Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



Yes, I’ve never had any issues with them regarding corp actions. Again, most of these are mandatory corp actions given nature of stocks I have there.
Oh… and Saxo also allows you to setup ongoing instructions for each stock via their application ie. to always take cash or take stock if offered… and that works fine.


@J_Westlock, I have many more stocks but trying to cut down. I ignore all mandatory corp actions but rights issues and share consolidation/return of capital I do need to understand only if to calculate the correct capital gains - can’t trust the broker to do this. What takes more of my time is getting the broker to correct their errors. Fortunately with the types of stocks I hold with IG there are not many.

A no deal Brexit is looking more likely I am fast getting rid of any UK based stocks the big internationals I will hold on to. That should reduce my workload


@J_Westlock, that’s good to know.
Is iWeb as good where corporate actions are concerned? Thanks for all your help


Yes… same here. Last couple of year or so I’ve moved to ETFs and ITs (similar to Pref). The individual stocks I have… I either like them and want to retain… or more usually… I’m waiting for the right price to sell them at.
Most of my stocks are in a SIPP or ISAs… but yes, I do have to keep track of the ones that aren’t for CGT purposes.
I don’t know if you have any funds that attract Excess Reportable Income… but if you do, and they are outside a tax wrapper… they are a total pain… as you need to declare it on your tax return too.
I’ve moved mine around now so I don’t have any such funds outside of tax wrapper accounts.

Saxo and iWeb are both OK for Corp Actions IMHO… in fact, it was only AJ Bell I had any issue with… and that was mainly regarding their attempt to automate the client instructions from the app.


@J_Westlock, I have ITs but only 2 funds. Not likely that ERI applies. AJBell is not what it used to be. Other than corporate actions seems as if you are generally pleased with AJBell.

I’ll stick with ii seems better but too early to say. I doubt I’ll end up paying more than £24/annum custody charge.


@jackdawsson, every trade with ii appears to have bettered the market execution price but how do I compare/believe them. If true then worth the custody charge (minimal in my case anyway).


Note that many types of fund can be liable to ERI… including ETFs.
You only need it to be non-UK domiciled (which is most!) and then to be sure… you have to read the documentation for each fund you own… you might be surprised… for some you get about 1/3 as ERI as you do in divis.
Whether the HMRC actually do go around checking Brokers and finding out if their clients own such funds is another matter… but as I’m sure you’re aware… you’re better off staying on the right side of things as far as the HMRC are concerned.


@J_Westlock, both my funds are UK domiciled so I’m OK. This might help if you want to check.



What I did for a while with TD Direct & then ii, was to verify matters via 2 screens. One showing live market prices, the other my trade. When buying, if live market SP ticked up as happened occasionally, & I clicked buy & still managed to get my trade done at SP before the tick-up, to me that was best execution. TDD always achieved that.

My experience with ii was different. Trade would fail if live SP ticked-up a fraction. I’d even check on LSE later. A lot of algo trades made at similar time to my off-book ii trade were at fractionally better SPs.

Net effect: with TD Direct one paid standard £12.50 commission if not trading frequently. But in real terms, it seemed cheaper than that. Obviously, it makes no difference if one is buying lower amounts. It makes a significant difference if frequently buying tranches of 10,000 shares or more.

By the by, one guy on London South-East BBs did a comparison between his 3 brokers: HL, AJ Bell & iWeb. Though iWeb charge only £5 commission, they compared very favourably with the 2 more expensive brokers for execution prices. So cheapness doesn’t have to mean poor service. - Regards.


@jackdawsson, execution price is one thing, service is another. I’ve found ii quite good overall but only been with them less than a year. If you move from ii do tell us who to.



I agree. Perspective is welcome. No knocking ii for other aspects of their service. Rest of it is VG. Decent resources & dividends always paid very early on due dates.

I’ve also done more trades with them in past few days than I intended, so taking advantage of their monthly free-commission trade. If I could guarantee that as standard, I’d stay. But I suspect that during a longer market downturn, I shall do little more than hold. Possibly for a lot longer than a few months. In that scenario, transferring to someone cheaper becomes sensible.

However, though I’m not rushing any transfer decisions just yet & not before I settle the last of my VOD shares (their Liberty Deal decision due on 23rd July & VOD’s next report update on 26th July), it’ll probably be to iWeb or X-O. I will let you know when it’s all completed. - Regards.


@jackdawsson, AJ Bell only pay dividend/corporate action settlement when they receive the funds not on the due date. Annoying that the date posted on the transaction report is the due date so it looks as if they’ve paid on time. Corporate actions is a mess. Not good since the move. Still have exit charges so I’m stuck for now.

I moved from X-O over a year ago.



With a bit of luck you may be able to move soon without incurring any exit fees. Final decision still pending, but FCA say plans may be afoot to scrap all broker exit fees. The sooner the better. - GL.


@jackdawsson, thanks. Still a consultation period so goodness knows when.

‘The FCA’s consultation on new rules for switching and feedback on the questions regarding exit fees runs until June 14. The FCA may then consult on final rules for exit fees’.


looks like 124.5p was the bottom on 23 May & 25 June 2019 …now up to 133p.
it fell back from 133.5p on 4th June will we see repeat .


Hi Ripley,

Academic point: VOD’s closing low for some 10 years was 123.32 seen 23rd May. Re-tested a few times since.

Quite right about expected resistance at 134. But if it breaks that with good volume, we’ve a decent chance of making slower progress to circa 140. FWIW, I keep my 2 VOD tranches at 175+ & 198+ under constant review. - GL.



I remember you predicted VOD would hit 120 ish, and you were correct, where is it going now?


Sub 100 by Xmas. This rally is bad into coming data end of month. Never a good sign. And after that , same old. Probably take that long. Nothing out there has changed. Nothing the funds never knew before. And no money suggesting an unknown.

If your asking me how far up will this bounce go? I’ve started shorting it. But il have a better idea tomorrow. Need one more volume read and can estimate with a bit more accuracy then.

But if it opens up a little bit on today’s close, then that’s the start of the drop.

(Edit) an announcement of 0% div may change that sub 100p outlook. But not expecting to hear that really. Not now anyway.


@J_Westlock, glad I found your post of 12th June as didn’t know about the different types of Saxo accounts (so much to read). Did you mean you are a Saxo Platinum sharedealing account holder as can’t find Premium. I have to move from **** it’s hopeless. I don’t want to say too much until I have left.

Sorry you might have mentioned already but I can’t find the relevant post. Is your SIPP and ISA with iWeb or someone else. I want a provider with good service (not necessarily cheap) and one that pays out promptly not 3 months later!
ii has good reviews but don’t want to put all eggs in one basket.


@mememe Will be interested to hear what the issues were once you’ve left as I still use them for an ISA.

I think they altered their account types in recent months, they now use these names:
Classic – minimum £500 deposit.
Platinum – minimum £50,000 deposit.
VIP – minimum £1,000,000 deposit.

For most, the Classic account is used. Platinum is the old Premium I think.

My SIPP is with Charles Stanley Direct… more for historic reasons before I knew what to look at… and now too expensive to change.
However, their customer services seem good to me.

I have ISAs with CS, AJ Bell, iWeb and Hargreaves and a non-ISA with Saxo.

I haven’t dealt with customer services enough to criticise any of them too much. I usually deal with them via secure messaging.
Certainly with SAXO, you need to call them if you have issues as their online issue reporting Ive found isn’t responsive enough.

Have you tried IG?