Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



Did you take down the music video you finished with the other night ? .
I enjoyed it, feeling in it.
Did you see Finbar Furey & Christy Dignam on the late late show some time back .
They sang part of " Green Fields of France " so good i put it on my Facebook .
Apat for this time of year … it will move you .


I remember that performance wll. Christy Dignam gone now isnt he? No didnt take it down



a few beers and flashbacks some nights. empties the mind



good song that, to make most of people when alive around you


You made me look that up on Wikipedia hes only my age lol
Quite a back story !!
Hes still alive i think i had thought it was a quite recent show have a listen its moving .
I’m no good at posting links or i would .


i thought he overdosed. obviousy survived it. Must have gven him a pint at hospital


ah yes.

great session


yuo must know all these where you lived lol haha


Yes i loved my Dad very much i was lucky and so was he , that’s why i went back to Ireland after his death, i put a stone up over his parents ( never lucky enough to meet but knew all about them ) he liked a pint and never got around to it .
I knew he’d be so proud of that .
Trouble is rural Irealand is changing very few around .


going back for 6 weeks , in two weeks. the only place that truly makes me switch off from markets. friends all over so i rent a decent camper van and get around to em all. Horseshoe around the coast


Thank you i could get to like you Last-Call :wink:
Beautiful voices


Great Idea …
My ambition is to build a decent house next to the one i’m neglecting at the moment .
Maybe do something with that as well .
lovely coast road around clifden , and Connemara when the sun shines !!


used to play golf near it in ballyconneely . loved the area


and of course, many a night i cant even remember lol . If you ever go south, try clonakilty (smaill place), and dingle. Those areas are nice too. great music sessions

or the less known newbridge. rough but worth risking for great singers lol


There is a course in ballagahdeerren and a newer one on the new N4 towards Castlebar.
Not been over for about 8 years .
I stayed at a cousins place on lock talt on the road to ballina beautiful.


You know the auld country fairly well Ripley. Been to a few haybarn dances im sure .


Not so much was mostly busy around the farm whenever i stayed usually only travelled about if needing to go somewhere . Be nice to see other parts .


Well don’t get a Ryan air flight whatever you do. Cost a quid and then £5000 for a pack of peanuts.