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That and the shame in his father’s eyes


See if this works (original clearly timed out)


Thanks Dev, it does.
Regards K.


Hey Duckie, just your sort of post.

Funding in the Bag
Operations continuing apace
Shorters running for cover
What’s not to like here !!!


Update to that post
NY funding in the bag
EWT done to satisfaction of NY fund and the partners BH and BP
Judge directing $22m to close out SH and OMF
Company intent on relisting after a sensible consolidation and expecting significant re-rate higher
Shorters looking to buy your shares whilst they can
What’s not to like here

Now what is that squeaking noise
Squeak squeak squeak


Sorry Booster…how old did you say you were ?


What you on about fillpot ? Company planning re-listing?

They bankrupt…

The judge has said debtors are priority for any payment.

The hope for you guys is basically nil.

A little bit of reality would make you feel a whole lot better.


What’s that funny buzzing noise ???


Ah Mr hammers…

Why are peeps watching videos here ?

The last thing you need now is communication from this lot…

What might that cost you ?

You’ve lost your trousers…try and hang on to your crackers !


There it is again, very strange


Do you know what the real strange thing (and sad thing) here is.

How peeps can jump to castigate up-standing businessmen…whilst defending those that have had such a negative effect on their finances.

Truly shocking…beggars belief


Why do some people find time to post on a subject they have no interest in (financially) ?


Don’t you find my chart analysis on VRS enlightening jaytee ?



Isn’t is obvious why there’s a flurry of activity from the bears on the boards? There’s some big short positions that need closing. It’s a good sign PJ, Wshak et al posting.

I honestly think we may come out of this in one piece but as Gordon said WTFDIK!!! what do any of us really know?




Yellow Jersey have just posted “Agree” to this post by AJamesW on LSE!

“Its very likely they are under instructuctions not to post any relevent information, untill the news embargo is lifted.
YJ was responding to an alarmist post suggesting that YJ had disappeared from publishing FFR news a few days.
I have taken YJ post to the same as “Best regards, we are still here”, and nothing more, after all this is Twitter 128 character speak.”


People are now clutching at straws. Just wait for the official information, stop speculating and referring to emails from the year dot.


Zeninvestor (LSE) today.

"Exactly, there’s still a lot to play for. The lesson is that court documents need to be read slowly and interpreted carefully. Kawaley is bound by the law and by legal precedent. He gave a rather paternalistic interim judgement in which he recognised the plaintiffs’ long-standing attachment to the ‘cherished’ company and he acknowledged the ruthless mission statement of Outrider and the nature of its ‘purgatorial’ stranglehold over Frontera. But he has to abide by the law and found ‘on the evidence currently before the court’ (key caveat) that Hope had not breached his fiduciary duties. He even intimated that the other directors may have breached theirs by not recognising the claims of creditors. This was a finely balanced judgement (Kawaley himself used that phrase). It is subtle and nuanced. The end game must be being played out right now. It may even have been played and is being written up, rubber-stamped and filed.

We have reason to be less rattled than we were on Monday."


Hi Fozzer - hope you are well and I also hope you took some profits between .6p and .8p which I remember urging you to do.
On a technical point “Stop deluding yourself. You said FRR would “NEVER” go past 0.49p and that 0.09p would be taken out.”
We can’t sell in the market at all but I believe that a shorter is offering us .06p, so at the moment .09p has been taken out - the value of a share is the agreed price between a willing buyer and a willing seller - assuming someone has offloaded at .06p then .06p is the current value of the shares.
(Cue positivity trolls -yes I will do one - what an idiot I am - of course they are worth 5p.)


Didn’t top slice K, more fool me eh!!!

This isn’t over yet. Let’s wait and see.

Good luck.