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Zaza mentioned 3 majors…

Surely it was 5 ?

Great news…lol


Have to say Regdik captures my view exactly. What we keep seeing are “screenshots” in time - but always well after the event

Yesterday’s paper referred to the court hearing on 18th December - nearly 2 months ago. The draft ruling was circulated on the 20th December - for the legal teams to comment.

The final ruling was circulated on January 22nd - so still 3 weeks ago. So in a nutshell the judge said to the opposing parties - on 18th December - this case “cries out for a commercial compromise”

The Term Sheet announcement re NY Financing was RNSd on 12th December - just 6 days before the hearing. And one thing I do know is that the Nomad was happy with the validation of that RNS because he had seen the documentation and was aware of the lenders credentials and background (just as he was on the NDA signatories, and earlier company claims that the Tarabani potential had been understated).

Why am I so sure? Because I picked up the phone and rang him.


The judge has been a very wise and reasonable man. If he finds out that he has been used by Zaza as a pawn in some cheap con trick to buy time he ain’t gonna be very happy.


Hi Dev,

Thanks for the response but I’m not sure the link works. I just get “This item might not exist or is no longer available”. Followed by “This item might have been deleted, expired or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information.”

Can you offer any help or advice?


Your naïvety is parallel to your ignorance which in turn is overshadowed by your vexatiousness. No wonder you are so bitter.


Hey Duckie,
I suggest you hook up with RainbowRider over at LSE, he’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear.


Yellow Jersey have just raised their heads above the parapet just now on LSE with this advice!

New News…“Will be released as and when - we have nothing at the moment

Assume therefore they are still on-board!


That and the shame in his father’s eyes


See if this works (original clearly timed out)


Thanks Dev, it does.
Regards K.


Hey Duckie, just your sort of post.

Funding in the Bag
Operations continuing apace
Shorters running for cover
What’s not to like here !!!


Update to that post
NY funding in the bag
EWT done to satisfaction of NY fund and the partners BH and BP
Judge directing $22m to close out SH and OMF
Company intent on relisting after a sensible consolidation and expecting significant re-rate higher
Shorters looking to buy your shares whilst they can
What’s not to like here

Now what is that squeaking noise
Squeak squeak squeak


Sorry Booster…how old did you say you were ?


What you on about fillpot ? Company planning re-listing?

They bankrupt…

The judge has said debtors are priority for any payment.

The hope for you guys is basically nil.

A little bit of reality would make you feel a whole lot better.


What’s that funny buzzing noise ???


Ah Mr hammers…

Why are peeps watching videos here ?

The last thing you need now is communication from this lot…

What might that cost you ?

You’ve lost your trousers…try and hang on to your crackers !


There it is again, very strange


Do you know what the real strange thing (and sad thing) here is.

How peeps can jump to castigate up-standing businessmen…whilst defending those that have had such a negative effect on their finances.

Truly shocking…beggars belief


Why do some people find time to post on a subject they have no interest in (financially) ?


Don’t you find my chart analysis on VRS enlightening jaytee ?