I would have thought a 20-30% sp rise will be seen today.You never know with the market as it is. I would have thought this has got to be at least 8p by year end with these results 1400 oz of gold in 2 months and lots more to come.


Placing 15 April 16. @ 1.1
Now back to that price.


looks like this is the first post i made here must be the reason i bought @ placing price of 1.1p on 7th of June 2016.
I See Nige the snake was a poster , not sure if ediks was ?

( T ) 2 August 2016 @ 0.695p

Appears a name change around time i bought from Ferrex.
The 3 year low was this year 17th may @ 0.32p… been gaining since 0.55p in 9 th August 2019 dropped back to 0.42 now.


Looks like that was a buy opportunity when it pulled back RNS this morning up 45%
Touching 060 before pull back.
Vast down 10% buying pull back there Friday didn’t work that was the RNS many were waiting for this Monday morning.


Dropped back to 0.45p last two weeks … back now to 0.5p.
Was that new resistance ?



Letter from ( J ) today these little mining shares just not worth the hassle .
Before reading the news on this site below i thought the new shares were instead and not in addition as “extra different shares” and they were giving up AIM listing and my holding with ( J ) sold in bulk with others and paid out . As they do not trade ASX.
( As ( D ) did with Lonmin . )

If so i need to take different action and it is not so concerning .
There letter as clear as mud.

Keras Resources Progresses Capital Reduction, Nayega Development
from Alliance News | 6th November 2019 14:40
(Alliance News) - Keras Resources PLC said Wednesday it has made progress on commencing production on the Nayega manganese project in Northern Togo.

In addition, Keras said that the High Court of Justice has made an order approving a reduction of the company’s capital.

The reduction comprises the cancellation of the mineral resource company’s share premium account, which will not change the number of overall issued shares.

On November 19, a further hearing is scheduled to take place, to gain approval for the cancellation and repayment of all 1.19 billion deferred shares, and 0.09 pence of the capital paid up on each issued ordinary shares.

The repayment will be carried out by transferring 723.8 million shares in Calidus Resources Ltd held by Keras to eligible shareholders. Shareholders will be entitled to receive one Calidus shares for every 3.44229 shares held.

Keras Resources currently holds a 34% stake in Calidus, which is an ASX-listed gold explorer.

The transfer of Calidus shares is expected to take place by November 29, and before a proposed consolidation of Calidus shares.

Concerning Nayega, Keras and its 85%-owned subsidiary Societe Generale de Mines, which holds the exploration permit for the project, met with the Togolese Ministry of Mines over the starting of production.

All ancillary documentation related to the permit is expected to be concluded by the end of 2019, which will allow commercial production to start in the first quarter of 2020.

Initial operations will be based on shipping ore to smelter end users, however Keras believes that there is potential to add value by producing mangaese sulphate fore the fertiliser and bettery market.

To this end, the company has appointed Simulus Engineers to conduct a scoping study on the possibility of developing such a refinery for the Nayega project.

“The Council of Ministers decree authorising the grant of the exploitation permit for our flagship Nayega manganese project is transformational and a major milestone for the company. Our strategy of proving up the project through the fully funded 10,000-tonne bulk sample programme has been validated, and without investing any further capital, Keras can transition seamlessly from Explorer to Producer,” said Chief Executive Russell Lamming.

Shares in Keras Resources - which is headquartered in Cobham - were up 5.6% at 0.47 pence on Wednesday in London.

By Dayo Laniyan;

Copyright 2019 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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Rang them seems letter was faulty new one to everyone in post.
Looks like its 3.44229 demerged for 1.
Today and a date around the 26th ( ex ) important dates ( today not that important, just in a different batch when they sell )


I hope ( J ) corporate action gave me correct dates on Monday as its a massive drop today.
Failed to lift yesterday at 0.45p.

Got them today for 0.35p in morning and @ 0.33p after 4pm .

Looks like from below RNS… they did misinform me .

After 2pm …
Rang corporate action spoke to same woman … she read RNs .
Although she sees Record date of 19th this is not the ex date which she said had been brought forward from 26th to tomorrow 21st.
Acting on this bought again set limit 0.34 lifted 0.33 ( that is £30 on each 1k ) cheaper .
Therefore i will get the Calidus shares as an extra ???
( D ) prevented me from buying a third time ( something went wrong message )
And Karas should be down in the morning .

ChirpyCheep differes … From lse.

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Ripley20 Nov 2019 17:38

Yesterday was the ex dividend date.
You get your CAI shares next Tuesday.

Wed, 20th Nov 2019 07:00

RNS Number : 9739T
Keras Resources PLC
20 November 2019

Keras Resources plc / Index: AIM / Epic: KRS / Sector: Mining

20 November 2019

Keras Resources plc

(‘Keras’ or the ‘Company’)

Court Approval of the Demerger Reduction Received

& Confirmation of Record Date as 19 November 2019

Keras Resources plc, the AIM listed mineral resource company, is pleased to announce that, on 19 November 2019, the High Court of Justice (the ‘Court’) made an order approving the cancellation and repayment of: (a) all issued deferred shares of 0.4p each in the capital of the Company (‘Deferred Shares’); and (b) 0.09p of the capital paid up on each issued ordinary share of 0.1p each in the capital of the Company (‘Ordinary Shares’) (together the ‘Demerger Reduction’). The Court order has been registered and the Demerger Reduction has therefore taken place.

Following the Demerger Reduction, shareholders of Keras now hold ordinary shares of 0.01p each in the capital of the Company (‘New Ordinary Shares’) and the number of New Ordinary Shares in issue is the same as the number of Ordinary Shares that were in issue prior to the Demerger Reduction. However, there are no longer any Deferred Shares in issue. Existing Keras share certificates (including share certificates issued when the Company’s name was Ferrex plc) will remain valid in respect of certificated holdings in the Company. With regard to uncertificated shareholdings, the existing ISIN of GB00B649J414 will not change.

As a result of the Demerger Reduction, Keras is now able to proceed with the transfer of 723,750,000 ordinary shares in Calidus Resources Limited (‘Calidus Shares’) currently held by the Company to eligible shareholders. Eligible shareholders will be entitled to receive 1 Calidus Share for every 3.451963 New Ordinary Shares registered in their name on the record date, which has been confirmed to be 6.00 pm on 19 November 2019. This ratio has been adjusted since the Company announced on 27 September 2019 that eligible shareholders would be entitled to receive 1 Calidus Share for every 3.44229 New Ordinary Shares held. This adjustment was made as a result of the issue of 7 million Ordinary Shares on 11 November 2019 following the exercise of subscription rights under warrants.

It has been possible to complete the Demerger sooner than expected, and the transfer of Calidus Shares to eligible shareholders is expected to take place by close of business in Australia on Monday 25 November 2019. The registrars for Calidus, Automic Group, will send a security-holder reference number (SRN) py post to each transferee. The SRN should be quoted when trading in Calidus Shares.

Details of the Demerger Reduction were set out in the Circular sent to shareholders on 27 September 2019 and approved by shareholders at the General Meeting held on 14 October 2019.

Further information on Calidus is available on its website at In particular eligible shareholders should note that Calidus is in the process of consolidating its ordinary shares on the basis of one consolidated share for every ten existing Calidus Shares, and that this consolidation is expected to be approved by Calidus shareholders at the annual general meeting convened for Monday 25 November 2019.


Not sure if Jarvis or posters on LSE have this correct but price drop of 25% spread 35% on that site indicates its not clear at all.
New shares already in ( D ) 276592 for a 952110 Keras holding looks like i might have the lot.
Jarvis rang me back yesterday and said the ratio changed since last letter so even that might not add up if ( D ) are not as up to speed.
RNS about Demerger today below.

Capital Gains on Calidus Demerger
from Regulatory News | 21st November 2019 07:00
RNS Number : 1312U
Keras Resources PLC
21 November 2019

Keras Resources plc / Index: AIM / Epic: KRS / Sector: Mining

21 November 2019

Keras Resources plc

(‘Keras’ or the ‘Company’)

Capital Gains on Calidus Demerger

For UK taxpayers, the value of ordinary shares in Calidus Resources Limited (‘Calidus Shares’) received under the Demerger will be treated as a part disposal by Keras shareholders of their investment in Keras. As only part of the investment in Keras has been returned, only part of the cost of that investment can be deducted in the tax computation of the gain or loss accruing on the part disposal.

The mid-market closing price of an ordinary share in Keras (‘Keras Share’) on 20 November 2019, the first day of trading post the Demerger, was £0.00315.

Shareholders that held Keras Shares on the record date are entitled to receive 1 Calidus Share for every 3.451963 Keras Shares registered in their names. Using the mid-market closing price of a Calidus Share on the same day (A$0.023) and the exchange rate of £1 = A$1.8937, gives a value of £0.003518 in Calidus Shares received in respect of each Keras Share.

It follows that the cost of a shareholder’s investment in Keras should be divided for UK Capital Gains Tax purposes as being 52.763% in respect of the Calidus Shares received under the Demerger and 47.237% in respect of the residual holding of Keras Shares.

Please note that the Company is not able to provide tax advice. Keras shareholders should accordingly seek appropriate guidance or advice when completing any tax return which reflects any matters for which the apportionment stated above is relevant.


( 276592…Pinecone54… 275817 revised )
After starting big difference of opinion on lse … looks like the lady @ ( J ) advised me correctly and all the others were wrong .
Sometimes just because a much larger numbers think one way and you another… you can still be correct… in a minority of just one .

What an absolute nuisance this has been …
( nearly all the posters on lse will not except Jarvis information , or there own brokers in the main H.L ) .
So mush so an RNS from the company .
Which they all claim backs there view .
But i think changes nothing .
Its a headache .
At least there are some good links to the company below … Web site … Twitter .

Record Date Clarification
from Regulatory News | 22nd November 2019 12:34
RNS Number : 4039U
Keras Resources PLC
22 November 2019

Keras Resources plc / Index: AIM / Epic: KRS / Sector: Mining

22 November 2019

Keras Resources plc

(‘Keras’ or the ‘Company’)

Record Date Clarification

Keras Resources plc confirms that the Record Date for the Keras Demerger is 19 November 2019. Shareholders on the share register at 6pm on the Record Date are entitled to receive 1 Calidus Resources Ltd (“Calidus”) Share for every 3.451963 Keras Ordinary Shares (“Eligible Shareholders”).

The Company is forwarding the Keras share register on the Record Date to the Automic Group to allow the distribution of the 723,750,000 Calidus shares to Eligible Shareholders when the ASX opens next, on Monday 25 November 2019.

Eligible Shareholders who hold their Keras shares through a Nominee company (“Nominee”), ie a broking account where your shares are not directly registered in your name should contact their Nominee to discuss the distribution of their CAI shares.


For further information please visit, follow us on Twitter @kerasplc or contact the following:

Russell Lamming

Keras Resources plc

Nominated Adviser & Broker

Ewan Leggat / Charlie Bouverat

SP Angel Corporate Finance LLP

+44 (0) 20 3470 0470

Financial PR

Isabel de Salis / Cosima Akerman

St Brides Partners Ltd

+44 (0) 20 7236 1177


Keras Resources plc is focused on building a strategic portfolio of resource assets, providing investors with exposure to a portfolio of development assets including manganese, cobalt and nickel in Togo, West Africa. It is also in the process of transferring its holding of shares in Calidus Resources Limited to its shareholders by way of a capital reduction. The Company benefits from a skilled management team, which has extensive experience in the resource sector and proven success in advancing assets up the value curve.

This information is provided by RNS, the news service of the London Stock Exchange. RNS is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a Primary Information Provider in the United Kingdom. Terms and conditions relating to the use and distribution of this information may apply. For further information, please contact or visit




CAI… Appear to be trading under CAIDC… on some temporary bases big confusion with the price ( D )
But they will not have it .
Below post from lse site might be useful.


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RE: RE: Calidus SharesToday 13:24
Normal trading of CAI doesn’t resume on the ASX until the 6th December (post 10:1 consolidation). Maybe they are all waiting for that to finish.