Star Phoenix ( STA ) announce funding delay , SP plummets but MM's have no shares to sell


Formerly known as Range Resources is well on the way to being debt free with working capital to advance their drilling operations in Trinidad and guess what the Market Makers take the share price South but are unwilling to sell shares to potential buyers .

Typical Market Maker short in operation … hey … using multiple ID’s on chat sites such as : LSE , ADVFN , to shake out anyone that hasn’t done their research whilst stopping those that have from buying in … grrrrr …


patience paid off , managed to buy another 15,000 ( STA ) shares at 2p /share today . That was the max available before Negotiated / Trading kicked in with none available after my purchase . On;y came to £312 including trading fees but may turn out to be a very profitable investment even if only part of the anticipated future comes to fruition .