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Fozz, yes I’m negative but that’s my reading of it. It seems unless you find the smallest positive in everything you get attacked. I may be wrong. I hope I am, but I’m more of a realist I believe and see both sides, rather than just hoping for the positive all the time


I had a melt down Xmas eve so I totally understand emotions are running high.

Today we had an “unscheduled” stay application to halt proceedings. I assume an oocs has been reached.

Watch this space.


StarRage if your genuine and I have to believe you are then you obviously are taking an extreme stoic stance on this. You have to admit though that at this time a balanced appraisal of the information is more useful to all of us.


Star, thing is the court docs are over 6 weeks old. We all knew FRR had a weak case hence the injunction being lifted and then reapplied on appeal. Hence my meltdown Xmas Eve when I thought it was game over.

Today we had a stay application hearing. Must be an oocs, what else can it realistically be?


Tot gave the post of the day Xmas eve.

Get to the pub and relax.


Exactly Fozz these document simply put the meat on the bone of what we already know and has been discussed to hell and back almost quite literally.


That’s right SR…even i’ve been accused in the past for the smallest amount of negativity.

BTW…anyone know of a company that make ‘fantastical claims’ ?

If so…would they be investable ?..
…defendable ?

Just asking…


Fozz, yes the oocs is a strong possibility given the last point in the judgement, but my point is that with Hope in a strong position as a director, he can still veto funding, and the character that everyone believes Hope to be, do you think anything will be coming shareholders way?


The answer is a resounding…NO


You just aren’t reading the dates of the RNSs or indeed the judgement from today.

You’re coming across as very negative Star and indeed seem quite buoyant at the results of this judgement.


Buoyant? Please explain as I’m far from it.


Wrong SR,

Hope cannot veto the NY funds as it plays second fiddle to the OMF debt (delayed deferred basis).

I think today’s hearing was to allow an oocs.

Good luck.


StarRage he is not an acting director at the moment and the positive assumption is that the NY funding can be finalised and used to pay him before all this court noise is over. Yes it’s the hope of holders and we just don’t know and maybe you refuse to be sucked in to that at the pain of yet more disappointment. Star no offence meant here so please accept my apology. Hope you can see more in this and at least present the info in a more balanced fashion.


We still don’t know what the discovery has turned up, anyway the is by the by. I think this has always been a play for time and to bring things to a head.

Zaza, it seems, like us is a gambler. High stakes indeed.


Yep…a gambler…who cut you guys out the second it de-listed…


Great post from Daniel on the LSE

Pros, Cons, UnknownsToday 20:21Start with the negatives:

  • Judge Kawaley, at the time of his draft, is saying there isn’t a case for Hope to answer, specifically for the injunction at this point.
  • Serious issues raised from previous (friendly) BoD, about the companies finances, leading to his resignation.
  • The initial case was filed, with what seems like a lot of the evidence we’ve already seen. So no YA, smoking gun - potential this could be used as part of discovery, IF, anything like this even exists.
  • Company was effectively insolvent.
  • Zaza and SN are as much at fault as as Hope is (paraphrasing somewhat), but was the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ comment.


  • This is already old news, and seems to refer to the initial discharging of the injunction, which was subsequently reapplied, and then kept in place at the last hearing (before today), courtesy of info from Puddy and YJ.
  • Hope is only entitled to the interest and not FRRs assets.
  • Malcy and Mole comments from date of delisting (after this was written by the judge) - ‘dont sell a share’, ‘relisting’, ‘bump in the road’.
  • NY Fund having conducted field visit in Jan.
  • Judge Kawaley making it clear that this case requires ‘commercial compromise, not a judicial resolution’. Tied in with a stay hearing today.
  • BH MoU still in play
  • Talks with BP continuing.
  • BP advertising jobs that dont seem to fit current operations in Georgia


  • How have FRR kept the lights on from April?
  • Did the initial ruling by judge Kawaley have discovery evidence included?
  • Flow Rates of the 3 wells from 2018, are we producing?
  • What todays hearing was about?
  • Why Judge Kawaley saw fit to continue to retain the injunction at the hearing in Jan.

Lets hope for some info this week on the hearing today. Definitely doesn’t feel like game-over, but there are some very sobering bits of info in there!


No worries pophead. Time for a drink!



All the negatives are fact…

All the positives are tittle-tattle…



That’s a great idea.

I honestly think this will come good. I think today’s stay application was for an OOCS, after all it’s what the judge pushed for.

I think we may even get an update this week.


Deary me fozzer…you beyond belief.

How much you got tied up here ?

Straight talking…

If you’d followed ole PJ a long time ago instead of trying to look smart on ADVFN ( when you really a dope), you’d be on a carribean cruise now with yer good lady.

PJ…lighting up the nightly cuban. I know dirty habit.