It has been a while since I traded this.
Commodities are very tricky.

Anyway long @ 14.57.

I will be placing a stop loss sometime later.



1462 closed + 4.4, had been aiming far higher but banked a bit.

Back in if it drops sub 1460 .



Gold has given 8points a day swing - for couple of months now.
Silver will give you easy swings as well.

All expected behaviours have been quashed by commodities so far - dont know where the bottom is - so not going big yet.

Its just an inverse play of USDX
bit intensive but not bad for few hundred quid a day


Trump’s come to rescue, can he impose over FED, hope so. Commodities are a good buy/long trade


Still waiting for dip ?
Think its wise to wait and see - frankly rate rise will lower silver but what with new Trump legal affairs could see it rise - not sure what the end result would be -

Lets hope Trump ruins FED as his last effort before his demise.


Hi BrownAdder

I have actually done another 3 long scalps on silver since previous posting, very tight though, closed them for + 2 to 3 pts a piece.

I nearly went long earlier at 1463 but didn`t

It is currently 1466 long ( 2 pt spread )

Sub 1460 I would likely have a go




1462.3 long entered.




1459.8 long add



1458.2 long.

I am convinced it goes up, in time.




1458.2 long.

I am convinced it goes up, in time.

1461.2 closed + 3



1462.9 closed + 3



1464.3 closed and now out.

Interesting little skirmish.

I would buy back on a drop.




Wow good going - its your forte and you deserve it.

To me silver could double but am still with Gold - long from 1280 good 20 points plus at the mo. I will close cause of weekend fee.

Gold bounce long position (with caution and dips) should continue.
Will also start Silver when I return as it needs more active trading - something I cant master but with Gold I can make money in my slow pace.

Oh just realised all I have to do is copy you silver trade ! even better ! Thanks a few millions Soi


Just to reiterate to myself that USD reversal is the main pivot with commodities. USD should continue to go low albeit slowly - there lies the long game for commodities, whilst daily swings long or shorts are up for grabs - the big long game with Gold and commodities will make next big cycle - return on equities not as much - not for me anyway.

Last but not the least spot markets are shut on weekends - so decent rest as well :slight_smile:


Might change my name to GoldenAdder!
Easy swings
Almost unfair


Will give Gold sometime to consolidate…then I am all in.

Swing / daily trading isnt for me - cant do everyday


1459.3 long.

Big drop today




Gold back sub 1200.
As expected.
Will gold resistance 1200 hold ?
Think it will anything under 1200 buy for me.

Early Hours/Asian Markets gain points
Mid day European+ American lose points
Buy morning
Sell later
Honestly this is so easy EVEN i am now a chartist trader :sunglasses:


Hi BrownAdder

Did you manage to get a gold long in sub 1200 ?

Noticed it dropped there briefly, did nothing myself though.Now around 1204.

My silver long was down 10 pts, now just in front.
I think 1475 should be achievable in time but not sure I want to hold over the week end, might exit pre close, undecided.




1465.3 closed + 6