1208.78 limit closed + 2.

Prior entry at 1207.6 cl. @ 1209.6 + 2.




1422.2 limit closed + 3.1




1423.4 closed + 5



ETF buying of 23 tonnes in October and 13 so far in November, as a Wednesday report, has swung inflows into positive territory for the year to date.
“While these flows suggest a more stable cushion is emerging for gold prices on the downside, what particularly stands out is that ETF investors haven’t been quick to liquidate loss-making positions, and instead chose to add to exposure when prices ticked higher,” Standard Chartered.



For clarity.

Late Friday I closed all my SB positions.
Included in that was a little bit left long in both gold and silver, very light though after prior profitable closes.
Gave back about 5 % of what I had made.

The following is a copy of my post on another board ( barcplus, home board for me )


Hard to explain and probably far harder for anyone to understand. ::slight_smile:

On Friday, about 40 minutes prior market cash close I closed all my SB positions. :slight_smile:
I stress, all.
Ice cold clinical closure, not even concerned about levels nor potential.

I have been a very active trader for years, last 4 weeks I turned it up, more and more and larger positions, pushing myself to the limit.

About 1000 trades a week ( yes that is 3 zeros ) )
It worked financially but it drained me emotionally mentally and perhaps even physically.

In closing took some profits but of course some losses( IQE & VOD notable ), I was only looking at the overall picture, which was very positive.
Decided to bank and enjoy a stress free week end, chatting with friends, few beers whilst doing so.
I could have a holiday just on the saving of holding fees.

Very out of character for me to close so cold but am glad I did.
I will withdraw some cash tomorrow and also transfer more in to my IG share dealing account.

I will also of course go bundling back in to SB trades.




Have a good time and hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


1440.8 short.

Have doubts but might be ST overbought.




1442.4 short



1440.6 short add.

After 3 to 5 pts per position. Please.




1449.3 short add.

Called the direction wrong so far.

Oh Well




not necessarily, I think holiday season in US the volume is fairly low to be concrete - that’s my understanding


1446.3 limit closed + 3



1439.1 limit cl. + 3.3



1437.6 limit cl. + 3



1437.6 cl. + 3.2.

Good bear raid




1439.4 long



1434.8 long.

Assume the volatility down to GBP/USD or am I missing something?

BrownAdder, what do you think ?




1427.4 long.





gold 1222.25 long



EUR GBP need a lift, but Italy and Brexit is keeping USD high = Gold Silver negative.

But EU Commission cant be locked in negotiation with UK and Italy forever, thats a big blow to EU. Which makes all bonds worthless = Gold Silver positive.

APPLE went from 220 to 173 and no one is buying APPLE ? If black friday figures are down then equities will slip further forcing FED to slowdown = Gold Silver positive.

Crypto clobbered = Gold Silver positive.

In theory gold silver are to benefit but it might come in chunks.

High USD is restricting real Gold Silver buys from retailers. Future and paper traders wont go long til last day so hopefully mini rallys from short coverings.

Youre doing well with loads of 3 points per trade. That to me is a good realistic approach.