2020 may move the share price but where will it go before then? Will it drift on news? What news can we expect?

1/ No permission for the GWA tie in, LC plunged and abandoned, SP falls.

2/ Permission for the GWA tie in in 2021, SP falls.

3/ Permission for the GWA tie in 2020, no SP movement.

4/ Majors makes offer for HUR, no sodding chance, too much uncertainty due to results.

5/ End of year results, March 2020. Looks like a trading opportunity, that is close to the CMD.

6/ CMD 25 March 2020, who knows? Clearly not you.

With no real game changing news until the CMD I would suggest an slow drift down.

The only one with a “dark and mean heart” is you, as you attempt to prop up you position at the expense of others. Lose your money by all means, but stop trying to make other lose theirs.



“With no real game changing news until the CMD I would suggest an slow drift down.”

Yes, I think that’s patently obvious, I think we can all see that’s a strong possibility at the moment Ricfle but thanks for enlightening everyone! But a) if you’re invested and b) if you take a long term view - so what? If the SP as some predict hits 20p between now and CMD - great! I’ll top up.


If you had say 100 shares and sold them today at 30p, waited until your 20p then purchased 150 shares. in the long term you would be better off, 50% better off at no additional cost of topping up (from your great big fantasy pile of money).

Traders are often happy with 20% profit so if this drops to your 20p it will take a lot of moving back up as traders cash in, plus lost of others will only be looking for an exit price.

Have you tried reading “Janet and John go trading stocks and shares”, you will need something to fill your time on the slow drift down.

Do not take any of the above as advice.


Bit rude.


Of that Ricfle, you can be sure.


SP $67.30 for an early Christmas present.


Will you two both STOP? Please.


Anyone got any idea on the hurricane price hike today?

This usually happens/ happened in the past, when good news is around the corner and someone within the company has let it slip

Will this mean RNS in the next few days?



That would be a, “no”, then.


Hi Yi
i sold some shares a few days ago. if there is one thing that will make a share price rise in my experience that it is.:frowning_face:


That’s always the case, got to have the guts to buy when it drops and sell when it rises

Hopefully RNS Monday to give us an idea



I dont think there is any news due. I think the rise could just be in line with the oil price. Now we are a producer :smiley:


Aviva building a bigger stake in Crystal Amber.


Very bullish interview with well reasoned and researched arguments. It is on for over an hour and talks about a range of oil related issues including the threat of electric vehicles to oil demand.

Oil price already mid 60s and heading for the 70s in a matter of months by the look of it. After watching this interview and thinking it could very well be shown to be accurate, I am very happy to hold HUR in the next 12 months at least. He talks about majors not buying up assets or exploring much in 2020, but if the EPS continues to produce and production rises and is sustained over 20,000 bpd in 2020, then a £5 billion bid for HUR would be cheap for a major. Enjoy.


Another good post from DSPP on The Lemon Fool:

Outlining the water cut issue. It is clear why HUR had to release an RNS about this in Dec.

No doubt we will have an uniformed poster telling us it is all “unsubstantiated speculation”, even the OGA figures.

Unfortunately, we will learn no more on the water cut issue until the CMD as HUR are closing in the wet well until the end of Jan. This strike me as incorrect as they would learn more by letting the wet well run and seeing what happens to the percentage water cut.