Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?





Shall be a stinker results day imo



I guess that reflects your conviction & so it makes sense to avoid spread costs. Just thought you might have reduced. But to each their own with their own money. Still hard to call things with key Brexit talks well into their latter stages &, whichever way they go, that’s liable to have a wider & fairly substantial effect across the FTSE.

Obviously nothing changes for me as I’m long & well down in paper loss. I’d need to see much higher than this to even start making decisions about reducing. - Regards.


Well, as you know, management is far more sensible than conviction. But between you and me (lol), i also like to buy fallers. So, i do little etf top up buys in dogged out sectors along the way. Does have its cover, sort of. Plan is, to pump vod profit one day into sector buy tbh


easier than trying to pick one winner in the sector turn, whenever it arrives


@Ripley94 i dont think any closing price can now be positive into BABA results. even a higher close than yesterday would be doggedly bearish



Thanks. Seems a prudent approach. When I’m out of a few recent mistimed cock-ups with a number of FTSE 100 stocks, I’ve already decided on another approach in future. A complete break for me. FWIW, I used to short as well, but decided on a long-only strategy to mimic my success with real shares.

In future, as well as building a bigger cash position in case of a mega correction, I’ll also be looking more so at ETFs &, as regards trading individuals stocks, at least across the FTSE 350.

As it is, bar a stake in AIM stock IQE, I’ve stuck with FTSE100 for too long. Many UKX stocks paying top-yields also hide a lot of financial problems via creative accounting & have poor growth potential. Not nearly as healthy as they first seem. That’s become increasingly apparent. - Regards.


“FWIW, including me, a few of us post our trades live for public scrutiny .”
Yes i do that as well and for that reason .
But you have to be more careful here now as you can edit for two days after, you can see if someone has edited ( could be a variety of good reasons ) but not what they have changed.


yes i know Ripley. I see many haha


@jackdawsson next recession, i wont look at shorts for 5 years again.


@jackdawsson we are pretty much on the same hymn sheet bar my odd short


Hi Ripley,

Indeed. That may happen now. But over time I think we get to know the genuine ones, warts & all, from the imposters. I’d never doubt you as I wouldn’t the prolific Soi. Personally, I’d feel ashamed if I ever sank to doctoring my trades as it’d indicate a huge ego problem. End of the day, we can’t lie to ourselves & there’s no escaping the reality of our trading accounts. That’s all that really counts in this game. - Regards.



any time i buy (or short) a stock, ive taken a position on an etf…much like telecomms. Its perfect really. Yes, its dropping a bit with vod, but it covers any short drama, and then, unlike a hedge (reducing profit), it comes good one day too on the sector turn. Many ways to use etfs. But i like them a lot


@Ripley94 whats your thinknig for BABA?

I could exit breakeven now on yesterday. Would you? Or is this perfect into results short side?

PS im not exiting lol. But whats your take on it?


144.80, and rising. what you do @Ripley94 ? Bulls must be tempted now haha


Last-Call .
I was not sure if you were taking VOD or BABA… in any case they are both up looks like any bulls missed the boat yesterday .
Are you on the bananas ?


Vod Up? I call that - surrender haha. BABA sure pushing it…be some very sad bulls tomorrw, albeit, a few will happily take that today i guess

Yes always on the bananas


BP plummeting down much faster rate than PMO. Just need a bit of stealth volume there by close, and il go back and look at it at 50p haha


once the sucka market is done above 100p, youd think 20% drop isnt going to take long really


GWPH buy on Monday looks ok.
Have a look at vast its at a price i’m tempted lol


is nice on gwph. 2nd gap day. A concern or full rage bull?