Stay application



It will make a difference to the chances of a relist.


Doubt it…

Why would they even want to ?


I’m no legal eagle but this does suggest an ooc is being worked which is the logically path for both parties considering the high stakes.

Let’s wait and see. Ideally the NY funds will be used to pay off Hope and used to accelerate zone 19 oil with BH doing the heavy lifting.

Then we have BP, those two job adverts do suggest something significant is afoot.

A relist at 1p in 4 months will do me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::grinning::grinning::grinning::grin::grin::grin::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Why would they want to?

So they have access to capital markets, regardless of NY funding having access to capital markets via equity is a great safety net. Also allows funds to invest and for the directors to cyrstalise their immense holdings.

I think we’re approaching the end game and I’m all in


Perfect outcome,fozzer.
Credit for the find goes to snugsabug on lse.

PJ sounding quite desparate now


Booster your comment has made news over on LSE. LOL.


Yep just scanned LSE and the thoughts there are towards an ooc settlement too.

If I were short I’d be very worried. If FRR relist it will be with Hope gone, NY funding in place (having done their DD) and possibly BP showing their hand.

Can I start to dream again? I think can



I imagine PJ is short, why else post unless he’s narrasstic. He seems a lovely well adjusted man so I conclude he’s short.



Perhaps the news we have been waiting for…OOC? :clap::clap::fire::sweat_smile:


Yep has to be an ooc settlement. Why else would FRR (plaintiff) ask to halt proceedings.

Goooooo Zaza :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Best concentrate on what you ‘know’ fozzy.

Frontera are in default…they can barely afford to keep the lights on…they are producing very little…and they can’t raise finance at any price.

Re-list ? Lol


If I may pick you up, fozzer…the court listing remains constant to identify the case. This appn could still have come from Hope.
Also still a chance that frr have asked for a stay because Hope has submitted a strong defence and frr do not want proceedings to continue.
I don’t think so but we should await news nonetheless.



You have nothing to worry about then :wink::grinning::rofl:


Admit it…you’re nervous



Meanwhile, in the real world…you lot are still waiting for your over-due xmas presents.


Quite right T, the motivation behind the stay is unclear. However, it does look like “a deal” of sorts is being worked out.
If FRR have the 20m to pay Hope off why wouldn’t he take it?

Would he get that much breaking up the company? The GG will take the license away in a flash if FRR breakup. Hope hasn’t got the friends in Washington to stand a chance against the Georgians.

To early to celebrate but something significant is afoot.


I thought it was odd of Wshak to appear offering to publicly buy shares.
His previous position seemed to be of one of letting this run it’s course…


Just think what would happen to this SP if it ever came back ?

Access to capital markets ? Don’t make me laugh.


PJ, you’ve nothing to worry about then if you’re short and you honestly believe that. :wink:


3 strikes and you’re out big show :rofl: