Steve More ( S P ) said sell yesterday , LC could not see it and we both had a buy in yesterday .
Caught short so took mine of but got today at same price £13.90


£13.90 probably seemed a good price at the time …

I’m wondering just how low these can go, down another 10% just today. I’d been kicking myself for months, having sold out at just over £9, but I’m damn glad I didn’t hang on, as even though I’d still be showing a good profit at this price I’d be feeling like I’d made a really big loss.


Clitheroekid hi
It must of gone up yesterday as i am only 8 % down after today’s 10% fall.
I do not see how you think selling at £9 is better then £1272.
How long were you in ?


Down another 6% today. It’s beginning to look tempting again, but in a market like this rationality has long since ceased to apply.

Ripley, of course you’re right in actual terms - it’s obviously better to sell at £12.72 - or even today’s £12.00 - than at £9.00. The point I was making is that if I’d still been holding at the £25+ that the price reached a few months ago I’d feel by now that I’d lost a lot more than I did by selling at around £9. It’s a purely psychological effect.

I didn’t actually make a vast profit. I bought in early 2017, when the price was around £4.20, so nothing like as much as those who bought in early, but although I was more than happy at the time with having doubled my money it was extremely frustrating to see the price nearly treble after I’d sold!


Doubled up today @ £11.20p . On 28th Dec it fell to 11.06 after my first buy @ £13.90 .
But hit £14.00 on 8th January 2019.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNext day .
Very odd and shows you just can not tell and its one big gamble saw RNS one day after buy top up “book build placing” , but price up 5 % ( when my thought was just my luck )
Sold the top for 12.28p up 5% then saw the further RNS of 2 hours beforehand saying its completed , i thought must of been a premium !! only to see no at a 5% discount .
Went through instantly on limit so must be headed even high .
Sense in that ? and indeed it did closed @ 13.70.


Sold today @ 1860 p
Could of got 7% more next day 2000p


What looked like a mistake a couple of weeks ago looks prudent now pulled back to 1700p since.



Back in @ 1316p… Appears some did not like the recent take over of company they decided to buy .


I’ve added two tranches with an average of @1403.7p. (First @1443 and 2nd heavier tranche @1368p as i tried to feel for the bottom). Will buy again if that price goes another 3-4% under water (currently about 1% down. Building a position, having only ever owned briefly in the past.

Can’t see the problem with the takeover myself, but am no expert on this company - except that I’ve kicked myself many times in the past for missing trading opportunities.


You have to take your profits when they are still on the table to take them …

Sellers remorse can soon turn to relief with a company as volatile as this one (see chart above).


From looking at the Holding RNS’s FMR LLC are selling down also
Merian Global Investors (UK) Limited were selling down in just May, They probably bought a ton below the placing price and taking easy money… I feel this will continue pushing the SP back down. I’d wait and see if hits 1250 - 1200 or the placing price.


You may well be right, but I’ve missed out so many times with this company in the past i’m prepared to ‘pyramid down’ as the price drops.

By that I mean not just adding tranches at a lower price to average down, but also increasing the value of each subsequent tranche.

Its a dangerous game, but I’m taking a risk on this one with the hope that when the bottom is found I can soon sell off some of my excess holding and keep the rest at low book value, hopefully with a bright future ahead.

Obviously I have conviction in the company to do this but only time will tell if I have timed it right, or indeed got the intervals between tranches correct (approx 5% drop between purchases which mean the next one would/will be around @1300p, then @1234, if it goes that low).

If it keeps dropping with the strategy outlined above, there is a point I may have to let go and just swallow the loss rather than commit more funds. Its a risk I’m prepared to take here as i grasp this falling knife.


Back to 1100 on the dot which was the placing value back in January.

Merian Global Investors (UK) Limited still selling down, could go lower… looking like a good bounce point… time will tell.


Two big down days and couldn’t hold an important 4 digit number, this is now below any of the headed neck lines, same price it was in August 2017, did we go back in time 2 years?

Continuing to watch for a trade, personally I’m now put off all UK stocks apart from a few of the small caps I own.


Mistake with hindsight went as low as 866p today .
7% day fall.


What did you buy in at Ripley?


Look up a little on this page … better that way you can trust it :wink:
1316 just seen .


I still don’t really know what caused the big drop in June.

The results were announced the same day as the take-over of Thoughtonomy Ltd and the big drop seen in the chart followed. Anyone got any ideas?

I’m holding @1307p after trading my average down a little. Helluva a long way to go, yet I can’t see anything in the results that is a problem.


Thanks Eadwig… not much between are buy prices you looking to top up ?


Yes, I’ll buy some more if it drops as below @900p again just to trade it down some more.

My last purchase was at @920p and I sold for @962p this morning. Nothing to write home about, but I knock the profit made off my book value and it helps me bring down the holding average. A drop in the ocean, but if possible I’d like to get down my holding average to the placement price of @1100p

I’ve been trapped by placements in AIM companies before when holding well above the placement price, and it can lead to tears. I had a large position in TEF Telford homes averaging over @440p when they announced a placement @360p.

TEF then started suffering due to Brexit and I spent a couple of years trading it down to around @357p but it was still underwater when they announced a take-over bid at a premium to the share price of @350p. I’d have been forced into a large loss, but at least I pretty much broke even with TEf in the end because of its dividends. No dividends here if some foreigners swoop in to takeover PRSM while the GBP is weak… and there is a lot of that gong on, especially in this type of company.

That’s the trouble with placements. They tend to set a price base … but if the price dips beneath that it can often drop steeply. That happened with TEF and it happened here with PRSM - i just don’t understand why with PRSM. Perhaps it is the drop off in industrial production around the world that the market is responding to…

I just noticed this on Yahoo, I think it comes from PRSM’s marketing department. Good on them if so, too many AIM companies do little or nothing to get themselves in the media. Can’t harm the share price.

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