Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



VAST a tough one. need to look a bity more. medium term says no yet the intra says possibly a buy today. Maybe above 0.533 today? if not, check tomorrow?


If you are looking for one that is rising i suggested to crazy to close his short on PDL and hour or so ago .
Didn’t you say if its not a short


Cant recall PDL chat on the forum @Ripley94 . You’ll have to quote it back to here to jog my memory


VOD is not the only forum.
I usually post about a share on its own board ( this one does seem to go off topic ) ok with me but i’ve read others moaning about it on the site in the past.
I have discussed various shares on the Marksman board ( where crazy pops up sometimes puts his two penny’s in suggesting i’m stupid buying PDl , )
Now Marksman is a chart person a big fan of Stan W…
Buy high and watch is go higher , he has disappeared over the last month i hope he’s well .
Well done on the PMO call i see that is down .


lol haha. well i dont know when you bought, but in my book, justified any time since August 18th. Even nicer if you did it recently. Not much of a wait. Tell you what…wish i saw that 3 and 4 days ago.


well, the ones paying out are always easy. BABA is the one on the tail now. ggg

Pretty confident of the short. Will cost about £8000 in total if wrong. But thats the norm so just another trade anyway. Hsve post market selling off so normally a good sign from day high into results. See if this matches normal toogggg


Start a topic called ‘any instrument’

cant moan then (but possibly would)



Target zone…thats where below expectation will come in. Above expectation priced in now bar maybe 4%


Of course, the risk doesnt qualify that zone truly. Maybe just. Would need to hold for a bit more in my book, see what 120 does


Well i was buying before and after August i’m sorry to say… crazy posted he was praying for me …
And i need praying for.
Odd as hes a technical man as well i have never studied it , as i say an ameture who just likes to buy cheap .
And when they get cheaper !!!
As you liked PDL ill throw another TUNG … if i was not in more then i like, i might of looked to top that up today.
And i notice AFC is trying to rise .


Fast, off the bat, Tung, i get why on the daily chart. Certainly has buyers in. Not done enough to try determine who, so,

weekly, id wait that strike price to have buyers with me on two levels

But as i say, a 2 second glance. Could well be more than justified on your research done, for entry lower


Well best of luck with the trade any reason you expect results to be worse then expected ?


charts. always the reason lol


well, also, who is at the low, usually determines dead cat bounce or change…

so my view is retail bought the support into results. Not funds.

And when funds are not in, for a reason

of course, not always right too


usual retail zones to buy. Double bluff? well, find out soon.


Put it this way, will take something seismic given their failings to get into international markets at the level they want, to turn this around big time. So, i wouldnt feel lost if opened flattish…with the right trend on this occasion


Right now its like any. Looks cheap…looking for data to find the floor. falling knife news


They are heavily invested in emerging markets which maybe will yield one day. But no point backing that horse via them yet too. Its like a cirlce. Amazon fails there, they fall flat outside and so on


That all seems rational but i do not think its a level playing field.
I do not believe the brokers involved in placings ect do not chat to there mates .
And the hedge funds most likely employ people to wine and dine others and obtain hints if nothing else of how thinks are going .


Sure. Absolute certainty the resultds are known too. Now you just have to decide was it the ignorant? or the inside knowledge buying?