Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here?



so you do have a VP account. I use it to monitor all my portfolios easy to view all in one place. The News section can be interesting. I didn’t change anything so lost nothing with the new platform.
I like IG do all my foreign trades with them. So far have never paid custody charges FX charge 0.5% and can have multicurrency accounts.


Hi @mememe

As mentioned, I don’t have a VP with ii. That is, I never set one up with ii nor had need to. For years I had a VP with “MoneyAM”. For a long while that was ample for my needs, though towards the end I hardly ever looked at it. MoneyAM were taken over a few weeks ago by the “Shares” site.

I’ve not bothered with any VP since as I no longer have a pressing need for one. But the only one I’ve ever had was with MoneyAM.

Thanks for highlighting IG. That was another contender, but unlike the three brokers I mentioned, I believe IG impose some charges on inactivity over quarterly periods. When I move from ii, the bottom line for me is no added charges for simply holding stocks for longer periods.

Though there were some years where I’ve done 70 to 75+ real share trades, other times I’ve done nothing but leveraged trading for over 8 months. I expect to see similar periods of inactivity with real shares in future. - Regards.


OK I understand you don’t have an ii VP account but all I’m saying is the system forces me to login to my research account (VP)otherwise it won’t let me access even the discussion boards. Perhaps it does this because I’ve had this VP account for 20 years could be more.

MoneyAM is part of AJBell I don’t like it… For me the VP portfolio monitoring site is the best I monitor all brokers here even have my ii trading portfolio. I can add notes for each stock very useful.



Thanks. That might explain it. The fact that you’ve had your VP with ii for 20 years.

A very different situation for me. I was with TD Direct until ii’s takeover about November 2017. I don’t even recall whether TDD had a VP option due to me using MoneyAM’s VP at the time. But in general TDD were an excellent broker, often delivering market-beating execution prices. I preferred TDD to ii for that alone. - Regards.