Stay application



Scheduled for tomorrow 10am in GC Cayman.
Frontera Resources Corporation and Anor v Hope and Ors (1/2 day) Stay application Mourant/CD&P
Frr are plaintiffs but not clear which side is seeking a stay in proceedings.
Who is Anr?


Hi Torridon. I googled it and got this. Sounds sensible in the context??

means ‘Another’ When there are more than one party in a case instead of writing name of all the parties we use Ors. For more than 1 other parties and Anr. For only 1 other party. For instance if you along with one of you friend file a case against union of India the name of the case would be.


Either there’s an ooc settlement being done or Hope is requesting to halt proceedings.

All in my humble laymen opinion


I thought it’s like “a stay of execution” I.e a pause in proceedings.

Great find btw


I just pasted from google so the language was a bit haywire, but looking at it again I now think Anr or rather Anor refers to Frontera Resources Corporation and Another unnamed v Hope and Ors (? others?)


I’m sure it means one side is asking to pause proceedings.
If that’s the case it could mean a deal is being done between FRR and Hope.


Hi Gordon. Didn’t follow you. Could you rephrase please.
I get anr refers to ‘another’ party but who is it?
An amicus curiae perhaps?


Anr singular
Ors plural
Is readily understood


If that’s the case it’s brilliant news if there’s an ooc settlement being worked out.


Or maybe Hope is requesting the case is thrown out???
Any legal eagles out there?


Hi Torridon, As far as I can see on google Anr relating to legal proceedings is used to denote a second unnamed party. ie., FRR and versus Hope and Ors which would mean and other parties ie., in the plural. So FRR + one other versus Hope plus more than one other?


Torridon, you asked who Anr was. Did you already know Anr meant Another? If so, sorry and I suppose Anr doesn’t want to be known hence we don’t know who they are? Or it might just be legal shortnote laziness lol


just a thought what if the another is BH as i think they hold shares in frr for work done earlier in the year,and if so maybe it could be BH is also after hope for shorting the shares thus brining down the value of these shares that way causing BH to lose monies along with all the other shareholders just a thought.


Maybe an application by both parties to remove the dispute from the court, in which case it begins to look like ooc being worked. From my reading, I understand the court may still intervene.
Generally, courts want parties to settle issues themselves, though they may direct mediation.
Keen to see how this develops and whether shorters comment.


Yes , Torridon, most likely an amicus curiae - a ‘friend of the court’. Most likely interpretation, I would think, is that the a.c. is a recognised arbitrator?? All IMHO.


Initial thoughts and instincts say there’s an ooc settlement being done and FRR are asking to pause the court case pending the settlement outcome.

This could be brilliant news.


Stakes are too high or both parties to risk losing. If Hope gets his money I’m sure he’ll take it. He only bought the notes for 4m the chancer.


in the space of 10 minutes I have learned about 3 legal terms I had no idea whatsoever about. Google/internet is great as is exploration and discussion on this board so my thanks :smiley:


If not ac, qed 123, then the anr would need to have an interest in proceedings in order to have a right to be heard.


Won’t make any difference to the SP …