Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



Not what you are asking… but… transferring from a UBS ISA to a AJ Bell ISA took over 3 months.
That isn’t unusual for any ISA transfer in my limited experience… they never seem in any particular hurry and that 3 months+ is full of long gaps with zero happening and both ‘sides’ waiting for each other to do something.
Frankly… it needn’t take a week if they got their arses into gear.


@J_Westlock, I thought you were with iWeb. Did you transfer to AJBell recently and are you pleased with them I don’t find the new platform as good as the previous one.

My transfers to AJBell took no more than 6 weeks that was 3 years ago. I was able to trade until a few days before the settlement date. The transfer from Fidelity to ii took just over a week!! If they both use the Origo system there is no excuse for a delay.


I have a few Broker accounts. I deliberately separate them to ensure I don’t go over the FSCS fund limit but also to avoid any transfer costs.
I didn’t know the old AJ Bell platform but it does the job. I don’t like the way they handle corp actions and usually find their secure messages on them confusing or wrong… and their menu item for them doesn’t always work.
Other than that AJ Bell are my second favourite.

I guess I’m just unlucky with ISA transfers!


@J_Westlock, tell me about their corporate actions it’s a mess I spoke to the Customer Service Manager two years ago it is now being looked into- wait and see. There is also recently the problem (though not always) of cash from a trade not being added to the account immediately - in an ISA that can be critical if you want to purchase another stock. Took 16mins on my last trade for cash to be added back!!

Is Saxo your first favourite - if not who is it.


Saxo is my favourite for trading, charts plus access to wide range of world markets… plus multi currency a/c.

Next is iWeb… cheap and cheerful.

AJ Bell next.

After that I’d have to put HL.

I also use a couple of others but I wouldn’t recommend them… just too expensive to move.

When we’ve discussed this in the past I’ve noticed that many recommend IG… I’ve never used them for share dealing but they seem well worth a look and aren’t as expensive as some.


@J_Westlock, I’ve been using IG for a while. Excellent reports however they don’t provide contract notes. Multicurrency a/c etc I think very similar to Saxo except trades are offset against custody charges so I’ve never paid for the latter. Not too sure about customer services. I’ve still not received the FY tax certificate has Saxo sent yours?

I’m glad you’re pleased with iWeb just concerned about how long it will take to do a transfer from ii and with the market being so volatile might be best to wait. BTW, I prefer the ii VP site for portfolios, charts etc to the trading site.

Don’t like HL or the attitude of management. Also their excessively high charges moved away from them some years ago - no regrets.


@jackdawsson, do you still have a trading account with ii or have you moved?


I didn’t even know SAXO provided one!
I do have a non-ISA/non-SIPP account with SAXO and for my annual SA tax return I just run a report that shows divis earned… and that what I enter… in each currency.
Similarly, I store the Trade Notes when I buy/sell and update a s/sheet to manage my CGT.



Apology for delayed response as I only caught this notification today.

As you’ll probably appreciate, changing a main broker is an important decision. Though I only ended up with ii after they took over TT Direct, all my records with TDD were also transferred over. They go back to 2010. Plus, I’m very familiar with how everything works here. If not for ii’s charges, increased again as of this week to £9.99 monthly & designed to get one trading even more, I’d not be moving anytime soon.

I’m still with ii due to waiting for a more opportune time with markets, ie. more upside in certain SPs. I want to sell some stocks before I transfer. That’ll also allow me to use up more commission-free trading credits.

I’m waiting just in case of inordinate delays during the transfer. Though that process should normally take about 2 to 3 weeks, I’ve read too many times about clients being left in limbo for a lot longer. In some cases, 3 to 4+ months.

What I can clarify is that I’ve whittled down my choices to 3 alternatives in order of preference: iWeb & X-O for low commission, despite very plain platforms. Hargreaves Lansdown for their more comprehensive service & no added charges for a share account, despite much higher commission. - Regards.


@jackdawsson, I was with X-O for years found they had larger spreads not good as others overall but this was a couple of years ago. Also restrictions on what can be traded. I didn’t like HL not only because of the higher commission but impossible to get a sensible response/resolve an issue found management quite rude. They made a right mess up of a transfer and then wouldn’t admit to it.
In my opinion AJBell has gone downhill a lot I’m not sure I could recommend them They also have exit charges.

I’m sticking with ii for now I’m likely to trade monthly so custody charges should be low. Better the devil you know. I’m also concerned that if I close my trading account they will also shut down my VP account which I rely on heavily. I tried to ask on the discussion board if any ex-ii holders had experienced this but no one replied. Perhaps they’ve all left this site. Regards


I believe they are legally obliged to send you an end of year tax certificate for dividends. They should also send a CGT report but that I think is not obligatory.
I do the same as you download the data as I go along. IG has good reporting options. Does Saxo convert the dividends to £s or do you have to? Do you take an average rate or the rate that applies on the day the dividend is paid.



Thanks. Points about X-O & HL appreciated & taken on board. I’d also be staying put for similar reasons (better the Devil one knows) if only UK markets weren’t facing potentially extreme hazards & disruptions. Whilst neither a No-Deal hard Brexit nor a possible Labour/SNP coalition in Number 10 are anywhere near bankers, neither are they inconceivable. Not to me at least. I know others disagree.

In either of those circumstances, I can see myself mostly holding my share buys for ages & doing little else, bar taking dividends.

I’m sure you’re right that many former ii posters have moved on over the past year for various reasons. Certainly many ii BBs seem a lot quieter since they abandoned their previous format.

Sorry I can’t be helpful about whether ii would close down a VP account when one leaves. I’ve no idea. I’ve never had a VP account with them. - Will let folk know when I do finally move my account.

Best of luck!


Not from the multi currency accounts… it’s left in currency of the account.
I convert myself to GBP on the relevant event day… and that’s what I use as far as HMRC is concerned. Should I ever forget then I’d use HMRC site to find their own rate to be used.

PS. 4 years ago I asked SAXO about such a cert and they told me:

We have the financial statement but I am not sure if this is sufficient as a standalone.

As the reports are universal we would have to tailor each report to the region and individual. You will need to use a mixture of the reports.

PPS. I just remembered that I had to complain about SAXO and eventually the Financial Ombudsman… they paid me off. It was regarding whether they considered me a Premium account holder or not.


it won’t let me access the discussion board without logging in to my VP account. how do you access the boards?


I’m getting rid of UK shares as fast as I can not that they’ve done much in the past year. Bloomberg radio had an interesting discussion yesterday how bad things are when compared to Europe which in itself is not doing well. It’s scary.
I’m focussing on the US market but even that is so volatile.

Do let us know if you move and who to. If I did I would most likely give iWeb a try (no exit charges). @J_Westlock, is quite happy with them (I think)- basic but cheap



As passwords for ii’s trading accounts & discussion BBs are different, I just remain logged in with latter, bar if I get logged-out by the system. That rarely happens. Maybe once or twice a year. I’ve kept the same password for ii BBs since joining May 2009.

I know some people changed their passwords for discussion BBs after ii switched over to the current layout. Some ended up losing their previous posting history & former aliases. But I’ve changed nothing.

I agree we seem likely to face significant headwinds sooner than later, even if subsequent events see us avoid a major recession. Whilst I won’t be selling most of what I hold, preferring to take yield & wait for recovery, OTOH, I also still hold significant stakes in stock I certainly want to exit soon. Those will be at loss. But all proceeds from those sells will be re-invested elsewhere soon after. Still undecided where.

I’ll certainly keep you updated. It could be a few weeks though before I start the transfer process.

Quite a few other posters have recommended iWeb. Not just inexpensive, but also VG for trade execution prices. Comparable with brokers charging much higher commission. - Cheers.


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Maybe so for the really nifty. :slightly_smiling_face: As regards my real shares account, I also want to keep significant cash in reserve. Hence, will only be ploughing back funds from planned sells. That’s just in case things get really nasty later & we end up going back to lows not seen for years. Not inconceivable &, if it happens, any recovery could take longer than before. BoE no longer has tools like reducing interest rates as they did after the previous crisis.

But any real share account has obvious limitations during a serious downturn & is bound to get hit. But the leveraged account will be fairly handy (for shorting), as far more flexible. That’s regardless of any “munching teletubbies”. - Regards.


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