Stay application



It would be far better if Hope ran the company, he’s clearly far smarter than the two clowns running the show now.


Having been dragged through the courts, Hope is not going to be on a very charitable mood towards Zaza.

I expect Zaza to stand down very shortly, he’s a effing disgrace.


The court papers are old basically says FRR won’t win so go away and have a think about things.

Assuming that a deal has now been done hence today’s stay application made by Frontera. FRR better have that 60m agreed otherwise I think it’s game over.


FRR may have been playing for time. Soon find out.


On the basis of the evidence put forward in the case that can be the only logical conclusion.

A deal will have to be done to move this forward, but what exactly will the shape of it be now that Hope is in the driving seat. He will want Zaza’s head on a plate as a minimum.

The chances of a relist are starting to look very unlikely.


To early to say conclusively booster.

If FRR haven’t got funds in place ready to pay Hope than Hope will get control and I don’t fancy our chances.

Todays judgement was definitely a stay for an settlement between the parties and now the big fat question is does this settlement benefit shareholders.

It’s clear there’s now more evidence other than the emails.


Today’s hearing was scheduled 1/2 day and may not have concluded yet. As has been commented, these papers are from 22/1 and do not report today’s activity.
I now believe the stay appn refers to the court’s lifting of the injunction. The court opined that this dispute is crying out for a negotiated settlement.
It could well be game over but I will accept that situation once we are certain.
We need to hear today’s result first.



So you think it could be Hope that applied for a stay on the injunction? He’s certainly holding all the cards from a legal perspective.

I cannot believe this is all for 2m dollars. Zaza could have done a PB and bought another 12 months.


It’s only 13.00 hrs in the Caymens, pretty early for a “judgement “.
Let’s wait and see.



What’s clear is that FRR don’t stand a chance of winning the case against Hope.

The speculation now is have FRR applied for the stay or Hope.

If FRR received the NY funds could they even still pay off Hopes $22m at this stage of the game.


Walrog has it. We just have to wait.


Very true.


I guess frr applied for a stay on Hope exercising his right to enforce the mortgage. Still believe this is heading for oocs, that’s what the court emphasised should happen.
This is all very stressful


No I don’t think that’s the case. The injunction was reapplied pending appeal.

Today’s stay or pause to proceedings is still pointing to an settlement in my opinion.

We won’t hear a thing until this is all done.


Stressful is an understatement


What is bizzaire is that four days after the ruling Malcy came out with his “don’t sell a share” line.

Strange days. Fingers crossed the stay is for an oocs because FRR have no chance of winning the legal case.


Just emailed frr seeking clarification of today’s action. Will post reply. Don’t expect one but worth a try.


Fingers crossed!!!

Suggest we decamp to the pub and lock ourselves in for the next 24hrs


Can someone post this document somewhere that it’s readable?



We won’t get anything from FRR until resolved but thank you for trying.

A positive is that Zaza by proxy said don’t sell a share after the ruling, he must have known FRR didn’t stand a chance legally at that time.

My hope is that he’s been stalling for time.

Good luck